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How To Create a Winning Culture in a High Growth Startup by Max Eskell, Head of Product @Monese

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Let's face it, managing employees in a high growth startup can be very challenging. There’s often a tradeoff between cost and consistency on the one hand vs. accountability, speed, collaboration and customer centricity on the other.

- How do you make sure you are building the most valuable experience?
- How do you get faster when you grow?
- How do hire and retain the best people in the world?
- Most importantly, how do you do all of this while making sure everyone thrives?

Max Eskell, Head of Product at Monese, diving into this topic and giving insights on what happens when you let your teams run the company instead of telling them how to do their jobs.

With 14+ years’ experience in digital products Max has incredible stories about how his principles of running his team will help turn Monese into the next Unicorn. Implementing the flattest hierarchy any startup has ever seen has had a huge impact on people. Some people can handle this unique culture, others can’t, which makes hiring extremely challenging, but all the more valuable when it comes to a successful and sustainable hire.

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How To Create a Winning Culture in a High Growth Startup by Max Eskell, Head of Product @Monese

  1. 1. VALUE
  4. 4. Hire the best PLs we can, and keep raising the bar Monese becomes the place to be for product leaders Establish a reputation Put the teams in charge and make the leaders accountable Empower the teams Teams have the capacity and capability to build world-class products Build world-class products Build dedicate, co-located and aligned teams and give everyone the best guidance, feedback and support Build high-performing teams
  5. 5. TOP TIPS: Do not copy us Think holistically Make trade-offs explicit Make alignment explicit
  6. 6. APPENDIX
  7. 7. Monese - Why the company exists, the problem it solves (mission) - Provide financial freedom for people to live, study and work anywhere in the world - Where the company wants to be in the future (vision) - The main account for millions of people in fifty countries all over the world - What people in the company value (values) - Collaboration - Passion - Moving the solution forward - What is important to the company now (goals, OKRs) - Confidential - How the company makes money - We win when the customer wins - Clear and transparent - How the company works - Centralised, decentralised - Formal, informal - Hierarchical, flat - How people treat conflict - Hunger games, radical candor, conflict free
  8. 8. Make trade-offs explicitly We value: - Accountability - Speed - Customer centricity Over: - Cost - Consistency - Control