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Bandwidth compression project

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Bandwidth compression project

  1. 1. Bandwidth Compression Project Jun 7th, 2012
  2. 2. Introduction to compression Without compression a 7 megapixel (3216*2136) photo captured by mid range camera is 20.6MB. With JPEG, that picture is 3.3MB. YouTube 1080P is compressed 429:1 A typical mp3 is compressed 10:1 w/o compression, Internet cant serve multimedia HTML, CSS, JS, ... is also gzip-ed GSM uses 6.5 kbps. Standard voice is 64kbps
  3. 3. Our software workflow
  4. 4. Amount of data saved Public demo: Its just a public show, not our secret tech Our proprietary tech is much better. Contact Us! IPNET 3 year compression effort: html, xml, css, js, image, flash, pdf, ... had their own compression algorithm invented Proprietary tech: 15% better than WebP
  5. 5. Disruptive tech Visible and ready Nguyễn Thành Nam, former CEO of FPT asked to see the demo when he saw the note on FB René Dines Hermand, president & CEO of Esoft, signed a partnership (July 6th) after 4 sessions of negotiation
  6. 6. Business models Current models  Licenses • telco; ISP; browser/VPN/proxy vendors • WAN Optimization companies • to companies with lots of content current offering: Joomlart, Esoftflow, VBPO … Access payment from users ref: Hotspot Shield, Spotflux… Ads, conventional display ads, search ads, inserted to pages on the fly Expected model: René is responsible for interviewing Western companies to figure out best business models
  7. 7. Our team Leadership: Nam (1981) Roles: Vision + Capital + Algorithm + Prototype The first programming medal in 1995, many national awards in CS Partner: René (1973) Roles: Capital, business model, sales in western market Very successful entrepreneur in Denmark. Brought his company to the IPO Partner: Minh (1981) Roles: Software architect + Sales in Vietnam market The first programming medal in 1995, others in high school, close friend since 1995 Lead programmer: Viet (1988). Roles: R&D Management + Algorithm + Code National CS medals and awards in high school, college, NTĐViệt in 2011 Has been working together since 2007 Coder: Cuong (1990) National CS medals in college Coder: Phien (1990) National CS medals in college Manager: Quang (1984). Roles: Company management + Sysadmin + Sales Has been working together since 2006, immediately after college graduation
  8. 8. Short-term strategy Direct sales of access service • Service packages • Easy to perceive; safe to buy • No expire • Bill by amount of saving • Packages with competing services and benefit (speed, saving)  Monthly usage  Free download, in app purchase for premium features Approach corporate customers Trial and error. Viettel and VNPT approached.
  9. 9. Success stories• Opera, Onavo• Storwize acquired by IBM in 2011 for $140m• Onavo invested by Sequoia, Motorola. $13 million in funding from investors including Sequoia Capital and Motorola Mobility Ventures
  10. 10. Compression market The first format providing a good enoughsolution to a big problem gets network effect widespread support of Its extremely hard to replace. software & hardware No support by browsers JPEG still has a long future ahead. 1986 JPEG Group 2000 JPEG2000 std organzied by ITU (Wavelet+Arithmetic) 1992 JPG standard MS Photo (DCT+Huffman) JPEG JP2 JPEG XR WebP 2006 MS made HD Photo 2009 ITU std JPEG XR Huffman Arith 1992 On2 is incorporated 1951 Huffman 1977 Arithmetic 2010 $124m Google acquired Huffman code Arithmetic code 2012 VP8 created WebP 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
  11. 11. Opportunities 2011: 6 billion mobile subscriptions, over 85% of new handsets will be able to access the mobile Web. Ofcom (UK telecom regulator) reports 230% spectral efficiency savings with 4G – "that will not be enough to match demand for mobile data". Newer tech drains battery faster, market will need us even more in the next 10 years.
  12. 12. Phone:0906162663