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TV Everywhere (TVE) devices are at an all time high,  and they're changing
the way we watch television and mo...
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Here Are Some New Trends On TV Everywhere Consumption

TV Everywhere consumption via connected devices like Apple TV and Roku are at an all time high, according to Adobe Digital Index's Q3 Digital Video Report.

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Here Are Some New Trends On TV Everywhere Consumption

  1. 1. W Adobe TV Everywhere (TVE) devices are at an all time high, and they're changing the way we watch television and movies. Take a look at some TVE's key trends and changes from the Adobe Digital Index Q3 2015 report. TV is back in the living room. While mobile is all the hype in many areas oftech, Adobe's Digital Index report shows TV viewers are back in the living room, using their connected TV devices such as Apple TV or Roku. as 130%: ’l‘ 23% The share of TVE authentications ' on connected TV devices grew ' 130% year over year. It's been the 10% largest, fastest growing share gain over any other TVE access point, _j, growing 30% year over year. 2015 2OI4 There's no place like home for the movies. And it's notjust TV shows that have moved to the living room—it's movies, too. In fact, because ofthe bigger screens, movies were twice as likely to be viewed on a connected TV device than any other access type, such as mobile or desktop. SEPT 2013 SEPT 2014 SEPT 2015 But regardless ofthe device, the amount of overall TVE authenticated movie views went up127% quarter after quarter. Any genre. Any device. As it turns out, the genre of the TV content influences what device people watch it on. "Teens and Toons" content was the most heavily viewed genre across all access types, but was most frequently viewed on mobile. 201% 104% C9 "Teens and Toons" content accounts for75% ofthe total number of plays this quarter. Youth—oriented TV programs were watchedtwice as much on Androids than on iOS devices. The use of TVE devices is more prevalent than ever. It's opened the doors to new ways of watching TV and movies for people everywhere. For more insights, see the full Q3 2015 Digital Video Benchmark report at‘. ii. » ADOBE DIGITAL INDEX METHODOLOGY: Dian-AL The analysis is based on aggregated and anonymous data from over 1,500 media and entertainment sites between Q3 2014 INDEX and Q3 2015 It measured 134 billion online video views and 3.6 billion TV Everywhere authentications across pay—TV service 1015 providers covering 99 percent oi‘ pay-TV households in the U. S and Canada. Adobe also analyzes TV Everywhere content from 159 TV channels and over 300 TV Everywhere sites and apps — more than any other technology company in the industry ADOBE Adobe and the Adobe logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/ or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2015 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.