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Ethics and quality improvement

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Ethics and quality improvement

  1. 1. Astrid Grgurich
  2. 2. Ethics NormativeMetaethics Ethics
  3. 3. When an outcome of a process or system does not meet the necessary or desired quality.To identify areas/processes that are causing deficit to a final outcome.To test and implement positive change. To monitor progress of outcomes.
  4. 4. Reduce harm and Ethical QI projets Is it justified andGoal of QI ? waste implications delayed/cancelled neceiessary?
  5. 5.  Health care organizations should recognize that QI cannot always be meaningfully differentiated from other activities that occur in the clinical arena, notably treatment and research
  6. 6.  Health care organizations should ensure that the rights and interests of patients involved in all health care activities – including QI – are adequately protected.
  7. 7.  Health care organizations should take care that efforts designed to protect patients do not unnecessarily encumber the QI process.
  8. 8.  Health care organizations should clearly define the locus of responsibility for the ethical conduct of QI.
  9. 9.  Health care organizations should proactively promote the ethical conduct of QI.
  10. 10.  QI activities should produce benefits that outweigh their potential burdens or risks.
  11. 11.  QI activities should respect each patient’s right to self-determination.
  12. 12.  QI activities should preserve patients’ privacy and confidentiality.
  13. 13.  QI activities should be fairly distributed across patient groups.
  14. 14.  Health care organizations should develop specific policies and procedures that fit their unique circumstances and needs
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