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Facebook Ads Explained

Promote your small business using Facebook Ads. Get exposure outside your network, get more traffic on your website and engage with more of your prospects.

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Facebook Ads Explained

  1. Promote your Business on
  2. BEFORE YOU START…Who? • Paretos Principle - The 80-20 Rule • Create a profile of your best clientsWhat? • Start with the end in mind • What do you want to accomplish?
  3. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS?Off-Site TrafficDrive traffic to your website • Standard Ad • Facebook Offers • Mobile AdsOn-Site EngagementDrive traffic to a Facebook Page, App, or Event • “Like” Ads • Promoted Posts • Sponsored Stories
  4. STANDARD ADDrive Traffic • Facebook’s traditional ad option • Right-hand side of the page homepage, events, pages, user profiles, apps and next to photos in photo albums. • CPM – cost per 1,000 impression • 99×72 pixels • 90 characters
  6. STANDARD ADWhat is your Goal?• URLs• Facebook Pages “Like” AD• Applications• Events• Places
  7. STANDARD AD• Clearly explain what you’re advertising• Details of your product or service and special offers• Calls to action• Eye-catching image
  8. STANDARD ADWho is your idealcustomer?• Location, age, gender, and interests• Test multiple version of
  9. STANDARD AD•Unless you’ve chosen Advanced Options, you’ll pay forimpressions (CPM = cost per 1000 impressions0)•These impressions will be optimized so your ad shows to thepeople most likely to help you reach your goal•You will never pay more than your budget
  10. CPM vs. CPCCPM - cost per thousand impressions • Will be charged when users view your ads, regardless of whether or not they click on them. • Facebook will ensure a certain amount of views • If there are few clicks, you will still get the same exposure • If there are lots of clicks, you will pay the same amountCPC - cost per click • Will be charged when user clicks on your ad • If there are few clicks, Facebook will not give you good exposure • If there are lots of clicks, you will pay more money
  11. FACEBOOK OFFERSMake Me an Offer • Send discounts and promotions directly to customers, who can then print out the deal or redeem a code online. • Promote your Offer by using the Promote button. • Once an Offer has been claimed, that activity as well as Offer details will appear in that person’s News Feed for friends to see.
  13. Page PostsSpread the news • Promoted posts appear in News Feed on both mobile and desktop • Show up higher so the audience for the post has more chance to see them. • It doesn’t change the original post in terms of appearance • Draws traffic back to the Page that posted it • They can be liked, commented and shared
  14. Sponsored StoriesTurn Ads into Recommendations • Each time someone interacts with one of your Facebook entities a story is created. Example: Someone liked your Page • The most interactive form of ads on Facebook • Advertisers can sponsor check-ins, offer claims, Likes on individual posts
  15. Sponsored Stories
  16. Sponsored Stories
  17. THANK YOU! ADRIANA SERNA Facebook: BlueCompassGroup Twitter: @CompassBWWW.BLUECOMPASSGROUP.COM