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  1. 1. Preliminary Exercise Evaluation
  2. 2. Front CoverThe preliminary exercise required a front cover page andcontents page to be designed that related to either school orcollege, features in which the magazine was built up of had to berelevant to school or college. In order to ensure that the task wascompleted successfully I have demonstrated the code andconventions of both a magazine front cover and contents page inmy work, overall illustrating the aspects that are required whenplanning and creating a front cover and contents page for amagazine.The final production of my front cover showed that I had developed knowledge ofconventions, in which create an effective magazine such as using a main image that obtainsdirect address engaging the reader. The positioning of the title is displayed at the left handside aligned, following the codes and conventions as real media products would positiontheir title here. The title is written in a bold and unique font to enable it to stand out. Alsothe positioning statement- the magazine line of promotion of itself- is positioned above thetitle, this follows the codes and conventions as real media products would either place itabove or below the title. I positioned it above the title as it was appropriate and appearedbetter than it would have if it was positioned under the title.
  3. 3. The front cover consists of a bar code, the bar code is allocated at the bottom left handcorner; this follows the code and conventions. However the bar code does not include theprice, issue number, publish date and website, therefore challenges the conventions assuch information would be displayed here if it was a real media product.The front cover includes one main image that delivers direct address; the main image is amid shot, showing the subject from the shoulders upwards. No text is positioned on thefacial features of the subject, following the conventions, I ensured that text did not appearon the facial features of the subject as such features are a main priority, in which helps tosell the magazine.Cover lines are displayed around to main image; I did this so that cover lines anchor themain image enabling the main image to stand out. All cover lines are a minimum of 2 and amaximum of 4 words long; this following the conventions, as cover lines should be shortand generally 3 or 4 words long. This is important as it is less text for the reader toread, appealing more to readers. Cover lines in which I have used are both ambiguous andstraight forward. These both follows and challengers the conventions as cover lines shouldbe ambiguous in order to attract the readers. For example I have used the cover line‘Drama Queens’ this could be reviewed as ambiguous as it could relate to many differentmeanings, where as the cover line ‘School Trends’ is very straight forward as it indicates aliteral meaning. All cover lines are written in the same font and capital letters consist of abold and simple font this follows the conventions.
  4. 4. In order to construct the magazine front cover I used Adobe Photoshop, I have hadpervious experience of using this software however I was unfamiliar with how thesoftware works. I had to familiarise myself with the basic tools of the software in order tocreate the magazines front cover.Strengths of the magazines front cover would be that it consists of one main image thatdeliverer’s direct address to the reader, creating attraction to the magazine. Also the coverlines used are broad; they consist of content that covers different aspects of the school.Finally I believe that the colours in which I have used work well together, as the colours todo make the front cover over powering.On the other hand the weaknesses of the design on the front cover would be thatinformation regarding published date, web address and issue number is notdiscussed, this is a weakness as such information is required in order for buyers topurchase the magazine.
  5. 5. Contents PageThe final production of the contents page showed that I haddeveloped and challenged conventions. The layout of thecontents page follows conventions as I have used threecolumns in which the contents page in structured on, I haveused one main image and several subsidiary images in whichlink to other stories in the magazine. I spilt the contents pageinto two sections, regulars and features, these sections aredisplayed on the left hand side. Here the content of themagazine is listed; each story displays a page number besideit, to illustrate to the reader what page they can find the storyis on. However I have not used a line break between eachstory when listening them, I did so as I thought it was notessential however his challenges the conventions.At the bottom right hand corner on the contents page text displays the magazinewebsite, this is known as the information section. By doing so I have followed theconventions but I have not included information such as address, phone number andeditors name this challenges the conventions.
  6. 6. When designing the contents page I ensured that the same colour scheme was used asthe front cover page, I did so in order to keep the brands identity. This follows theconventions as real products would do so.In order to produce the design of the contents page I had use to software QuarkXPress, Ihad never used this software before, therefore had to be taught the basics about thesoftware. As I was unaware of the software I faced difficulties when creating the contentspage as I was unfamiliar with the different tools in which I had to use to design thecontents page. This resulted in my contents page not being as effective as I would havehoped it to be.The strengths of my contents page would be that it includes two sections that provideinformation on a variety of featured and regular stories within the magazine.However the weaknesses would be that I have not included credits, a real product woulduse credits in order to create photographs for front cover photos. Also I did not displaytext in which says ‘Contents’ this is a weakness as a title section is important in order todemonstrate to the reader what page they are on.