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Les barbares attaquent la santé ! Par Oussama Ammar, Cofondateur et Partner de TheFamily

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On pourrait croire à tort que la santé résisterait aux attaques des barbares. Ceux ci seraient-ils assez insolents pour prendre d'assaut la vie humaine ? Ne devrait-elle pas rester entre les mains de docteurs formés de longues années durant, aux savoirs profonds et aux lourdes responsabilités, adossés à des hôpitaux, structures, et organisations, ayant fait leurs preuves?

Et pourtant, la première opération de l'appendicite sans intervention humaine a eu lieu il y a quelques mois. La Big Data permet de prédire l'avenir médical, et les outils numériques remplacent les médecins dans les diagnostics et suivis des patients.

Avec les progrès de l'Intelligence Artificielle et de la bionanotechnologie, certains nous prédisent l'immortalité. Google s'y est d'ailleurs attelé.

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Les barbares attaquent la santé ! Par Oussama Ammar, Cofondateur et Partner de TheFamily

  1. 1. Barbares attaquent la santé ! Many thanks to:
  2. 2. Our world is very promising
  3. 3. Health technologies are exponentially Faster, Smaller, Cheaper & BETTER
  4. 4. Information & Data Driven Health
  5. 5. Digitization of Medicine
  6. 6. Augmedix: a service for medical doctors that's powered by Google Glass
  7. 7. Electronic health records
  8. 8. Scanadu
  9. 9. Quantified Self
  10. 10. Big data techniques explosion
  11. 11. One of the world’s biggest healthcare databases. They’ve created applications that tap into the more than 100 billion data points in their database. Their solutions help clinicians analyze troves of data from disparate sources, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and payor financial data, in real time.
  12. 12. Patients like me
  13. 13. Watson, this is a revolution Only 20 percent of the knowledge physicians use to make diagnosis and treatment decisions today is evidence based. The result? One in five diagnoses are incorrect or incomplete and nearly 1.5 million medication errors are made in the US every year. Watson uses natural language capabilities, hypothesis generation, and evidence-based learning to support medical professionals as they make decisions.
  14. 14. Personalized medicine
  15. 15. Low cost genomics
  16. 16. 23 and me 23andMe
  17. 17. Ion Torrent
  18. 18. Bluebirdio
  19. 19. Metabolomics Metabolomics
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Environmental Monitoring Environmental monitoring
  22. 22. airboxlab
  23. 23. DIY-Genomics
  24. 24. Bio Hackers Labs
  25. 25. La paillasse
  26. 26. Regenerative medicine
  27. 27. Printing organs
  28. 28. Printing teeth
  29. 29. Anti-aging Anti-aging
  30. 30. Google Calico
  31. 31. Laura Deming: The Longevity Fund
  32. 32. The Future of Intervention
  33. 33. Robotic Surgery
  34. 34. Medtech
  35. 35. Intuitive surgical
  36. 36. Bionic Limbs
  37. 37. Health through the mind
  38. 38. Real time brain imaging
  39. 39. The billion-dollar European brain project
  40. 40. Brain computer interface
  41. 41. Behavioral Medicine
  42. 42. Positive Social Pressure
  43. 43. Pharmaceutics under attack too
  44. 44. We can say it’s very clear there is a big bang of technology
  45. 45. Image d’iceberg, pas de txt
  46. 46. The Problem: How can all of that access the market?
  47. 47. A little story... Imagine a portable, low-intensity X-ray machine that can be wheeled between offices on a small cart. It creates images of such clarity that pediatricians, internists, and nurses can detect cracks in bones or lumps in tissue in their offices, not in a hospital. It works through a patented “nanocrystal” process, which uses night-vision technology borrowed from the military. At 10% of the cost of a conventional X-ray machine, it could save patients, their employers, and insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Great innovation, right? Guess again. When the entrepreneur who developed the machine tried to license the technology to established health care companies, he couldn’t even get his foot in the door. Large-scale X-ray equipment suppliers wanted no part of it. Why? Because it threatened their business models.
  48. 48. Very sad, but very common story
  49. 49. The healthcare industry lives outside the market
  50. 50. The classical path to innovation
  51. 51. But this traditional path seems broken
  52. 52. The High-End Disruption
  53. 53. Given the obstacles to low-end disruption, health care’s true disruptive innovation may come from the opposite side of the economic spectrum: the patients with the best health insurance coverage (or that don’t care of the money involved).
  54. 54. Most demanding patient
  55. 55. The least cost-sensitive patients
  56. 56. They value: - Reaching medical experts anytime, anytime - They would be willing to pay more themselves
  57. 57. Here’s the funny trick: They won’t have to pay more since even the most sophisticated expertise available through webbased and video technology will cost less to provide.
  58. 58. High-ends individuals realize digital care and technology is easier and much less expensive
  59. 59. It will become evident
  60. 60. Doctors and hospitals can continue to practice under the current model for a few more years. After all, even high-end disruption will take several years to unfold. But at some point – and I predict sooner than later – industry-wide disruption will begin. Once it does, the pace will be rapid.
  61. 61. The Political Opportunity in France
  62. 62. La Sécurité Sociale
  63. 63. Obamacare on the way of innovation
  64. 64. Conclusion
  65. 65. You are Welcome to Join the Adventure