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How to motivate your team

  1. Motivating Your Team “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar
  2. Motivation • Internal or external forces that drive an individual • Performance can be thought of as a combination of a persons ability and their motivation
  3. Tips to Motivate Your Team 1. Set realistic goals 2. Keep Your Promises 3. Keep Your Employees Informed 4. Celebrate Success 5. Measure Performance 6. Know Your Team
  4. Setting Realistic Goals • Understand the capabilities of team, specifically work load • Get team agreement on specific targets • Get input from team members • Contemplate timelines and necessary resources
  5. Keep Your Promises • Try your best not to make promises you can not keep • Do everything possible to make sure your promises do hold true • Consider the implications of promises before you make them
  6. Keep Employees Informed • Keep employees informed when possible • Asking employees for feedback can be motivating • Always try to provide up to date information on what is taking place in the department
  7. Celebrate Success • Celebrate the accomplishments along the way • Helps keep employees motivated • Provide rewards for good performance • Example rewards: (Should be of value to the employee) ▫ Monetary ▫ Words of affirmation ▫ Prizes ▫ Promotion
  8. Measure Performance • Always assess a baseline for performance • Measure performance objectively and as frequent as possible • Be considerate of possible influencing factors, such as lack of resources, time, or support
  9. Know Your Team • Understanding the dynamics of personality and capabilities • Each employee is unique • Knowing what your team members like and dislike • Important for leadership and motivation • Be aware and mindful of who makes up your team and what they do for the team
  10. One Last Tip…. Always try your best to maintain a positive attitude!