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The Technology Factor: Accelerating Your Business as a Service - Infographic

By applying technology smartly, we help clients stay at the forefront of an industry shift from commodity transaction processing to value-based engagements focused on desired business outcomes, delivered as a service.

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The Technology Factor: Accelerating Your Business as a Service - Infographic

  1. 1. The Technology Factor: Accelerating the As-a-Service Journey We couple advanced analytics capabilities with the talent of our deep industry and functional experts to deliver actionable insights that can help you: Get unprecedented agility and the compelling economics always promised by the cloud — along with the kind of enterprise-grade ruggedness that you expect — with the Intelligent Business Cloud, powered by our Accenture Cloud Platform. Digital Processes Data-driven Insights Accenture embeds descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics into everything we do so we can help you identify trends, spot opportunities to streamline processes, innovate and improve competitiveness. Agile Platforms Innovation Ecosystem Accenture Operations’ ecosystem of internal thinkers and external market leaders powers and integrates continuous innovation into our core offerings. 400 Copyright © 2015 Accenture. All rights reserved. Find out more about transforming operations through technology @accentureops accenture-operations 12,000,000 These operations are equivalent to freeing up more than 12M manual work hours. 2,500 Automation solutions deployed across our Global Delivery Network. 3,500 “Tech Masters” dedicated to innovating, incubating and executing automation solutions. Automating repetitive, transactional tasks. Developing applications that use cognitive and artificial intelligence technology. That’s Business Process-as-a-Service. It’s how we free our team and yours to focus on higher-value analysis, decision-making and innovation. Rio Tinto Our Intelligent Business Cloud vision helped convince Rio Tinto — a leading global, diversified mining group — to move its main IT systems into the Accenture Cloud Platform (a multi-cloud platform) and transform to an Everything-as-a-Service, pay-per-use model. DuPont DuPont, a world leader in market-driven innovation and science, is exploring the Intelligent Business Cloud as the way to deliver IT as a consumable service, increasing agility and improving its ability to anticipate and deliver. Freeport-McMoRan Accenture is helping Freeport-McMoRan, one of the largest international natural resource companies, mine the Intelligent Business Cloud to build a prototype for a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform. Accenture Mortgage Cadence Services By combining Mortgage Cadence technology with the Accenture Best Practices Model for mortgage processing, Accenture Credit Services delivers stronger controls, improved quality and enhanced customer satisfaction. In addition to a markedly improved customer experience and significantly reduced loan processing costs, lending productivity can be improved by up to 30 percent. With Analytics-as-a-Service, our clients can quickly and easily plug into industry- or function-specific applications that deliver valuable insights specific to their businesses. Make better business decisions Descriptive Analytics: Accenture used Spend Optimizer to help a global oil and gas company reduce non-contract spend by 10 percent through contract coverage, compliance and vendor rationalization. Predictive Analytics: Accenture used advanced predictive sales analytics to help a large automobile manufacturer increase marketing campaign ROI by 74 percent and market share by five percent. Prescriptive Analytics: Accenture used Intelligent Collections to help a U.S.-based computer hardware, software and electronics company identify working capital leakage of more than 50 percent, totaling $41M in potential benefit. Reduce costs Increase revenues Innovation Engine Deep internal industry and functional expertise, external market leaders and a wide range of partnerships. Intelligent Technology Digitize and automate processes, unlock critical insights and plug into agile computing power. Results Innovate faster, create new services, drive revenue and reduce costs. Bringing clients fresh insights and the most promising emerging technologies through Accenture’s Technology Labs. Crowdsourcing initiatives such as We@Accenture and Tech Masters challenges. Collaborating with the industry’s widest range of alliances. Working with more than 400 clients to spark new ideas and arrive at unique solutions. #AsaService Accenture Intelligent Technology smartly connects automation, cloud, analytics and data so you can innovate faster. Plug into our secure, agile business services. We’ll help you predict trends, expand and contract automatically — on demand and at speed — and move business processes across platforms. Are you ready to become an intelligent digital business?