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The Eight Beatitudes .
The Eight Beatitudes .
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  1. 1. OBJECTIVES 1. Know that peace is God’s basic attribute, and that peace can bring fullness of life, fruitfulness, wellbeing and prosperity.
  2. 2. 2. Work for peace and justice, and strive to be reconciled with our neighbor.
  3. 3. 3. Worship Jesus Christ our Lord, the Prince and Bearer of peace in the sacrament of the Eucharist and in our daily prayer.
  4. 4. A story…
  5. 5. This is a story of a KING who lived in a beautiful kingdom
  6. 6. This KING was very well-loved because of his and highly intelligence… revered by the people His fairness towards his people… and his stunningly good looks…
  7. 7. His name was…
  8. 8. But before we continue the story, let me remind you all that this is a fictitious story… Any similarity to actual persons or situations is purely COINCIDENTAL…
  9. 9. King Lorenz was married to the most beautiful queen that ever lived on earth…
  10. 10. Her name was…
  11. 11. They were blessed with highly intelligent & very beautiful children…
  12. 12. They were…
  13. 13. the eldest…. glamorous…. elegant…. and sophisticated….
  14. 14. talented daughter…. brilliant…. skillful…. and healthy….
  15. 15. the adorable princess lover of pets…. caretaker of nature... pure & tender….
  16. 16. the pretty maiden…. full of energy…. young…. and beautiful….
  17. 17. the lovable princess… loving & caring… adored by many… loved by all….
  18. 18. And finally…. the youngest the king’s favorite…
  19. 19. the only son in the family
  20. 20. One day, KING LORENZ, the greatest king of all, decided to hold a drawing contest…
  21. 21. the ARTIST who would paint the best picture of PEACE will win….
  22. 22. Who ever would win will marry…
  23. 23. All the girls in the land rejoiced about it…
  24. 24. Now is my chance to finally fulfill my long time dream.. I will win this contest and marry the Prince!!
  25. 25. ‘can’t wait to see myself marry the prince!
  26. 26. Do I have a chance of winning the prince??
  27. 27. thousands of girls tried…
  28. 28. vavy
  29. 29. crish
  30. 30. Sleeping beauty
  31. 31. dheejay
  32. 32. reeane
  33. 33. abie
  34. 34. henrich
  35. 35. eloisa
  36. 36. roxane
  37. 37. But, like in any contest, only one had to win. So, KING LORENZ, the greatest king of all , had to eliminate the others
  38. 38. vavy bex dheejay eloisa
  39. 39. vavy
  40. 40. bex
  41. 41. eloisa
  42. 42. dheejay
  43. 43. The King looked at all the four pictures again…..
  44. 44. but there were only two he really liked and he had to choose between them.
  45. 45. One picture was of a calm scenery. Towering mountains were all around it. Overhead was a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. All who saw this picture thought that it was a perfect picture of peace.
  46. 46. The other picture had a mountain too. But these were rugged and bare. Down the side of the mountain were dying trees. This did not look peaceful at all.
  47. 47. But when the King looked, he saw a tiny bush growing in a crack in the rock… In the bush a mother bird had built her nest.
  48. 48. There, in the midst of the rugged ugly mountain, sat the mother bird and the father bird on the nest ... perfect peace.
  49. 49. Which picture do you think won the prize?
  50. 50. dheejay
  51. 51. the only son in the family
  52. 52. And they lived PEACEFULLY ever after
  53. 53. Each day, we hear news about violence, conflict, and strife
  54. 54. Is there PEACE in our lands?
  55. 55. What does it take to achieve the almost overused phrase “World Peace”?
  56. 56. To examine this, we first need to understand what PEACE really means
  57. 57. So, what is
  58. 58. Is this what they call PEACE?
  59. 59. In CST and in Scripture, PEACE does not mean just the absence of war
  60. 60. It is much more than that
  61. 61. The original Hebrew word for PEACE Which connotes completeness and that all is well all around
  62. 62. In CST, PEACE means life to the fullest S O C I E T Y N A T U R E Relationship with SELF
  63. 63. inspired and integrated by Love, “founded on Truth, pacem in terris built according to Justice, and practiced in Freedom”
  64. 64. Peace is “the fruit of that RIGHT ORDERING OF THINGS with which the DIVINE FOUNDER has invested human society and which must be actualised by man thirsting after an ever more perfect reign of justice” GAUDIUM ET SPES, 78
  65. 65. “WRONG ORDERING OF THINGS” Whenever the dignity of the human person is violated Whenever there is no solidarity or respect for creation Whenever there is no fair distribution of the world’s resources
  66. 66. PACEM IN TERRIS A.Order Between People – human rights and duties. B.Relationship Between Individuals and the State – nature of authority and the promotion of common good. C.Relations Between States – a relationship based on truth, justice and freedom. D.Relations of People and States with the World Community – political communities of the world have become interdependent E.Faith and Action – Christians should integrate religious beliefs and action.
  67. 67. A story…
  68. 68. A story of a man…
  69. 69. The name of this man in our story is…
  70. 70. His name is…
  71. 71. Joel Jr Agustin Daquiag JOEL
  72. 72. So, this is a story of JOEL, who was deeply troubled by what he saw around him…
  73. 73. T E R R O R I S M T E R R O R I S M
  75. 75. CORRUPTION
  76. 76. JOEL was deeply troubled by all these things that occurred one after another
  77. 77. It was troublesome for him to see the RICH getting richer…
  78. 78. …while the poor get poorer and poorer…
  79. 79. … and yet both RICH and POOR still felt insecure
  80. 80. One day, JOEL decided to go for a walk in the beach and pondered on all these things…
  81. 81. … he thought to himself…
  82. 82. What are you thinking about? … just then, a STRANGER walked beside him, and asked…
  83. 83. I’m tired of the way things are. People live in fear – we fear for our safety, we fear not having enough
  84. 84. And we fear floods and all kinds of disasters We don’t trust each other anymore and we don’t even trust the environment!
