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Airtherm flue portfolio

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Commercial and industrial chimney and modular flue products for all types of application.

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Airtherm flue portfolio

  1. 1. AN INTRODUCTION TO AIRTHERM WHO WE ARE HVAC specialists with a varied product range including - . Flues & Chimneys Systems . Natural Ventilation & Lighting Systems . Kitchen Ventilation Systems WHY CHOOSE US 54 years combined HVAC Experience We only use the highest quality products Experienced installation teams - Nationwide We demand the highest quality workmanship Manage projects closely Strict adherence to regulations & safety guidelines Strengthen our business by customer feedback Competitive compared to other boiler/flue companies 2
  2. 2. FLUE PORTFOLIO 3 DW TWIN WALL MODULAR CHIMNEY FEATURES: • Specially Designed for Condensing Applications • Thermal Expansion Absorbed in each Element (no need for expansion bellows) • No Thermal Bridge (insulation continuity throughout the system) • High Mechanical Resistance to Vertical and Horizontal Forces • 40mm Overlap • Diameters available from 80mm to 1000mm •10 year guarantee APPLICATIONS: • Domestic Heating and Hot water systems • Industrial or Commercial Heating • Bakery Ovens •Open Fire Places • Hot Air Generators • Ventilation and Smoke Extraction
  3. 3. FLUE PORTFOLIO 4 DW TWIN WALL MODULAR CHIMNEY MATERIALS: Inner Wall: AISI 316L (1.4404) or AISI 304L (1.4301) Outer Wall: AISI 304L (1.4404) or AISI 304L (1.4301) Aluzinc - only for inside installation Copper Painted (RAL range) Insulation: Rockwool (30mm to 50mm depending on the diameter) FUEL: Gas, Diesel, Wood, Coal WORKING TEMPERATURE: 6000C Under Continuous Fire OVER PRESSURE: 200 Pa (with joint)
  4. 4. FLUE PORTFOLIO 5 GE TWIN WALL MODULAR CHIMNEY FOR GENERATORS AND TURBINES FEATURES: • HETAS Approved • Manufactured in accordance with BS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard • CE marked to EN 1856-1 • Designed to Work in High Temperatures (upto 600’C) and High Pressures (upto 5000 Pa) • Insulated Double-Walled Modular Metallic Chimney •Insulation thickness (kg/m3) according to appliance temp & outer touch requirements • Individual Expansion Absorption at Joints (no need for expansion bellows) • Gas & water tightness • High velocities ranging from 25 m/s to 40 m/s • Protection Panels to Prevent Damage from Abrupt Motor Stops or Explosions • Primary Silencer to Reduce Noise • 10 year guarantee
  5. 5. FLUE PORTFOLIO 6 GE TWIN WALL MODULAR CHIMNEY FOR GENERATORS AND TURBINES MATERIALS: Inner Wall: AISI 304 (1.4301) - for Natural Gas, LPG’s and Diesel Oil AISI 316 (1.4404) - for Natural Gas, LPG’s, Diesel Oil and Biodiesel Outer Wall: AISI 430 (1.4016) - Indoor installation in clean environment AISI 304 (1.4301) - Indoor installation in uncontaminated environment - Outdoor installation in area away from the coast AISI 316 (1.4404) - Outdoor installation in costal or industrial area - Indoor or aggressive environment installation Insulation: 100 kg/m3 density Rockwool Joint Insulation: Biosoluble ceramic fibre with density 220 kg/m3 and 96 kg/m³ Sealing Ring: Stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) External finish Mirror finish (BA). Optional power coated according RAL / BS range
  6. 6. FLUE PORTFOLIO 7 FK SINGLE WALL MODULAR CHIMNEY FEATURES: • HETAS Approved • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 • CE marked to EN 1856-2 • Suitable for chimney liners and low temperature condensing flues • Cost-effective solution. • P1 Tightness (max 200 PA) with no joints • Quick and easy assembly • Diameters available from 80mm to 1000mm •10 year guarantee APPLICATIONS: • For gas, oil, and/or solid fuels • With Negative (N) or Positive (P) pressure • In Dry (D) or Condensing (W) mode • Ideal for re-lining: no need for replacement of deteriorated old joints
  7. 7. FLUE PORTFOLIO 8 FK SINGLE WALL MODULAR CHIMNEY MATERIALS: AISI 316L (1.4404) or AISI 304L (1.4301) THICKNESS: From (diameter) 80mm to 300mm : 0.4mm From (diameter) 350mm to 600mm : 0.5mm From (diameter) 650mm : 0.6mm FUEL: Gas, Oil Solid Fuels WORKING TEMPERATURE: 250 °c: EN 1856-1: CHIMNEYS 600 °c: EN 1856-2: LINERS
  8. 8. FLUE PORTFOLIO 9 DINAGAS SHARED SYSTEM CHIMNEY FOR MULTIPLE BOILERS FEATURES: • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 • CE marked to EN 1856-1 • Suitable for multi chimney low temperature condensing flues • Working temperature 1600C (max) • Quick and easy assembly • Connecting flue available from 60/100mm & 80/125mm • Chimney flue available from 150mm dia to 350mm dia • Chimney sizing calculated according to BS EN 13384-2 APPLICATIONS: • For natural gas appliances and fulfils criteria of BS 5440-1:2008 • With Negative (N) pressure • Total heat output up to 560kw max per common chimney with a 350mm i/dia (675o/d) flue • Ideal for domestic and light commercial wall hung boilers
