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Game presentation

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Here's a slide show depicting the humor in game addiction and showing us how VR can affect children's lives.

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Game presentation

  1. 1. Universal American School Dubai Virtual Reality Computer Project By: Alex Jreige Ms. Sudha Sunder
  2. 2. Effects of Video Games on Futures Before After
  3. 3. Culture A study of the impact of virtual reality on people’s leisure. Why do boys spend so much time playing video games?
  4. 4. Don’t worry I’ve got the map!! We have to find a way out!!
  5. 5. Video Game Addiction Lol! Get a Life! This would be the closest you’d ever get to a girl!
  6. 6. Why do boys spend so much time playing video games?
  7. 7. Math Mid-Term F I wonder how I can reach the next level?
  8. 8. WHY YOU LIL!! That’s for getting the F!
  9. 9. Letter for Military Draft I guess I have to go to my ‘Call of Duty’
  10. 10. I think we are Lost! I think you’re right