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Present & Future Growth of On-demand Economy lies in these Industries

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The on-demand industry is gradually conquering the global market. Above all, it is expanding its boundaries to other prominent markets such as health care, commuting, home services and so much more. However, here in this document, we include the current scenario of the on-demand economy, also portraits the potential industries that will influence the future of the same.

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Present & Future Growth of On-demand Economy lies in these Industries

  1. 1. On-demand Economy Present & Future Market Growth
  2. 2. ON-DEMAND ECONOMY F A C T S & S T A T S 86.5 million americans have used an on-demand service
  3. 3. 74% of those who have used on-demand services, said  they are satisfied with them 64% of people who have used or provided an on- demand service live in urban areas
  4. 4. 45 million americans have offered services on on- demand service of those who offered on- demand services expect to grow financially in coming years 64%
  5. 5. PRESENT MARKET CONDITION The gigantic success of Uber & Airbnb has shown the world how big an impact on-demand industry can create on our living 2 years before, merely 76 companies provided on-demand services in USA but now  more than 280 companies provide on-demand goods & services The current status of the industry is healthful since it managed to generate a $57.6 billion revenue this year In fact, one-third of the American workforce is working on a contract or on-demand.
  6. 6. FUTURE OF  ON-DEMAND INDUSTRY There is a multitude of factors that accelerate on-demand industry forward to the future. There are distinct industries that adopted on-demand services as part of their customer- satisfaction strategy. In this part, we feature the potential industries that will have a sheer impact on the future on-demand economy. Source: Industries that Favor the Future of On-demand Economy Home Services 24% On-demand Jobs 11% Food Ordering 28% Taxi Booking 28% Health Care 10%
  7. 7. On-demand services integrated with home service market revolutionized the total concept. Rather than, traveling long distances, searching for services, you can now avail of any home service at your fingertips. The on-demand platform which acts as a middleman will connect the service seeker with the ideal service provider and thus help both entities achieve their goal. Since the conventional home services are way harder and inefficient, the on-demand industry will certainly be there in play for a very long time. HOME SERVICES
  8. 8. Startup a Marketplace to hire home services professionals Agriya has developed a fully-fledged service booking solution>> which can be employed by businesses to easily deploy an incredible service booking platform. This ready-made software from Agriya incorporates numerous built-in features to facilitate both the service seekers and providers.
  9. 9. TAXI BOOKING SERVICES On-demand taxi business has gained some serious attention since the massive success of Uber.  Unlike traditional taxi businesses, Uber doesn’t own any vehicles but merely connect the users and drivers through an incredible mobile app. Back in 2017 alone, Uber generated 7.5 billion U.S. Dollars in net revenue worldwide. Moreover, they have completed 2 billion rides by the year 2016 as well. 
  10. 10. LAUNCH YOUR TAXI BOOKING BUSINESS In the near future, we expect new businesses to step into the commuting sector. However, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a business organization who seek to be a part of future commuting, an all-inclusive taxi dispatch software is crucial. Agriya’s Uber clone script – Taxipickr>> signifies the perfect choice, which allows you to set-up an Uber-like mobile app from the get-go. 
  11. 11. Healthcare Healthcare industry stands among some of the largest industries of all. Also, it is the one that undergoes frequent transformations and upgrades. On-demand health care services will enable the person to quickly avail consultation services, fix appointments or even respond to requests for home visits by doctors. Virtual consultation via video chats is impressive as well. This rapid innovation and technological advancements can benefit humanity big time, but to avail, these services to those who are the need was always a challenge. The inception of on-demand healthcare services can be the answer to this challenge.
  12. 12. Create a Doctor Appointment Booking Business There are various ways you can start building a suitable app for the concerned Healthcare Provider.  Agriya’s Doctor Appointment booking software>> is one such example of a powerful solution which can instantly raise a professional doctor Appointment fixing system for you. Avail it and incorporate a planned professional appointment booking system for your Hospital.
  13. 13. Freelancers are expected to be the workforce majority of US within a decade. In fact, 50% of the workforce have already begun freelancing. O N - D E M A N D J O B S / F R E E L A N C I N G By connecting the job seekers with the right employers, on-demand job portals will soon make a grand entry to the conventional workforce scenario. The future impact of on-demand industry on jobs will be substantial and it will reflect back on the economy as well.
  14. 14. START YOUR FREELANCE PLATFORM BUSINESS Considering the demand & need for a ready-made freelance software solution, Agriya introduces Getlancer - Freelancer Clone Script>> for individuals as well as businesses to easily deploy an efficient freelance marketplace before long.
  15. 15. AGRIYA.COM Let's make this work. We look forward to working with you to launch your on- demand business right away