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Perfect Solution to convert MBOX to PST file

Now conversion of MBOX file is not a headache for users. Use best method to convert MBOX file to PST. By using MBOX converter user can avail other benefits too.

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Perfect Solution to convert MBOX to PST file

  1. 1. Effective Steps for MBOX to PST File Conversion
  2. 2. PROSPECTUS  Email Application Types  MS-Outlook Advantages  Entourage Advantages  File Structure of MS-Outlook  File Structure of Entourage  How to Choose from Outlook & Entourage?  How to choose best solution for file conversion?
  3. 3. Types of Email Application Run on Browser(Internet Explorer, google , firefox) Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL No maintenance charge Run on Operating System Outlook Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail No maintenance charge Electronic Mail Application Web Based Application Desktop Based Application
  4. 4. MS-Outlook Key Points  Social Media Connectivity  Google Drive Integration  Weather Bar Integration  Improved Navigation, Flexible Searches, Mail Grouping  Flexible Searches, Mail Grouping  Filters Option
  5. 5. Entourage Key Points  Organize mailboxes with colored emails  Able to synchronize multiple email accounts  Display photos in contacts , calendars and emails  Display at a glance of contacts, calendar and tasks  Provides facility of Faster Time Machine Backups
  6. 6. File Structure Outlook Entourage Supported on Windows System Password Protected Files Support Save up to 50 GB data Save as .pst file extension File Size Personal Storage Table Structure as B-tree PST Supported on MAC system Can be locked while reading Support Save as .mbox format File Size File containing Mail Messages It’s a single file containing all data MBOX
  7. 7. How to choose Entourage or Outlook? Limitations of Entourage  Emails get stuck in Outbox  Most of time user complaint for Email duplicity  Entourage file structure is unstable  Entourage file is plain text file  Email content of MBOX file can easily be modified  Entourage file is prone to corruption  Entourage file is not so secure as compare to MS-Outlook
  8. 8. More Reasons Behind Migration Few Common Reasons  Job Switch  Difficult to handle MBOX files  Always technical expert to handle Entourage  Rare Availability of MAC machine  Cost of Mac System is too high
  9. 9. How to convert MBOX file to Outlook PST? Solution to convert MBOX file to PST file Perfect Solution: MBOX to PST file converter
  10. 10. Key Benefits of Using Converter Tools Saves User Valuable Time Safe & Risk Free Conversion Maintenance of Converted File Structure There is only one solution to convert MBOX file to PST file format i.e. MBOX to PST file converter
  11. 11. By: Aida Jolly