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Granada Presentation

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Granada Presentation

  1. 1. Granada Alan Cordova ‘06 Past, Present and Future What challenges face the Muslim community of Granada? How is the community’s presence helping to transform Spain into a multicultural state?
  2. 2. A Brief History of Granada • Roman City • Captured by Tariq (713), part of the Córdoba Emirate • Umayyad Caliphate of Córdoba (929) • Taifas (1031) • Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa (1212) • Nasrid Kingdom of Granada as Castile vassal state (1238) • Taking of Granada by the Catholic Kings (1492) • Decline under rule from Madrid
  3. 3. Alhambra
  4. 4. Modern Granada Albaicín has become a focus of new development - combination of upper-class apartments. Hub of agriculture: vega has long supported highly productive farming.
  5. 5. Grand Mosque Built by Spanish converts; took 20 years to get city to agree to its construction. Styles itself the “official” mosque of Granada and maintains strong international connections.
  6. 6. Mezquita de la Paz Workers and students Imam wants to teach youth that Islam can offer an alternative to secularism
  7. 7. Issues facing Granada today • Ongoing racism, stereotyping • Lack of understanding of, and empathy for, the immigrant situation • Conflicted historical identity that leads to ambivalence
  8. 8. Discrimination
  9. 9. Cultural Foundations “ Official” cultural organizations promote a balanced history and offer a historically accurate portrayal of Moorish times. However, they often operate by creating programs, which are usually limited to an exhibition, meaning that the only people who benefit are those who choose to attend. Because of their limited mandate (such as the celebration of culture and history), they do not have the potential to significantly change popular attitudes.
  10. 10. Best Practices: Granada Acoge • Local • Volunteer-run • Widespread acclaim • Hub of social services • Word-of-mouth advertising
  11. 11. CONCLUSIONS • Increased immigration will force Spain to determine a multicultural policy. • Need for greater administrative autonomy - look towards the British, rather than French system. • Greater local involvement by civil society - build connections between groups within the community.