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How i came up with these company names

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How i came up with these company names

  1. 1. When thinking of a production company name, I decided to turn to film title generators in order to gather some ideas. One website that I used to start off with was: which wasn’t as useful as I originally thought it would be.
  2. 2. I then searched for other generator sites, I came across: . The title suggestions on this site were equally unhelpful as I didn’t feel that they matched or were appropriate for a psychological film as they seemed more appropriate for a horror film aimed at 12 year olds.
  3. 3. In the end: I decided it would be best to just brainstorm random ideas that linked in some way to the theme of a psychological thriller and then I decided that ‘Fingerprint productions’ would be the most suitable as it links to identity and in psychological thrillers, there’s often confusion caused by the audience being incapable of identifying what is real and what is not.