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This is how it works: CORRUPTION

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Short thinking about corruption and motivation for rejection of by other means.

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This is how it works: CORRUPTION

  1. 1. This is how it works: Corruption. Je drinkt een glas, doet een plas en alles blijft bij hoe het was. Translated from Dutch: One drinks a glass, makes a pee, and still everything stays the same as it was. Corruption survives people, because it knows no time-limit or money-problems. And those being corrupted know that, next to the leaks in legislation for their ‘escape’, so that behavior passes on generations long in theirs. I am talking about modern slavery. True, the Dutch held regular slavery 100 years longer than all the other, and being a paradox: it is the woman’s movement in early feminism, which raised the demand for abolishment... Women instead of practicing mother earth’s wisdom, they were the first natural slaves: the only right they had was the kitchen (‘het enige recht is het aanrecht’); and this had been so for centuries long. Talking of the origin of corruption: it is a power-play to conceal. Everyone in learning makes mistakes or in reverse by mistakes we learn. It is human to make mistakes, but it is inhuman to hide them (the slogan of the Dutch Association of Medical Dissidents). Covering up each other’s ‘ass’ it is, when mistakes are being made and also this is even a culture learned aspect inside organizations of control (I heard many years ago already), but it is not only an abusive culture, it even has legal grounds to stand upon in cooperation: PROTECTION OF CORRUPTION BY THE PROFESSIONAL RIGHT OF SILENCE! The warnings about modern industry-society in the book of Maurice Jolie (Discussion in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu (whereof also Mein Kampf came forth)) already mentioned it: Industry benefits by a relative peace, the labor slave has to have a relative easy life, then within one can be corrupted as one likes, including destroying people. But do make sure, that what happens to those people even is so extreme, -if a listening ear would be there for them- nobody will believe what they tell. And of course those who control the media, controls the public opinion: ‘sell decent lies ’. Next to the book of Maurice Jolie also Franz Kafka inspired them? Be corrupted, but be it modest… There even is a legislation for: the professional right of silence is meant to protect the image of the profession first above the interest of clients. The so called silent code of non-transparency, where under every crime within the field of corruption can be committed as long as the group of profession permits is, because by the professional right of silence no telephone taps, no house search, or seizure is even possible, and also the criminal investigation team then is permitted to withdraw from their criminal investigation, and also the expert in court-procedures is allowed to withdraw when claiming the professional right of silence. But things are even worse, because next (to the office of justice frustrating cases when wanted (I have collected some examples of in cases of medical abuse in the Netherlands), if a case is there: the expert also has the ‘right to commit fraud to sabotage a case from coming up. WHY? Next to the extreme setting of professional right of silence, when the expert has to supply an opinion, the rule is: he should not be informed about early findings (he is supposed to find them himself), he must make his conclusion all alone from ground. That sounds good if the expert is honest, but in the Netherlands (and I also heard about Belgium) false declarations for court are quiet normal, because other evil interests prevail. The right to be a false expert of justice… so the expert is allowed to declare ‘the moon is made out of cheese’ and everybody in court will accept that supposing their dream of justice etc., because they have to work seriously with that ‘expert’ reading. But their fake system of law thus, by which the rights of the simple civilian is high-jacked, justifies the reason to reject their (deliberate) suppression by wrong law-enforcement and how come vigilantism (Roman Law) may become restorable. And I am not talking about the Jihad (, which originally actually is an imagery for spiritual solitude for evolving spiritual discipline), but the rejection of false corrupt installment of justice. I have only investigated the field of medical crime, but I fear this is common. The ground-law-obligation to protect the individual civilian in practice is a shallow misleading joke.