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Final Disposal of Solid Waste Management in Bangladesh

Final Disposal of Solid Waste Management in Bangladesh present scenario

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Final Disposal of Solid Waste Management in Bangladesh

  1. 1. Final Disposal of Solid Waste Management Group membersGroup members Bani Amin-(11205004)Bani Amin-(11205004) Dewan Parijatul Islam-(11205009)Dewan Parijatul Islam-(11205009) Mehedi Hasan Shourav-(11205019)Mehedi Hasan Shourav-(11205019) Umme Kulsum -(11205021)Umme Kulsum -(11205021) A.R. Atiq-(11205026)A.R. Atiq-(11205026)
  2. 2. Overview
  3. 3. Definition of waste disposal Proper disposition of a discarded or discharged material in accordance with local environmental guidelines or laws..  Disposal is done when no alternative exist
  4. 4. Organizations working on solid waste management  The Municipal Government (City Corporation).  The Formal Private (Commercial) like Waste Concern, Bangladesh  Tokai, Vangari shops (Waste retailers)  Community based organizations like Bangladesh Poribeshbadi Andolan (BAPA)  Non-paid organizations (NGO’s)
  5. 5. Few basic information of final disposal  The ultimate objective and the final step of solid waste management Fig: (Scenario of conventional & community based approach to SWM) [4]
  6. 6. Basic strategic ordering of Final Disposal Storage Collection Transporatation Transfer Fig: Storage, Collection, Transportation and Transfer to the landfill to dispose [7]
  7. 7. Usual practices for solid waste disposal Final Disposal River fillLandfill Fig : Landfill (left); & Meghna river filled with solid waste by Chandpur Municipality (right)
  8. 8. What is Landfill ? Landfill is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial or last resting-place and is the oldest form of waste treatment. The simplest way to describe landfill is to think of a huge hole in the ground that is gradually filled up with our rubbish Common practice
  9. 9. Matuail Landfill Site, Dhaka Table 1: Physical characteristics of decomposed solid waste at Matuail Landfill site [ 1(a)] Table 2: Average concentration of heavy metals in leachate samples (in mg/l) [1(a)] Leachate: A liquid that has dissolved or entrained environmentally harmful substances
  10. 10. Matuail Landfill Site, Dhaka Graph 1: Average concentration Vs Heavy metals [1(a)] Fig: Average heavy metal concentration in decomposed solid waste and converted soil sample [1(a)]
  11. 11. Concern before dispose  Generation rate of waste  Waste minimization  Waste treatment  Recycling and reuse  Environmental considerations…(Sustainability, Biological reprocessing etc)  Policy and regulation  Education and Training  Planning and Implementation
  12. 12. 3 Basic Recommendation Refuse Reuse Recycle

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Final Disposal of Solid Waste Management in Bangladesh present scenario


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