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RIS3 at city level (Sabadell, Spain)

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How the city of Sabadell is worling to benefit from the RIS3 Smart Specialisation European Policy

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RIS3 at city level (Sabadell, Spain)

  1. 1. How the city of Sabadell is working to benefit from the RIS3 European Policy Workshop: Medium sized cities: An opportunity for sustainable inward investment and enterprise growth in a global economy European Week of Regions and Cities Brussels, 12 October 2016
  2. 2. A Sabadell outlook How Sabadell is workingSabadell is a 208.000 people city only 20 Km from Barcelona at the heart of the most industrial area of Catalonia • An old textile and metallurgy industrial tradition • Huge increase in services from the 70's • Several important educational and R+D+i institutions • Associated with some smaller surrounding municipalities with big industrial states • A wide number of civil society organisations
  3. 3. Curs en Gestió Aplicada de l’Estratègia de Recerca i Innovació per a l’Especialització Intel·ligent (RIS3) The previous Sabadell opportunities map + Barberà + St. Quirze + Castellar del Vallès Sabadell Health Sustainable Mobility Cultural and Sports Industries Design Packaging and auxiliary services Applications of Unmaned Aerial Vehicles Industrial Systems Dresses Technical Design Food industry Energy and Ressources Energy efficiency applied to the industrial sector ? Smart City Cultural Societies (Òpera,...) - Metallurgy - Automotive
  4. 4. RIS3CAT RIS3: EC policy for European Regions Catalonia decided to replicate the model locally They defined the catalan RIS3 strategy through 2 tools: ● RIS3 Communities, for companies and innovation centers (healthy food, low emissions, mobility,.....) ● PECTs (Territorial Specialization and Competitivity Projects) aimed at cities and counties
  5. 5. Innovation and Design for European Industry (Sabadell Smart Specialization Strategy) Design E S i and innovation In industrial systems Design Sustainability and User’s experience (packaging) Sustainability and and security in industrial Environment Industrial Systems Sustainability and User’s experienceIn fashion textile design- Industrial design for the Active and Healthy aging ICT applied to industry
  6. 6. Expected results • To get a true shared territorial strategy • To become a reference area in industrial design in southern Europe • To attract foreign private industrial investments to the area • To attract public investments often oriented to Barcelona city
  7. 7. Curs en Gestió Aplicada de l’Estratègia de Recerca i Innovació per a l’Especialització Intel·ligent (RIS3) Thank you very much