  9. 9. CHIMNEY & FLUE REGULATIONS 10 BRITISH STANDARDS The products we use are approved and CE marked to EN 1856-1 and manufactured under a quality assurance scheme (certificate number issued upon request), administered by British Standards in accordance with BS EN 9001: 2008. Our manufacture and installation is in accordance with local and national building regulations together with: • BS: 5440 -1:2008 Domestic natural gas appliances international codes • BS EN 15287: 2007 for masonry chimneys and flue pipes • BS 6644:2011 Specification for the installation and maintenance of gas-fired hot water boilers of rated inputs between 70 kW (net) and 1.8 MW (net) (2nd and 3rd family gases) • IGE/UP/10 Installation of flued gas appliances in industrial and commercial premises. • Clean Air Act Memorandum • Chimneys to BS 4076 and corresponding • TechnicalGuidance Note (Dispersion) D1, Guidelines on Discharge Stack Heights for Polluting Emissions • 2010 Edition of the Approved Document J • Provisions of DEFRA - Local Air Quality Management (LAQM)
  10. 10. DESIGN & INSTALLATION 11 SITE SURVEY • Liaise with client • CAD designproposals • Informationrequiredto carry out a flue/chimney design– Appliance(s) make & model, horizontaland vertical runs,adjacentbuilding(s),windows, intakes,AHU, positionof termination SIZE CALCULATIONS • FlueCalcspecialistsoftware available • Adhere to current regulations • FlueCalccalculateschimney size based onplant application, flue gas volume, overpressureavailable,loss/frictionfor bendstees, cowls & temperaturerelease from the boiler AIRTHERM QUOTATIONS • Quotationsprovidedand adheredto • Returntenderon time • Correct productselection • System allowances • Competitiveby selecting the correct products& allowing sufficientlabour • Exclusions& Inclusions • Terms & Conditions INSTALLATION & STANDARDS • Experiencedinstallationteams • Strict safety guidelines • Meet all current industrystandards.Each employeeholds CSCS cards, IPATH, PASMA, Height Awareness,& AsbestosAwareness • Accreditationsheld– Safecontractor& Constructionline.Our CHAS applicationis awaiting approval.
  11. 11. FLUECALC SOFTWARE 12 CASCADE CALC GENERATOR CALC BOILERCALC MULTIPLECALC Our FlueCalc software accurately calculates chimney size based on a number of factors we take into consideration. These include (but are not exclusive of) plant application, flue gas volume, overpressure available, loss/friction for bends and tees, cowls and temperature release from the boiler. With this information we can determine the best chimney size for your application.
  12. 12. CASE STUDIES 13 DINAK TWIN WALL FLUE CAMDEN ACADEMY • 500mm diameterstainlesssteel,fully weldedgas and water tight Dinak DWhp flue system • Serves three high efficiencyClyde Unical Modulexcondensingboilers(2.2MW output) • 12m horizontaland 26m vertical run with drains for condenseevacuation • Workedclosely with BAM Construction AIRTHERM MASTERFLUE ST BERNARDS RC SCHOOL • ModumaxHE VariheatPV105 system • 200 Pa working pressure(productwill operate1000pa max) • Dry/Wet operationand Positive/ Negativepressure • Gas/Oil/Coal/Woodfuel • EducationSector NOVA TWIN WALL FLUE ST GREGORYS RC SCHOOL • Serves two high efficiency,wall hung MikrofilEthos 90kw condensingboilers • 4 hourfire rating BS476 part 20 • Suitable for solidfuel & fully condensing systems • Twin wall stainlesssteelflue system DINAK DW SYSTEM SWAN LANE FORST SCHOOL • Cost-efficientsolutionrequiredand our tendersuccessfullycompeted with the originalHamworthy budget • 2.5m horizontaland 3m vertical run • Consultedwith WorcestershireCouncil andthe client, EMS • Educationsector
  13. 13. CASE STUDIES 14 DINAK DWHP RANGE WORTHY DOWN • 3nr 350mm diameterflues attachedto a free- standingmast • Condensingapplication • StainlessSteel Inner & Outer Casing • Four Hour Fire Rating • Each systemcomprisesof a 9m stack & and a 9m horizontalrun AIRTHERM MASTERFLUE ADDENSBROOKE HOUSE • The flue systemserves four new high efficiencycondensingboilersand comprisesof a twin wall stainlesssteel inner& outercasing with 25mm insulation • The flue systemhas a 3.5m horizontalrun anda 2.5m vertical, incorporatingthe necessarydrainsto allow any unwanted condenseto evacuate the system DINAK DW FLUE PRODUCT OAKHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL • Design,supplyand installationof a completetwin wall stainlesssteelflue systemserving each MHS Adinox ADI LT 200 modulatingboiler • Workingon a tight programduringthe schoolsummer holidays,the flue system was installedimmediatelyafter the new highefficiency boilers.The old cast iron boilerswere removedby our contractor AIRTHERM MASTERFLUE LONDON OFFICES • 450mm diameterflues servingtwo Hoval SR boilers • StainlessSteel Inner & Outer Casing • Four Hour Fire Rating • 30mm Insulation • Each comprisesof 27m stack and a 10m horizontalrun
  14. 14. OFFICE: 0844 809 2509 MOBILE: 07715 360958 FAX: 01562 887312 EMAIL: WEBSITE: