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Compensation Management

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Compensation Management

  1. 1. A Presentation onCompensation Management Mentor Prof. :- Naval Lawande. By:- Ajay Khot. Roll No. :- 03 (MERC Institute of Management) M.B.A. 1st yr.
  2. 2. Compensation ManagementCompensation is theremuneration received byan employee in return forhis/her contribution to theorganization.It is an organized practicethat involves balancing thework-employee relation byproviding monetary andnon-monetary benefits toemployees.
  3. 3. Compensation Management Compensation is an integral part of human resource management which helps in motivating the employees and improving organizational effectiveness. Compensation provided to employees can direct in the form of monetary benefits and/or indirect in the form of non- monetary benefits known as perks, time off, etc. Compensation does not include only salary but it is the sum of all rewards and allowances provided to the employees in return for their services. If the compensation offered is effectively managed, it contributes to high organizational productivity.
  4. 4. Compensation Management Compensation systems are designed keeping in minds the strategic goals and Job business objectives. Analysis Compensation system is designed on the basis of certain factors after analysing the job work and Salary Pay responsibilities. Survey Structure Components of a compensation system are as follows:
  5. 5. Types of Compensation ManagementThere are two types of compensation management. Compensation Mgmt Direct Indirect
  6. 6. Direct compensation Direct compensation refers to monetary benefits offered and provided to employees in return of the services they provide to the organization. The monetary benefits include basic salary, house rent allowance, conveyance, leave travel allowance, medical reimbursements, special allowances, bonus, Pf/Gratuity, etc. They are given at a regular interval at a definite time.
  7. 7. Direct compensation Medical Reimburs -ement Special Basic Allowanc- Salary es Direct Compe- House Rent nsation BonusAllounces Leave Conveya- Travel nce Allowanc- es
  8. 8. Indirect compensation Indirect compensation refers to non-monetary benefits offered and provided to employees in lieu of the services provided by them to the organization. They include Leave Policy, Overtime Policy, Car policy, Hospitalization, Insurance, Leave travel Assistance Limits, Retirement Benefits, Holiday Homes.
  9. 9. Indirect compensation Overtime Policy Leave Hospitaliza Policy -tion Indirect Flexible Timings Comp- Insurance ensation Holiday Leave Homes Travel Retire- ment Benefits
  10. 10. Need of Compensation Management A good compensation package is important to motivate the employees to increase the organizational productivity. Unless compensation is provided no one will come and work for the organization. Thus, compensation helps in running an organization effectively and accomplishing its goals. Salary is just a part of the compensation system, the employees have other psychological and self-actualization needs to fulfil. Thus, compensation serves the purpose. The most competitive compensation will help the organization to attract and sustain the best talent. The compensation package should be as per industry standards.
  11. 11. Need of Compensation Management Motivation Compen- sation Package Employee Need Retention Satisfaction
  12. 12. Process of Compensation managementOrganizations Strategy Compensatiom Policy Job Analysis and Evolution Design and Implementation of Compensation Plan Evolution and Review
  13. 13. Importance of Compensation Mgmt System An ideal compensation system will have positive impact on the efficiency and results produced by employees. It will encourage the employees to perform better and achieve the standards fixed. It will enhance the process of job evaluation. It will also help in setting up an ideal job evaluation and the set standards would be more realistic and achievable. It will raise the morale, efficiency and cooperation among the workers. It, being just and fair would provide satisfaction to the workers. It should motivate and encouragement those who perform better and should provide opportunities for those who wish to excel.
  14. 14. Importance of Compensation Mgmt System Sound Compensation/Reward System brings peace in the relationship of employer and employees. It aims at creating a healthy competition among them and encourages employees to work hard and efficiently. The system provides growth and advancement opportunities to the deserving employees. The perfect compensation system provides platform for happy and satisfied workforce. This minimizes the labour turnover. The organization enjoys the stability. The organization is able to retain the best talent by providing them adequate compensation thereby stopping them from switching over to another job.
  15. 15. Compensation Management
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