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The Evolution of SXSW

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Tech geeks, film fanatics, and music lovers UNITE! It’s that time of year again when we all descend en masse to Austin, TX for ten days of panels, screenings, and parties. That’s right. We’re talking about the one and only, SXSW. What started out as an alternative music festival in 1987 has transformed into a breeding ground for new technologies and creative ideas.

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The Evolution of SXSW

  1. 1. The Evolution ofThe Evolution ofsXswsXswSee how South BySouthwest transitionedfrom a music festival tothe biggest tech partyof the year.200920095k5k10k10k15k15k20k20k25k25k30k30k35k35k20102010 20112011 20122012 2013201319871987SXSW launches asa music festival only19941994Added film &interactive partcalled “SXSWFilm & MultimediaConference”19951995Film & MultimediaConference was splitinto two separateevents, SXSW Film &SXSW Multimedia19991999SXSW Multimediarenamed SXSWInteractiveATTENDANCE FOR SXSWiNOTABLE SXSW ALUMNIADVERTISINGADVERTISINGSOFTWAREDEVELOPMENTSOFTWAREDEVELOPMENTSOCIAL MEDIASOCIAL MEDIASALES/MARKETING/PRSALES/MARKETING/PRELECTRONICMEDIAELECTRONICMEDIAFINANCE/VENTURECAPITALFINANCE/VENTURECAPITALWEB DEVELOPMENTWEB DEVELOPMENTNON-PROFITNON-PROFITEDUCATIONEDUCATIONAGENCYAGENCYTOP 10 BUSINESSESAT SXSWI20062006SXSWi keynote panelof Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales& Craigslist founderBraig Newmark20072007Though it launchedbefore the festival,Twitter gained earlytraction & buzzat SXSWi20082008Interview of Facebook’sMark Zuckerberg goessour when audienceturns on tech journalistSarah Lacy20092009SXSWi saw thelaunch of Foursquare,a breakoutmobile app201020101styear SXSWiattendance surpassedthe music festival’sAGE31–4051+41–5021–30YEARSATTENDEDSXSW1st2–45–910+2012 DEMOGRAPHICS FOR SXSWI<25k$26–50K$51–75K$76–100K$101–150K$151–200k>$201k$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$COMBINED HOUSEHOLD INCOMECOMBINED HOUSEHOLD INCOMEDrink lots of water& bring a reusablebottle.Charge your deviceswhenever you can &bring a power stripso your whole groupcan charge togetherWear comfortable shoes.Download the SXSWapp to keep track ofevents & never missa party!Bring plenty of businesscards. You’ll be doinglots of networking.HOW TO SURVIVE // @activ8social // Dev, SalesCreativeOwner,Education, IT,Legal, StudentManagement29%24%19%18%10%$$$$$$$$$$40%60%