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Machine Learning ate my homework

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The year is 2050. You’re running late. You stumble out of bed to find the light switch and realize your homework essay “History of GNU/Linux” was deleted; SkyNet determined the essay was “radical literature.” The future is now. Did they forgot to add the part where algorithms would be wielded against us, and we would end up proving false positives to equations that respond with “do not reply”?

- Presented at OSCON Ignite 2019 July Portland USA

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Machine Learning ate my homework

  1. 1. Challenge the algorithim
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  5. 5. Eppink said the experts that they hired found big problems with what the state Medicaid program was doing: Data to create formula for setting assistance limits was corrupt. Historical data to predict the future. Two-thirds of the records thrown away prior to rules creation WHY? data entry errors and data that didn’t make sense? bad data produces bad results
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  9. 9.   Push for automated systems have made the  vulnerable MORE vulnerable  Adoption of cost saving measures are designed to  target populations which are deemed to be the  “Most Expensive” which includes the most  politically, socially and economically marginalised  people. Litigating Algorithms: Challenging Government use of Algorithmic Decisions
  10. 10. Insist that Government Agencies have a “Speak to a Human” option
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  12. 12. Software will eat the?