Publicidad - OpenSource and Research

27 de Jun de 2008

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Publicidad - OpenSource and Research

  1. group OpenSource and Research Adam Gzella Sebastian Ryszard Kruk
  2. MarcOnt Format translation Interoperability MarcOnt Mediation Services RDF Translator
  3. S 3 B – MBB
  4. S 3 B – TTM
  5. Find articles related to mission in the context of aerospace ... Query Templates (Regular Expressions) English Portuguese Aerospace mission skos:related results marcont:hasKeyword marcont:hasDomain SELECT * FROM ....
  6. S 3 B – Recommendations Library resource hasKeyword hasDomain hasCreator A C D E F Step 1: Find similar resources Step 2: Rank and filter according to user’s settings G ... by keyword (max. 2) by author (max. 2) by domain (max. 2) E C B A summary (max. 3)
  7. Metadata and Services in JeromeDL
  8. JeromeDL - ontologies

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  1. In other words – how open source can work in academia se