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Week 1

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Training for Confidentiality

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Week 1

  1. 1. Security Training for Better Results
  2. 2. Lots and Lots of training• The tough thing here is that in any case you are always going to have the curious ones that will go against the system to get information. In this case, I would just advise that a multitude of training sessions on what is being watched by security and what it means to work in the healthcare field would be the best recourse. The main idea would be to make employees understand that they are part of something bigger then their own curiosities while also letting them know that this kind of un-ethical behavior will not be tolerated.
  3. 3. Training Solutions• Training on Current security policies• Training on confidentiality• Training on Employee ethical Behavior• Training on repercussion of actions• Medical Ethics training• Hippocratic oath training
  4. 4. Training on Current Security Policies• Training on current policies will give a base work for what is expected and not expected within the organization.• This can be a base line deterrent because it shows employees what we are watching.• This can also show employees that we are concerned with the matter and they should be as well.
  5. 5. Confidentiality Training• Training on confidentiality gives more of a sense of what is acceptable to be looking at as well as what is not.• This training establishes what is considered to be need to know and what is off limits• Confidentiality training allows companies to show what needs to be understand about viewing patient records and what is not acceptable.
  6. 6. Ethical Employee Behavior Training• This is an important training because it allows companies to show what is expected within the company ethics• Ethical employee behavior training sets a precedent for employees on what could be considered ground for termination• This training truly shows employees what our company’s vision is and what is considered ethical behavior in their eyes and in the eyes of patients.
  7. 7. Consequence Training• This training although simple and seem like a formality truly lays down the law.• Consequence training is something that shows what will not be tolerate.• This is the basic form of deterrent training for employees by showing them that every action they complete that is un-ethical will have a consequence.• This training will also allow the organization to be very specific in their punishment policy whether it’s a zero tolerance or a three strike your out policy.
  8. 8. Medical Ethics Training• This is a broad training that shows the importance of medical ethics• The training itself would show the need for ethics in medical field.• Medical ethics would help because it shows the overall importance for discretion on the patient end in the medical field.
  9. 9. Hippocratic Oath Training• This is a way of showing employees why doctors have to protect their patients.• The Hippocratic oath itself will show employees they are involved in something much bigger then their own personal interests.• This training will also show employees what doctors have to do to keep any and all patient records not matter the case.
  10. 10. Overview• In the long run all you can do is put the proper security features in and keep training everyone on the necessity of discretion and privacy through continued training and understanding. The overall point of the training sessions is to understand what it means to have peoples lives and health within their work areas. Mainly, just need to teach better ethics and understanding to employees to keep privacy from prying eyes.