Pollution vocabulary

10 de Oct de 2016

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Pollution vocabulary

  1. Pollution Vocabulary 3rd Grade Science
  2. Natural Resources All of the “natural made” things that are useful in your environment.
  3. Recycle The process of treating something so it can be used again.
  4. Land Pollution Pollution created when farmers and gardeners damage the soil by using too many chemicals to fight weeds and harmful insects.
  5. Weathering The destruction or discoloring action on resources caused by air, water, or frost, especially on rock or wood.
  6. Contamination Any unnatural substance that causes pollution or makes our environment impure.
  7. Conservation The act of protecting our resources; including the land, water, plants, animals, air.
  8. Aerosol Very fine particles of a solid or liquid substance suspended in the air from some hairspray and deodorant cans.
  9. Fluorocarbons A group of compounds of fluorine and carbon that are used as solvents, lubricants, and refrigerator gases that can damage the ozone layer.
  10. Ecosystem All the living and nonliving things in a place.
  11. Air Pollution The contamination of the air especially by industrial waste gases, fuel exhaust, or smoke.
  12. Water Pollution Contamination that occurs when garbage, metals, and chemicals get into rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  13. Litter Trash and other items scattered about the environment by humans.
  14. Environment Things that make up an area like land, water, and air.
  15. Ozone Layer A layer of the atmosphere located high above the earth and it shields the planet from dangerous rays of sun that can cause skin cancer.
  16. Acid Rain Polluted precipitation caused when air pollution deposits a high concentration of sulfuric and nitric acids into the atmosphere.