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Utilizing Instagram Stories in your Influencer Campaigns

by Kelli Farley

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Utilizing Instagram Stories in your Influencer Campaigns

  1. 1. Utilizing Instagram Stories in your Influencer Campaigns
  2. 2. WHY INSTAGRAM STORIES? 1. More authentic 2. Better engagement 3. Swipe ups 500 MILLION USERS DAILY
  3. 3. JANE’S INSTAGRAM STORY HISTORY 2016: Instagram stories 2017: Jane starts utilizing stories 2018: 34 campaigns → 9 story campaigns 2019: 30 campaigns → 13 story campaigns 44% INCREASE
  4. 4. WHY JANE USES INSTAGRAM STORIES Business model Show and link to live product Storytelling/Brand Advocacy
  5. 5. HOW YOU CAN UTILIZE INSTAGRAM STORIES Storytelling Showcasing product Product launch Flash/ 24 hour sales
  6. 6. INSTAGRAM STORIES IN 2020 & BEYOND Instagram Stories Instagram Lives IGTV Facebook Stories & Lives YouTube TikTok Content > Likes
  7. 7. Creators who produce authentic images and videos also help brands craft a message that resonates using their advocacy, voice, and content — so brands can stop putting out a message that’s lackluster or commercialized. These creators also stay true to their audiences. And by empowering creators to be authentic with their followers, those brands in turn put their best foot forward with users, showing that they all share common values. When people are free to put content first without peer pressure of succumbing to what generates likes, they can create their highest-quality content. That philosophy is central to creating engagement. Source: AspireIQ
  8. 8. QUESTIONS?