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Will the new subaru wrx for sale be offered in new colours

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While investing on a brand new Subaru WRX for sale, it is apparent that every one will look out for new and fresh colors. There is a speculation that the new Subaru WRX will be offered in New colors in the market. Will have to wait and see for how Subaru is going to take the challenge and reach the needs of customers' interests.
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Will the new subaru wrx for sale be offered in new colours

  1. 1.         Will the new Subaru WRX for Sale Be Offered in New Colours While the latest ​Subaru WRX for sale is offered in an attractive palette of colours, the appearance of a 2016 Subaru WRX at the Wicked Big Meet in the United States, has sparked speculation. The Hyper Blue WRX STi and a 2016 BRZ in the same colour were on display at the Wicked Big Meet, generating new buzz in the Subaru community.
  2. 2. The Wicked Big Meet was held in Stafford Springs, Connecticut at the Stafford Motor Speedway. Subaru brought along the ​new 2016 WRX STi and the 2016 BRZ in a new Hyper Blue Colour. It is speculated that this colour choice would be available on the U.S BRZ and WRX for sale models in the final quarter of the year. However, while Subaru did post pictures of these models on their Facebook page, there has yet to be an official announcement. Since the United States is a massive market, the launch of a new colour on their local market, could be a test bed for a global roll out of the new option. The fans at the Wicked Big Meet seemed to greatly approve of the new colour choice. The event is in its eleventh year and thousands of Subaru fans were drooling over a number of models including the ​Subaru WRX STi 2015 Nurburgring 24 hour race car. This class winning model claimed a third NBR 24hr victory in its class. The model finished overall in 18th position, which was the highest placement the team has ever accomplished. The 143 completed laps was also the highest number recorded by the team. The WBM attendees also saw two other race cars from Subaru; the exclusive WRX STi for the JDM S206 NBR Challenge. This particular model was built as a commemoration of the 2011 class win and only 100 units were produced. This model featured a 2.0 litre 315 horsepower EJ turbo engine. There was also Bucky Lasek’s car; the WRX STi used in the 2015 Global Rally Cross, which is based on the 2015 production car WRX STi. The American ​Subaru WRX for sale is currently offered in eight colours, two of these being blue options. The current Australian colour choices also currently include two blue options; the Galaxy Blue Silica and WR Blue Pearl. This has led many experts to speculate that should the new Hyper Blue colour prove popular in the United States, it could be rolled out across the global market including our local market in Australia. These would give Australian buyers an even greater choice when personalising their preferred WRX. Unfortunately, Subaru has yet to confirm any details as yet, so Subaru enthusiasts will have to wait and see what colour options will be available on the local 2016 model. We have a wide selection of Subaru models including the BRZ, Impreza and WRX for sale. Our sales team would be happy to assist you with exclusive finance deals, competitive insurance quotes or simply to arrange your test drive so you can experience the amazing WRX for yourself. If you would like to know more about the new Subaru WRX, please visit​or contact us at ​(08) 9582 6222​.