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Aguai solutions ui-ux-portfolio

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UI Development and UX User Experience Portfolio of Aguai Solutions. A show case of our work and excellence delivered to our clients!

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Aguai solutions ui-ux-portfolio

  1. 1. Across Web | Cloud | iOS | Android By: Aguai Solutions Bengaluru| Boston | Santa Rosa
  2. 2. Copyright Aguai Solutions 3
  3. 3. 12/22/16
  4. 4. Pharmeazy - Dashboard 12/22/16
  5. 5. Mobile App - Medieazy Copyright Aguai Solutions 6
  6. 6. Pharmeazy - Mobile 12/22/16
  7. 7. Physician Teleconsultation 12/22/16
  8. 8. FMCG – Asset Management 12/22/16
  9. 9. NitiSquare 12/22/16
  10. 10. Clickpower Marketplace 12/22/16
  11. 11. Ras-Al Kaimah Tourism 12/22/16
  12. 12. Copyright Aguai Solutions Mobile First Solution - NGO 12/22/16
  13. 13. Copyright Aguai Solutions DonorG – Organ Donation made Simple 12/22/16
  14. 14. Copyright Aguai Solutions GYO – Organ Donation 12/22/16
  15. 15. Copyright Aguai Solutions TagCon – For every Networker 12/22/16
  16. 16. Product Development Partner Copyright Aguai Solutions 17 QPals - it's an easy and fun way to poll your friends with all kinds of questions. You can also just chat with them, if you like. Simply send a "Q" to your close group of friends or to all your friends and followers on popular social networks. Your close friends will get an alert and you'll get your answer instantly - it's faster and more fun than texting or calling all your friends one by one.
  17. 17. 12/22/16 Cloud based Project Portfolio Management System
  18. 18. Copyright Aguai Solutions Patient Portal • Easy to use Patient Portal • Easy integration options • Hosted on cloud • Make it to work for your healthcare practice • Features – Chart Summary – Chart Download – Appointments – Secure Messaging – Interactive Charts – Delegates – Medication refill requests 19
  19. 19. 12/22/16 Pharmacy CRM
  20. 20. Copyright Aguai Solutions Lets Trade Kicks - iPhone and Android Lets Trade Kicks, developed for a customer in the USA, is a market place application which helps sneaker lovers to buy, sell or trade their sneakers with another user. The app has integrated push notification enabled using Parse framework The app has app purchase and in app billing features. The app has payment gateway implementation using Paypal API. The app is available in iTunes and Google Play. iTunes Google Play
  21. 21. Copyright Aguai Solutions Resurge iPhone and Android Resurge, developed for a customer in the USA, is a smart Cataract Surgery Medication scheduler app which helps a patient to set surgery dates. Based on the date set, the app will intelligently alert the user to take medication based on the algorithm implemented. The patient will also be able to track the dosages he/she has consumed before going to the surgery Another amazing feature provided in the app is the Visual Acuity tests. These tests help the user to compare results before and after surgery. The app is available in iTunes and is coming soon to Google Play. iTunes
  22. 22. Copyright Aguai Solutions Boat Logger Android app Boat Logger, developed for IT Tact, is a logger application which uses geo location features of the android device to track route traversed by a yacht. The app helps in logging all kinds of incidents including climatic conditions, pressure, temperature, speed of travel etc. The app also has an SOS feature which helps in sending stress signals during mayday scenarios. The app is available in Android market. Google Play
  23. 23. Copyright Aguai Solutions LH Steel Calculator iPhone and Android Steel Calculator, developed for Lapham Hickey Steel, is a complete business utility app which is used for calculating the weight of steel and other metals based on metal characteristics. With the help of LHS team, we acquired the domain knowledge required for delivering the app solution. The app is available both in iTunes and Android market. iTunes Google Play
  24. 24. Copyright Aguai Solutions Blurt iPhone app Blurt is a fun but intelligent app developed for NiftyGiant. Let's Blurt makes you actually look forward to your next business meeting or conference call. It’s the challenge of "naturally" inserting an outrageous word or phrase into the conversation. (i.e. “Cupcake Humping” is the magic phrase you or co-worker has to ‘Drop’ in a conversational way.) let's Blurt delivers the phrases for you, and you never know what to expect. The app is available for download at Lets Blurt iPhone app 12/22/16
  25. 25. Copyright Aguai Solutions CleanTie iPhone and Android app CleanTie is an online laundry service available at some regions in the USA. CleanTie required us to come up with a solution which shall integrate multiple laundry services all across many states in the USA into their system and to enable laundry search based on their geo location. Any customer wanting to place an order can make it using the iOS and Android application. The app is available for download at CleanTie iPhone app and CleanTie Android app 12/22/16
  26. 26. Copyright Aguai Solutions Calvin Analytics iPad app Calvin Analytics app is a complex solution which uses eCommerce analytics data available from Google Analytics API. The iPad app presents the relevant data to an analytics manager to track the goals set against a product in an eCommerce store. The app is nearing development closure and will be available in iTunes store soon. 12/22/16
  27. 27. Copyright Aguai Solutions Tie+ Augmented Reality iOS app Tie+ is one of the augmented reality based application which we developed for one of our customers. It is an intelligent assistance on how to make a knot using the device camera. Main features available in this app are Overlay Camera, voice controlled navigation, in app purchase etc. The app is available for download at the iTunes store Tie+ iPhone app 12/22/16
  28. 28. Why Us? We truly believe that the Business Partner’s Leadership truly creates competitive advantage for every customer 1. Strategic acumen 2. Technical Expertise 3. Delivery excellence 4. Expertise & Experience 5. Award Winning Org Copyright Aguai Solutions 30
  29. 29. India #17, YSR Mansion, 3rd floor, Ambalipura, Bellandur, Bangalore 560103 +91 80 4147 9495 +91 988 024 4406 Copyright Aguai Solutions 31 Thank You US Baltimore, MD 443 478 3959