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AdDuplex Windows Device Statistics Report – December, 2016

This month we take a look at the year-end snapshot of Windows 10 Mobile phones in use, what Black Friday did to the PC manufacturer and phone charts, and whether Surface Studio made a dent in the Surface product line usage.

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AdDuplex Windows Device Statistics Report – December, 2016

  1. 1. AdDuplex Windows Device Statistics Report – December, 2016 December 19th, 2016 Compiled by Alan Mendelevich
  2. 2. Windows Device Statistics Report This month we take a look at the year-end snapshot of Windows 10 Mobile phones in use, what Black Friday did to the PC manufacturer and phone charts, and whether Surface Studio made a dent in the Surface product line usage. 2 December 19th, AdDuplex
  3. 3. Data Source This report is based on data collected from around 5,000 Windows phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2 (and higher). The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of December 19th, 2016 (UTC time) unless otherwise stated. We have made every attempt to consolidate different reported phone model names under their canonical retail model names, but it is possible that some of the rare model name variations were not accounted for. AdDuplex is the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps and games empowering developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. AdDuplex was established in January 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania. As of December 2016, more than 10,000 apps actively use AdDuplex to gain more visibility.
  4. 4. Windows 10 Mobile Devices – World December 19th, AdDuplex Lumia 640 has moved into the second spot among phones running Windows 10 Mobile worldwide replacing Lumia 535 that was there in October. Lumia 950 XL moved to #8 (from 9) and all of the Windows 10 era Lumias (except for 550) have grown their percentage shares. 4 MICROSOFT Lumia 550 13.0% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 12.3% MICROSOFT Lumia 535 11.5% MICROSOF T Lumia 640 XL 10.7% MICROSOFT Lumia 650 10.6% MICROSOFT Lumia 950 7.8% NOKIA Lumia 930 4.9% MICROSOFT Lumia 950 XL 4.5% NOKIA Lumia 730 3.9% MICROSOFT Lumia 540 3.1% Other 17.7%
  5. 5. Windows 10 Mobile “Native” – World December 19th, AdDuplex By isolating phones that came with Windows 10 Mobile from the factory we can get an estimate for 2016 sale shares by model. 4 Lumias lined up by price (lowest to highest) and together comprise 97.5% of all Windows 10 Mobile phones sold. Provided that most of the stock for these Lumia models is sold out and there are no new phones from either Microsoft or any high volume partners on the horizon, this could be the very last meaningful snapshot of the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem as we know it. 5 MICROSOFT Lumia 550 35.4% MICROSOFT Lumia 650 28.7% MICROSOFT Lumia 950 21.3% MICROSOFT Lumia 950 XL 12.1% ALCATEL Fierce XL 0.6% ACER Liquid M330 0.4% HP Elite x3 0.3% ALCATEL Idol 4S 0.1% BUSH Eluma B2 0.1% ARCHOS Archos 50 Cesium 0.1% Other 0.8%
  6. 6. Windows 10 Mobile Devices – US December 19th, AdDuplex Looks like Black Friday sale has reshaped the US chart quite a bit. Lumia 650 and 950 both moved past 640 to occupy the first and second positions on the chart. 950 XL is in the same fourth spot (but gained another 0.3%) while 1520 slid down 6 to 9. Are hardcore 1520 fans finally giving up and upgrading to 950 XL (or something else)? Alcatel Idol 4S moved 16 to 13 (2.5x share growth). HP Elite x3 – 19 to 18 (1.3x). 6 MICROSOFT Lumia 650 21.8% MICROSOFT Lumia 950 20.0% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 19.3% MICROSOF T Lumia 950 XL 6.4% ALCATEL Fierce XL 5.0% MICROSOFT Lumia 640 XL 4.4% NOKIA Lumia 635 3.9% NOKIA Lumia 735 3.7% NOKIA Lumia 1520 3.4% NOKIA Lumia Icon 3.0% Other 9.2%
  7. 7. Windows 10 PC Manufacturers – World December 19th, AdDuplex HP is still number one among PC manufacturers and getting stronger (+1.5% since October). Dell shot up 2.9% since October to displace Lenovo at #2. Other than that we see a similar lineup to what we had in October. 7 HP 23.4% Dell 14.5% Lenovo 11.4% Asus 10.1% Acer 9.4% Toshiba 5.8% Microsoft 2.5% Samsung 2.2% MSI 1.4% Sony 1.3% Other 17.9%
  8. 8. Surface computers (Windows 10) – World December 19th, AdDuplex Surface Studio was delivered to first customers just recently, and though it was clear it won’t break any sales records, it was a good opportunity to look at the usage of the Surface lineup. Last time we looked at this was back in June and Surface Pro 4 has surpassed its older sibling Pro 3 since then to claim #1 with 37.4%. The order of the remainder of the list remains the same, but it looks like Surface Book will overtake Surface Pro 2 very soon (6.2% vs. 6.0%). As for Surface Studio – as expected we’ve seen a few, but not surprisingly it’s the most niche of them all. 8 Surface Pro 4 37.4% Surface Pro 3 27.0% Surface 3 15.0% Surface Pro 8.4% Surface Pro 2 6.2% Surface Book 6.0% Surface Studio 0.1%
  9. 9. Windows mobile OS versions – World December 19th, AdDuplex There was a little bit of growth in Windows 10 Mobile market share (likely on the back of Black Friday sales), but overall situation is still the same – Windows Phone 8.1 is still the de-facto standard target platform for Windows on the phone. 9 Windows Phone 8.1 77.1% Windows 10 Mobile 16.0% Windows Phone 8.0 4.9% Windows Phone 7.x 2.1%
  10. 10. Windows 10 Mobile OS Versions – World December 19th, AdDuplex Within Windows 10 Mobile upgrade situation is still strong with more than 92% of the users on the latest official release (Anniversary Update) or later (Insiders). 10 Windows 10 Mobile 1511 7.7% Windows 10 Mobile 1607 81.9%Windows 10 Mobile RS2 (Insiders) 10.4%
  11. 11. Windows 10 PC OS Versions – World December 19th, AdDuplex Anniversary Update is a safe target version for Windows 10 developers on the desktop as well. Now with 87% of the users using AU or newer build. 11 Window s 10 2.6% Windows 10 1511 10.4% Windows 10 1607 86.3% Windows 10 RS2 (Insiders) 0.7%
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