  85. 85. It has become every man for himself. I wish I could walk away from it all
  86. 86. Why don’t you believe that things can get better? We are not meant to live this way … and then, the STRANGER asked…
  87. 87. Then, starting with the story of creation & God’s love for humankind, the STRANGER explained the message of hope found in the Christian faith…
  88. 88. BUT before we continue the story…
  90. 90. SO, let’s continue the story…
  91. 91. Then, starting with the story of creation & God’s love for humankind, the STRANGER explained the message of hope found in the Christian faith…
  92. 92. It’s all a matter of remembering that each one of us is created by God and given an infinite dignity Every person matters a lot to God and we’re all equal in His eyes.
  93. 93. Oh yes, I remember that!
  94. 94. In fact, we’re made in God’s image! This is our dignity… … and we need to respect this dignity in ourselves and in others.
  95. 95. … JOEL stopped for a moment and thought about the many lives destroyed thru violence…
  96. 96. … he also thought about how the vulnerable were often ignored or used for other’s pleasures or gains…
  97. 97. Life has become cheap. We have lost the wonder of seeing how special each person is
  98. 98. The stranger continued: It also seems that people have forgotten that they need each other
  99. 99. The truth is, we are made to be in community. This means much more than tolerating each other It means solidarity, which is a way of being with others such that their needs are also our concern
  100. 100. And the attitude of solidarity makes us seek the common good.
  101. 101. The common good? What’s that?
  102. 102. Well, I can tell you what it’s not The common good is not simply what suits the majority, the more powerful or the more assertive.
  103. 103. It means seeking what’s good for everyone in the community by making the effort to understand the concerns of others… Wow! That sounds really nice!
  104. 104. …it also means genuinely seeking a solution together. God made us responsible for one another,
  105. 105. but the trouble is, we’re too caught up I what we need for ourselves. So we bulldoze our way through and marginalize others Maybe that’s why people don’t trust each other anymore.
  106. 106. That’s not all God also meant for the resources in creation to be enjoyed by everyone, so that we all have what we need.
  107. 107. This is called the universal destination of goods. But, why do we see some people having an overabundance of good things, while others don’t even have enough?
  108. 108. Because they neglect principle of the universal destination of goods. Furthermore, we need to respect the dignity of creation itself because this physical environment is where God made us to live in and journey towards salvation
  109. 109. Oh yes, I read that in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament! Creation is meant for our stewardship, not for our exploitation. Just look at the division and disasters that come when we are selfish and exploitative!
  110. 110. After having heard all these, JOEL reflected and said: Yes, I guess we have forgotten to see the big picture. How much better life will be when we do!
  111. 111. But I think it’s not too late. Where can I start?
  112. 112. The STRANGER smiled and said: Well, you’re headed in the right direction now. You’re beginning to see that you personally have a role in building a better society
  113. 113. You now appreciate the idea of participation in Catholic Social Teachings Oh I’m glad you said that!
  114. 114. Closely linked with this is the idea of free association and subsidiarity.
  115. 115. Remember I said that human beings are social in nature, so they have a right to get together and form associations to strive for the common good. Yes, I remember you saying that awhile ago!
  116. 116. Higher level bodies and those in authority should help them to flourish and not deprive them of doing what they can do for themselves
  117. 117. The STRANGER added: Do also bear in mind that every effort means a lot to God.
  118. 118. Your work is holy because it is carried out by a human being – one who is infinitely special to God. This is the dignity of work
  119. 119. When JOEL heard this, he remembered uncomfortably the way he had spoken to a waitress the other day when the restaurant didn’t have what he wanted
  120. 120. He resolved to see the dignity in every person and to try to make a difference
  121. 121. As if hearing his thoughts, the STRANGER said: Now you have understood the principle of the promotion of peace as well!
  122. 122. PEACE is not about avoiding troubles. So, what is it really, then?
  123. 123. PEACE is about dealing courageously with a situation in order to restore it to one where there are right relationships - - with others, self, God, and all creation
  124. 124. JOEL felt his hope restored and started to believe in the goodness of others again
  125. 125. He turned to thank the STRANGER, but the STRANGER had vanished
  126. 126. JOEL thought this fellow reminded him of the One who stretched out His arms on a cross wide enough to embrace all humanity
  127. 127. He smiled to himself and walked on resolutely Somehow, JOEL knew that he would find HIM…
  128. 128. Peace on Earth notes that “all States are by nature equal in dignity,” that is, they have the right to existence, to self-development and to be primarily responsible for this development. (# 89-92)
  129. 129. •States are also subject to rights and duties. This means that relationships between States must be harmonized in truth, justice, active solidarity and freedom.
  130. 130. • The Church believes that “the true and solid peace of nations can consist, not in equality of arms, but in mutual trust alone.” (# 113)
  131. 131. Relations between states must be based on freedom. (# 120)
  132. 132. •The document also brings to awareness that the path to peace is beset with many and grave obstacles.
  133. 133. • The pursuit of universal common good and the recognition of the equal status of every nation can only “be adequately tackled or solved… by the efforts of public authorities… which are in position to act in an effective manner on a worldwide basis.” (# 130-140)
  134. 134. Pacem in Terris encourages that the United Nations be promoted.
  135. 135. ACTIVITY
  136. 136. 1. How do you differentiate a peacemaker from a peacekeeper? 2. Why must peace be founded on justice? 3. How can lying destroy peace?