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Mahindra & Mahindra HRM PPT

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covered all HR details of Mahindra & Mahindra

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Mahindra & Mahindra HRM PPT

  2. 2. Sector information of Automobile Introduction • The Indian auto industry is one of the largest in the world. The industry accounts for 7.1 per cent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). • The Two Wheelers segment with 80 per cent market share is the leader of the Indian Automobile market owing to a growing middle class and a young population • The overall Passenger Vehicle (PV) segment has 14 per cent market share. Market size • Production of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, three wheelers and two wheelers grew at 5.41 per cent in FY17 to 25,316,044 vehicles from 24,016,599 vehicles in FY16 • The sales of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and two wheelers grew by 9.23 per cent, 4.16 per cent and 6.89 per cent respectively, during the period April-March 2017. • India's electric vehicle (EV) sales increased 37.5 per cent to 22,000 units during FY 2015-16 • Government of India’s vision to see six million electric and hybrid vehicles in India by 2020.
  3. 3. Industry Size and growth rate 79% 3% 15% 3% INDUSTRY SIZE TWO WHEELER THREE WHEELER PASSENGER VEHICAL COMMERCIAL VEHICAL 15.5 16 16.5 17 17.5 18 18.5 19 19.5 20 20.5 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Growth rate of automobile sector
  4. 4. Company information Type-public company Industry-automobile industry Headquarter- Mumbai Maharashtra Area served- worldwide CEO- Anand Mahindra Products- automobiles Revenue-₹83,773 crore (2017) Operating income- ₹8,793 crore Net income-₹2,592 crore Total assets-₹61,239 crore Number of employee-39276 Parent-Mahindra group
  6. 6. Recruitment and selection process Screening application Selection tests Technical interview Medical Selection decision Reference and Background checks Job Offer Contract Of Employment Joining kit
  7. 7. Cost of company analysis CTC 1050000 BASIC SALARY 420000 D.A 42000 HRA 184800 CONVENCE ALLOWENCE 19200 CHILD ALLOWENCE 2400 HOSTEL ALLOWENCE 7200 P.F. 55440 L.T.A 35000 MEDICAL 1500 GRATURITY 133269.2308 TOTAL 900809.23 PLI 149190.76 IN HAND 805850.76 CTC 2366000 BASIC SALARY 946400 D.A 94640 HRA 416416 CONVENCE ALLOWENCE 19200 CHILD ALLOWENCE 2400 HOSTEL ALLOWENCE 7200 P.F. 124924.8 L.T.A 78866.66667 MEDICAL 1500 GRATURITY 300300 TOTAL 1991847.467 PLI 374152.5333 IN HAND 1815850.4 CTC 458000 BASIC SALARY 183200 D.A 18320 HRA 80608 CONVENCE ALLOWENCE 19200 CHILD ALLOWENCE 2400 HOSTEL ALLOWENCE 7200 P.F. 24182.4 L.T.A 15266.67 MEDICAL 1500 GRATURITY 58130.77 TOTAL 410007.8 PLI 47992.17 IN HAND 351504.4
  8. 8. JD and JS of Marketing Manger Head JOB DESCRIPTION JOB SPECIFICATION  Title: Marketing Head,  Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra.  Summary: Responsible of reaching targets fixed by company, related to new acquisitions and yearly reductions Lead generation. Resolve Customer complaints regarding sales and services.  Managing launch campaigns for new products. • Build strategic relationships and partner with key industry players, agencies and vendors  Experience: 12-18 years  Qualification: +(MBA)  PG: Marketing as specialization  Skills: Negotiation skills, communication skills, Networking skill, decision making skill, Highly developed demonstrated teamwork skill  Deep knowledge of domain and field.
  9. 9. JD and JS of Senior HR Manager JOB DESCRIPTION JOB SPECIFICATION  Title: senior HR executive  Location: Pune  Summary: responsible for ensuring that department employees are well- versed in their areas of expertise. The various disciplines of HR require expertise in compensation, benefits, safety, payroll, recruiting and training.  TIME: FULL TIME JOB  The Candidate should have experience as HR.  Qualification: B.COM, BBA, M.COM, MBA(HR) Any other diploma in human resource.  Experience: 2 to 5 years  The ability to communicate. Communications are at the core successful HR management, Excellent judgment, Sensible, honest ethics, Great negotiation skills Strong multitasking abilities
  10. 10. JD and JS of Finance Manager JOB DESCRIPTION JOB SPECIFICATION  Title: Financial Manager  Location: Delhi  Summary: responsible for finance department, they produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals of their organization  Time: full time job  The Candidate should have experience in Financial sector  Qualification: B.COM, BBA, M.COM, MBA Any other diploma in finance  Experience: 1 to 3 year in finance sector  Skills required: commercial and business awareness. Excellent communication and presentation analytical approach to work. High numeracy and sound technical skills.
  11. 11. Performance appraisal and goal setting process process of Goal Setting in M&M Ltd Performance appraisal model Communicatio n workshop KRA setting Mid term review Performance appraisal review Performance pay rating Feedback and counseling STRATEGY, VISION, MISSION & BUDGET BUSINESS GOALS ORGANIZATION’S OBJECTIVES DEPARTMENTAL / FUNCTIONAL OBJECTIVES ROLE / INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVES KEY RESULT AREA (KRAs)
  12. 12. Employee benefits and facilities provided by company INSURANCE, HEALTH AND • Health insurance • Life insurance • Vision insurance • Disability insurance • Dental insurance FINANCIAL AND RETIREMENT • Pension plan • Retirement plan • Stock options • Performance bonus FAMILY AND PARENTING • Work from home • Childcare • Unpaid extended leave • Maternity leave VACATION LEAVE • Unpaid extended leave • Maternity leave • Bereavement leave • Others benefits
  13. 13. Training provide by company Marketing job profile ON THE JOB TRAINING Coaching Job rotation Special Assignment OFF THE JOB TRAINING Case study Management games Role playing Behaviour modelling HR job profile ON THE JOB TRAINING Coaching Job rotation Special Assignment OFF THE JOB TRAINING New terms Outside seniors Role playing Finance job profile ON THE JOB TRAINING coaching Job rotation Special assignment OFF THE JOB TRAINING Case study method
  14. 14. Career planning in Mahindra and Mahindra
  15. 15. Employee retention strategies Mentorship programs Team celebration Recognition and rewards systems Work-life balance Training and developmen t Communica tion and feedback Dealing with change Employee compensati on