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Multimedia Impact on Network & Telecommunication

MBA MMU Cyberjaya
Individual Presentation Seminar

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Multimedia Impact on Network & Telecommunication

  1. 1. I ndi vi dual Pr esent at i on Sem nar i Multimedia and its impact on Network and TelecommunicationsPr esent ed by : U Ai nur r of i q [I D 1111200141] unC se our : M t i m a I nf osys BM 7094 ul edi ILect ur er : Pr of . D . M al i R an r ur am August 2012
  2. 2. Our session today will cover :• What is Multimedia? Network and Telecommunication?• The History of Interdependency• Current Trend• What’s The Next Big Thing?• Discussion
  3. 3. Term DefinitionMultimedia = integration of multiple forms of media. Thisincludes text, graphics, audio, video, etcTelecommunications = the exchange ofinformation over significant distances by electronic means.Network = collection of terminals, links and nodes whichconnect together to enable telecommunication
  4. 4. Teleommunication Channel & Medium Sound Cable (Atmosphere) (Electro Voltage) informations informationsTransmiter Radio Wave Optical Fiber Receiver/Sender (Free Space) (Glass) The advancement on the channel technology has empower faster network with much bigger capacity Cable (up to 200Mbps) radio (up to 1Gbps) Optic (up to 10Gbps)
  5. 5. Telecommunication Technology
  6. 6. The History of InterdependencyMultimedia Needs & Availability Network & Telecommunication Technology
  7. 7. Multimedia Availability Voice + Data + Video 4G *available in high speed IP Based Mobility Very High Data Rate Telecom Convergence Voice + Data + Video 3G + Video Call Seamless Roaming + Video Streaming Global Radio Access High Data Rates Voice + Data + SMS & MMS 2G + Browsing (in 2.5G) Advanced Mobility Data Service Voice Only 1G Digital System Basic Mobility Call Basic Service Analog System Cellular Telecommunication Evolution
  8. 8. The WEBOLUTIONSource : Radar Networks & Nova Spivack, 2007
  9. 9. Current Trends The mobile phones has become one of the most intimate ICT devices ever known Mobile Multimedia Handsets can be, in a right atmosphere, content creation tools for handset owners as well as contact points to the Internet services. Growth of citizen journalism through use of camera phones and moblogging, all human activities susceptible of being recorded The use of the mobile Internet is driving mobile device growth exponentially faster than any previous computing technology.
  10. 10. Internet Speed Q1/2012Source : “State of the Internet” Akamai Report 2012
  11. 11. Figures from THE ECONOMIST print edition | Special report:
  12. 12. Content & Apps Business are growingGoogle I/O Conference
  13. 13. Does the user wantMutimedia?
  14. 14. the next BIG things Phone-TV- Interactive Computer Television ConvergenceInternet on TV on Youryour Car Phone, Your Phone on TV Electronic ID Phone on Phone Numbers for Life
  15. 15. Multimedia, Network and Telecommunication has a history of interdependency and they continue to gear up each other for the Better advancement in order to Handset reveal the next big thing in human life Faster NetworkKey Intense User ActivityTakeaway
  16. 16. THANK YOUQ & A Session
  17. 17. What’s Up and Down? Mini Discussion
  18. 18. Mini Discussion Imagine that you are the topmanagement of a telecom company. What are the important UPs and DOWNs which will impact your business in the future?
  19. 19. vs SMSFree RM 0.15/sms