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Agile is for Wimps: Top-Level Software Development in the 21st Century

The naive implementation of old-school agile, invented in the 1990s and aimed at small, colocated teams, actually works remarkably well. Since that time, not only have we learned Why it works, but also how to use that Why to approach larger, more difficult, and even quite different problems.

This keynote is a firehose introduction to the modern science of designing in teams, including ideas, strategies and techniques not found in the standard agile texts. Inside of it, you will learn how the best teams make use of the ideas presented to deliver unexpected good results.

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Agile is for Wimps: Top-Level Software Development in the 21st Century

  1. 1. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 “Agile is for Wimps” 2015 Dr. Alistair Cockburn
  2. 2. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 2 The Heart of Agile Collaborate Deliver Reflect Improve “Post-Agile” Value Learning time Tail
  3. 3. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 3 The Agile Manifesto invites wimpy-ness "… Individuals and interactions over processes & tools…" (Yayy!! I don't have to follow those stupid processes any more!) "… Working software over comprehensive documentation…" (W00t!! Dump the documentation! I LOVE this agile stuff!) "… Customer collaboration over contract negotiations…" (I'm done when I'm done and I never have to say when!) "… Responding to change over following a plan…" (No plans! No project managers! No architects! ) Where do I sign up?
  4. 4. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 4 People ... To an interpreter unforgiving of error Making decisions every decision has economic consequences and resources are limited. … they don’t understand which keeps changing Deciding … they don’t understand which keeps changing … they don’t understand which keeps changing
  5. 5. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 5 People develop skills in 4 stages Shu: Learn a technique Ha: Collect techniques Ri: Invent / blend techniques Kokoro: Simplify
  6. 6. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 6 “Shu” (Learn)
  7. 7. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 7 “Ha” (Collect)
  8. 8. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 8 “Ri” (Blend)
  9. 9. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 9 “Kokoro” (Simplify) “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”
  10. 10. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 10 The Heart of Agile Kokoro: Simplify
  11. 11. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 11 It’s either People, or Strategies
  12. 12. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 12 Return to the Heart of Agile Collaborate Deliver Reflect Improve
  13. 13. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 13 The Heart expands into Details Learning Income Collaboration Trust Experiment Change Examine Introspect Collaborate Deliver Reflect Improve Business Social Technical Cost Queues Early Revenue Goals Results Include Emotions Focus Forwards Emotional Safety Concretely (Solutions Focus) Limit Changes Aggressively Allow failure Let someone else do it Step forward Listen
  14. 14. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 14 It makes a handy “Fortune Teller” for use J (I’ll send you the PDF, email me:
  15. 15. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 15 ”Post Agile” (Learning as a delivery strategy)
  16. 16. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 16 Delivers nearly no knowledge (or risk reduction) Knowledge comes at the “moment of truth”: final integration. Waterfall is a late-learning strategy time cost Growth of knowledge with big-bang integration
  17. 17. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 17 Development sequence indifferent (with respect to knowledge) Delivers knowledge (risk reduction) We can pay to learn early in the project time cost Growth of knowledge with early, continuous integration
  18. 18. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 18 “Trim the Tail”: Deliver by value or date Trim to deliver on-time (or early) Delay to get more or better
  19. 19. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 19 Sequence & split stories for learning & tail time Knowledge growing (risk reduction) cost Trimmable Tail * Business * Social * Technical * Cost / Schedule Business value growing
  20. 20. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 20 Map for Learning / Value / Tail Learning Value TailFeature:
  21. 21. © Alistair Cockburn 2015 21 Collaborate Deliver Reflect Improve