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Amazon Marketing Overview -Amazon Web Marketing Brief

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Do you know about Amazon SEO & Ads? If not, Learn with us.

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Amazon Marketing Overview -Amazon Web Marketing Brief

  1. 1. Amazon Marketing Overview
  2. 2. What is Amazon Marketing? Marketing of products on Amazon - the third largest advertising platform. More product searches are done on Amazon than on Google. $0.51 of every ecommerce dollar is spent on Amazon.
  3. 3. Manufacturers and sellers offer their products via Amazon Choose right Amazon marketing strategies Online Selling The Process
  4. 4. An online platform which enables pretty much anyone to become a retailer on Amazon. You can become an online seller without having to worry about things like handling payments, designing and maintaining a personal website, or even processing returns like most e-commerce stores. Amazon Seller Central
  5. 5. How to Set Up Your Amazon Seller Central Account The name of your business Contact information for Amazon and your customers Your real name and address Shipping locations or the regions Bank account details Seller logo Business information/About us Return and refund policies How to Set Up Your Amazon Seller Central Account
  6. 6. There are two ways to go about selling your products on Amazon Do it by yourself Go for the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program How You Are Going To Sell Your Products
  7. 7. Amazon SEO (Non-paid) Amazon Advertising (Paid) External Marketing (Off Amazon) Amazon Marketing Methods
  8. 8. Optimizing keywords and the performance of a product or a product page to improve the organic ranking in the Amazon search. Various Amazon advertising formats and promotions to endorse brands or individual products. Advertisement on Amazon is usually subject to a fee (Paid). Depending on the format, advertising takes place directly on Amazon or other websites or platforms (On- and Off-Amazon). Paid and Non-Paid marketing formats that are not offered directly by Amazon and are conducted through external channels (Off-Amazon). Amazon SEO Amazon Advertising External Marketing Amazon Marketing Methods
  9. 9. Amazon A9 is the name for Amazon’s search engine. It is called A9 as a play on words of amazon a9 “algorithms” as there are 9 letters after the letter A. Amazon rankings are influenced by both direct and indirect factors. Direct Factors: Text match relevancy, Availability of stock, Price etc. Indirect Factors: High Sales Velocity, High-Quality Images, Bullet Points in Product Descriptions, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, Product Reviews etc. Amazon A9 Algorithm
  10. 10. Rank High in Search Results Keywords: Essential Research and Proper Placement Product Text — Optimize for Humans and Machines for Best Results Product Images: Plenty of Pics in High Resolution Product Reviews: Nurture Positive Feedback Questions & Answers: Add Missing Information Product Information: Crucial for Filter Navigation Price: Competitive Pricing Refines Ranking Delivery Method: FBA Leads to Better Ranking 1. Amazon SEO
  11. 11. Google vs Amazon SEO
  12. 12. 2. Amazon Advertising Amazon Advertising Consist of:  Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)  Amazon Advertising Platform (APP)  Amazon Media Group (AMG)
  13. 13. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a paid digital advertising platform which helps sellers and vendors promote products within Amazon itself. The ads available via AMS link to internal pages within Amazon’s portals and appear when users search for specific products. AMS Ads are suitable for: Targeting shoppers based on specific search terms Generating clicks for products on Amazon Reaching buyers with a high purchase intent at the last stage of the funnel Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
  14. 14. Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) is a demand-side platform for advertisers who want to target Amazon shoppers with digital display formats, either on Amazon sites or across the web, and in mobile apps. AAP gives advertisers the opportunity to use Amazon’s powerful targeting to reach users based on their purchase history, recent purchase intent, and shopping patterns. AAP Ads are Suitable for: Powerful targeting to reach users based on lifestyle Reaching buyers based on their purchase history & shopping patterns Promoting a range of products and capturing qualified traffic Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)
  15. 15. Amazon Media Group (AMG) is Amazon’s advertising department. All the various services in the field of advertising come together here. As a managed service, AMG also offers complete planning and implementation of advertising activities across multiple channels. This includes the advertising formats of AMS and AAP as part of an AMG package. More choices for display advertising on the Amazon homepage Newsletter campaigns Advertising on Amazon Devices (such as Kindle Fire or Fire TV) Flyers in parcels Custom solutions Like AAP, AMG is accessible to all advertisers (vendors, sellers, or third parties), but it requires a relatively high minimum budget. Amazon Media Group (AMG)
  16. 16. One needs to have any of these five credentials to get entry to Amazon Marketing Services: A Vendor Central login An invitation to represent a vendor A Vendor Express login An Advantage Central login A Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account Getting Entry Into AMS
  17. 17. Vendor Express is the easiest and direct method. For getting access to AMS, the seller needs to part of the Vendor Express program. The four-step process to get a Vendor Express account: 1) Get a Vendor Express Account 2) Submit a product to Vendor Express. 3) Accept Amazon’s Purchase Order 4) Register for AMS. Vendor Express Account for AMS
  18. 18. Sponsored Product Ads: Sponsored Product ads advertise individual products at the top of Amazon’s product search results. Targeted by keyword, and bought on a cost per click basis these ads drive traffic directly to a product listing page. Product Display Ads: Product Display ads, target users based on their product interest, rather than specific product keywords. Available to Amazon vendors, product display ads are placed on product listing pages, against review content, and on thank-you pages. Featuring a single product, and with a clear call to action, these ads drive users to the product listing page for purchase. Headline Search Ads: Headline Search ads appear above Amazon’s search results displaying three products or more. Targeting by keyword as per sponsored product ads, clicks drive to a dedicated Amazon landing page, or direct to product listing pages. Types of AMS Ads
  19. 19. Types of AMS Ads
  20. 20. 3. External Marketing (Off-Amazon) Lead More Customers to Amazon, Generate More Sales  A link on an external page leads to your product on Amazon. The external site directs users to Amazon, where they buy the product. Useful landing pages are a product page, a product selection page, or the Amazon Brand Store.  In contrast to Google, where the linking leads to a better ranking in the search results, the link to Amazon is only useful if it generates more purchases.
  21. 21. External Marketing (Off-Amazon)  Off-Amazon advertising also has a positive impact on the organic ranking  Amazon offers a much larger platform and farther reach compared to many online shops. Any additional sales through external traffic only improves the ranking and visibility on Amazon.
  22. 22.  The more a product sells on Amazon, the better it will rank in organic search results.  The higher ranking increases sales, and you earn more money, which you can reinvest into your marketing efforts. Amazon Marketing
  23. 23.