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"From 0 to 1000 customers" by Lowell Ricklefs, CEO at FlexMinder

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So you thought finding your Product-Market fit was the hard part? Nope. Scaling to millions in revenue is just as tough.

Lowell Ricklefs, CEO at FlexMinder, helped companies scale from $0 to $50M in revenue and made successful exits of $110M and $260M.

He's passionate about scaling sales, operations and product strategy for B2B startups. His secret sauce? Finding the right message to communicate with your customers.

Lowell is a pretty unique guy. He's worked for both Fortune 500 companies and fast growing startups, and has been on both sides of big acquisitions.

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"From 0 to 1000 customers" by Lowell Ricklefs, CEO at FlexMinder

  1. 1. S From 0-1,000 Gotta catch ‘em all
  2. 2. The progression S  Problem S  Idea S  Product S  Market – Initial Customers S  Scale S  Exit
  3. 3. Strategy S  Who is your customer? S  Consumer S  Employer S  B2B S  Title – CEO/CFO/Director/Product Manager? S  Where can you find them? S  Why would they switch from what they do today? S  What does your product do for them? Why does that matter? Why does that matter? S  Pricing – How much will they pay? How much do you need to be a viable business? Target $1M ARR
  4. 4. Focus on their Pain S  Not you and your product S  “My name is Lowell and I work for FlexMinder and we have software that automates the claim submission process for your participants” S  “We reduce debit card substantiations by 75% for TPA’s”
  5. 5. Don’t use weak language S  “I am sorry to bother you” “If you have time”
  6. 6. Obsession with listening S  You only have a business if someone sees the value and is willing to pay for it S  Brutally honest feedback S  Survey existing/potential customers S  Speak with them (Skype/phone/f2f) S  What pain does it solve
  7. 7. Vitamin or Pain pill? S  Pain relief is much more urgent (for the buyer)
  8. 8. Messaging S  Capture interest S  Every word matters S  Earning the right to get more of their time S  A/B test to get it right S  Use free panels (like
  9. 9. Expansion S  ID the profile of your customer S  Find more just like them S  Referral program S  Channels S  Partnerships
  10. 10. Fishing (lead gen) Marketing/Advertising S  Paid S  Facebook (Desktop/Mobile) S  Search (Adwords) S  SEO S  Conference S  Cold calling S  Drip campaign
  11. 11. Hunting Conferences/Cold Calling S  What conferences do your target customers attend? S  Speaking slots (not the paid ones) S  Display S  Guerilla marketing S  Coffee S  Breakfast/lunch/dinner
  12. 12. Automated follow up S  Drip campaign (email – weekly/monthly) S  Outbound calling reminders
  13. 13. Basics S  CRM