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How to change facebook privacy settings

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How to change facebook privacy settings

  1. 1. How to AlterFacebook Privacy Settings Audrey Lee Academy Technical Writing
  2. 2. Step One: Log onto Facebook Account
  3. 3. Step Two: Access ‘Privacy Settings’
  4. 4. Control Your Default Privacy(Controls privacy of status updates and photos posted on Timeline)
  5. 5. How You Connect(How to connect with friends/acquaintances)
  6. 6. Limit the Audience for Past Posts(Limit audience for posts shared with public or friends of friends)
  7. 7. And those are the basicsfor changing Facebook’s privacy settings!
  8. 8. Works CitedReznor, T. and Ross, A. (2010). In Motion. On The Social Network Soundtrack [CD]. Los Angeles, CA: Null Corporation. This song was chosen because it is completely wordless, and I didn’t want an artist’s message to be conveyed in this PowerPoint. Coincidentally, I had The Social Network’s – a film made in 2010 about the creation ofFacebook’s – soundtrack CD, and therefore, chose a track off of it that Ibelieved sounded appropriate for utilizing this technology.