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sample lesson plan in science five senses

no totally done..

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sample lesson plan in science five senses

  1. 1. Detailed lesson Plan in Science and Health – III I-OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson the pupils should be able to: A. Describe the different sense organ. B. Appreciate the importance of the sense organ of the body. C. Give the function of the different sense organ of the body. II- SUBJECT MATTER A. Unit – I Human beings Lesson: Sense organ B. Materials: real objects, Pictures and chart C. Reference: Science for Daily Use -3 pp. 2-13 D. Time Allotment: 1 session E. Science Concept: the five senses the eyes, nose, ears, tongue and the skin F. Value Focus: love and care III-LESSON PROPER TEACHER’S ACTIVITY A. Preparatory Activities  Opening prayer  Checking of attendance  Review the pat lesson B. Motivation (the teacher will ask some questions about five senses) Children, what is the condition of our weather for today? What do you observe of our surrounding? What have you seen? Do you hear a sound? ACTIVITY Now, I have here a short story and I want you to listen carefully and we will answer few questions later’’ (the teacher will show a picture) Do you know who’s in the picture? Alright PUPILS ACTIVITY - Cold - Things around - Yes, ma’am - No ma’am
  2. 2. Helen Keller(1880-1968) lived in world of darkness and silence. She was blind and deaf. She could neither see nor hear. Yet, she became one of the America’s most famous author and lecturer. She had a very good teacher Anne Sullivan. Anne made Helen feel the objects with one hand. Then she traced the word for each object onto the palm of Helen’s hand? Comprehensive questions Who was Helen Keller? Who was the name of her teacher? How did her teacher make her learned to read and write? What sense of organ did she use? PRESENTATION ‘’Okay, children our topic for this day is all about the sense organ’’ (the teacher shows the pictures of the five senses) EYES ‘’The eyes is for seeing. We could see things in our environment with the use of our beautiful eyes.’’ ‘’ we could identify the colors, textures, the height, the size of different things. The charming faces of our friends because of the eyes.’’ our eyes is the window our soul.’’ ‘’ again what organ do we use for seeing? NOSE ‘’Nose is our sense of smelling. We could smell the perfume, the fragrance of the flowers because of our nose’’ The use of the nose is to be able to smell things Okay, what is the use of our nose? EAR Ear is for hearing. The ear is the organ that detects sound. ‘’ We can hear the sweet music, bark of dogs etc.’’ ‘’What is the function of the ears? - She was blind and deaf - Teacher Anne Sullivan. - She let Helen feel the objects with one hand. Then she traced the word for each object onto the palm of Helen’s hand. - Sense of touch. - The eyes - Smell
  3. 3. TONGUE ‘’Tongue use for taste. We can identify the taste of foods whether it is sweet, sour, delicious, and salty’’ Okay, what is the function of our tongue? SKIN ‘’Skin is the sense of touch’’ ‘’Sense of touch is important in a number of ways. It can detect different textures as well as temperatures of different levels. Our skin enables us to detect is something is cold, soft or spiky.’’ ‘’’Okays what is the organ that we use for feeling? GENERALIZATION So now, we can identify already the five important senses organ in our body the eyes, nose, ears, tongue and the skin. EYE is our sense of sight. NOSE is our sense of smelling. EAR is our sense of hearing. TONGUE is our sense of taste. SKIN is our sense of touch. APPLICATION Group activity Make two groups for our game show. Here are the mechanics of the game. Arrange the puzzle word that I will show you. I will give an clue. The first group that gives first three (3) correct answers will announce as winner and will receive the prize. Are you ready for the game? - Hearing the sounds - Taste the foods - Skin - Children cooperate - Yes, ma’am PUZZLE WORD CLUE 1. MLELS - the function of the nose 2. OSNE -organ for smell 3. GENOTE - use for taste 4. CHOUT - the function of the skin 5. RINGANE -the function of eyes End of the game. (Announce the winner)
  4. 4. IV- EVALUATION Identify the sense organ use in the following thing. Put it in the appropriate branch of a chart.

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