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  2. Definition of management ✘ “Management is an act getting things done through other” ✘ “Managements means to use available resources very effectively and efficiently to achieve our predetermine goal” ✘ “To done our work by using available people” 2
  3. Management v/s Administration 3 Basis for comparison Management Administration Meaning An organized way of managing people and things of a business organization is called management. The process administering an organization by a group of people is known as the administration. Authority Middle and lower level. Top level. Role Executive. Decisive. Area of operation It has full control over the activities of the organization. It works under administration. Decides Who will do the work? And how will it done? What should be done? And when is should be done? Focus on Managing work. Making best possible allocation of limited resources. Key person Manager Administration
  4. Role Of Manager In Any Organization Given By Mintzberg (FLL RSD REDN) A. Interpersonal role ✘ Figurehead Role ✘ Leader role ✘ Liaison role B. Informational role ✘ Recipient role ✘ Disseminator role ✘ Spokesperson 4 C. Decisional role ✘ Entrepreneur role ✘ Disturbance handler role ✘ Resource allocator role ✘ Negotiator role
  5. Different Skills Of Manager (HTC) 5 1. Human skills 2. Technical skills 3. Conceptual skills
  6. 6 Maslow’s need of hierarchy
  7. Level Of Management (Types Of Managers)
  8. 14 principles of management given by Henary Fayol (Administrative Principles) 8  Division of work  Authority and Responsibility  Discipline  Unity of command  Unity of direction  Subordination of individual  Remuneration  Centralization  Scalar chain  Order  Equity  Stability of tenure of personnel  Initiative  Esperit de corps
  9. Scientific Principles of management ✘ Science, not Rule of Thumb ✘ Scientific Selection, Training and Development of Workers ✘ Harmony, not Discord (Conflict) ✘ Cooperation, not Individualism ✘ Maximum, not Restricted Output ✘ Equal Division of Responsibility between Management and Workers 9
  10. 10 Important Questions Q.1 What is management? Explain the function of management. Q.2 Explain the different skills of management. Q.3 Explain the main role of manager. Q.4 Explain the Abraham Maslow’s need of hierarchy. Q.5 Explain the 14 principals of management.
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