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The Balancing Act to Winning Big B2B Business w/ Jonathan Jenssen, UK General Manager at Stuart

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While convincing big businesses to pick your startup over incumbents is a hard earned win, sometimes it’s better to say no to a potential large B2B client - especially if they’re requesting a personalised feature.

Why? Because it’s vital for startups to stay true to their mission and value proposition, without being sidetracked - however, certain requests allow you to open new doors and better understand your target market.

- How do you know if a personalised feature will be an asset as you scale, or whether it's outside of your scope?
- At what point do you need to learn to say no to such requests?
- How do you strike the right balance and win over the client?

Jonathan Jenssen, UK General Manager at Stuart, joined us at The Family to share very intriguing stories on winning B2B business!

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The Balancing Act to Winning Big B2B Business w/ Jonathan Jenssen, UK General Manager at Stuart

  1. 1. The Balancing Act to Winning Big B2B Businesses
  2. 2. March 2017 • Acquisition by GeoPost Mar. 2019 • 70 cities Founded in 2015 : 22M€ of investment 3 years operating on the last-mile > 60 tech, i.e. 35% of total employees • A 360° transportation offering• Operating in 230 countries • 4 million parcels delivered each day; 62 000 delivery experts CLIENT REFERENCES STUART – LOGISTICS REINVENTED FOR RETAILERS
  3. 3. • A 360° transport offering • 4 million parcels delivered each day; 62 000 delivery experts STUART – A EUROPEAN PRESENCE IN 3 MARKETS • Operating in 230 countries
  4. 4. An Introduction to Stuart
  5. 5. Simple and instant pricing Immediate quote. From £6 Real-time tracking From pick-up to drop-off Developer-friendly API Simple, robust and easy to integrate Multi Packages 1 or more packages collected at pick-up Any business E-Commerce, Messenger, Grocery, Restaurants... Instant delivery < 30 min. Scheduled delivery 30’ or 60’ slot HOW IT WORKS – SPEED AND CONVENIENCE AT A CLICK OF BUTTON
  6. 6. Delivery confirmation End customer signs on Stuart application Customers can track orders from pickup to drop-off SMS tracking notifications with real-time ETA and up-to-date delivery status (picked-up, delivering, delivered) Orders accepted by nearest courier Order placed on dashboard or automatically via API Deliveries can be ordered on-demand or scheduled for later with Stuart Best transport type automatically selected based on package size & drop off location. Rate STUART – HOW IT WORKS?
  7. 7. Hours of day Volume B2C B2B Food Grocery Retail E-Commerce Messenger CarriersRetail collection / delivery OUR MISSION – OPTIMIZING LAST-MILE ACROSS VERTICALS
  8. 8. Case Studies
  9. 9. To boost repeat purchase through instant and convenient returns 15 min. time slots To leverage distribution density and deliver within or over 30min. slot Express delivery - 30 min. – 2hr NESPRESSO: Ship from StoreZALANDO: On-demand Collection B2B CASE STUDIES – HOW WE WON THE BUSINESS To consolidate orders and increase catchment area in lower density areas Same-day - 2 hour time-slots OCADO ZOOM: Ship from Warehouse
  10. 10. End customer orders an instant return • Express • Or scheduled The nearest courier accepts the job Instant returns are consolidated in the nearest postal hub When ready, parcels are moved to shop INSTANT RETURNS – INSTANT / SCHEDULED How we do it with ZALANDO > Problem: Return volumes and customer experience > Solution: Turning the last mile service into a first mile one > Features: ○ Precise pick up slots to choose from ○ Technological capability to integrate the service into our offering
  11. 11. SHIP-FROM-STORE – INSTANT / SCHEDULED < 2HR How we do it with Nespresso Nespresso customers can place their order of capsules online and schedule same day 2h delivery Boutique staff receive order and schedule an in-store pickup A Stuart bike courier is assigned the job Nespresso customer receives their products at their convenience Courier collects used capsules for recycling and returns them to store > Problem: Green offering with the option to recycle capsules included > Solution: Return jobs and transport type prioritisation > Features: ○ Entirely green service ○ Transport type lock feature
  12. 12. Customer places an order on the Zoom app built by Ocado An order is assigned via the Stuart platform A Stuart driver will pick up the goods at a local Ocado warehouse Customers receive their goods within 60 minutes of placing the order SHIP-FROM-WAREHOUSE – INSTANT / SCHEDULED < 1HR How we do it with OCADO ZOOM > Problem: Deliver groceries in under 60 minutes > Solution: Set up a complete cold chain with driver training > Features: ○ Cold chain automation ○ Challenge 25
  13. 13. Reflections
  14. 14. Personalisation: an asset or not as you scale > View requests as learnings rather than distraction > Always a trade-off with centralised features PERSONALISATION AND BALANCE
  15. 15. When do you say no to client requests > Does it fit into vision of: 1. Dense inner city network of couriers 2. Blended demand curves > Unscalable personalisation PERSONALISATION AND BALANCE
  16. 16. Finding the right balance to win > Sustainability > Transparency PERSONALISATION AND BALANCE
  17. 17. STUART – Q&A SESSION Instant or scheduled same-day deliveries; customizable slots (30mn/ 1-4h) 7 days a week, 7am-11pm Multi-modal and green fleet Real-time tracking
  18. 18. Jonathan Jenssen