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my curriculum vitae 2

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my curriculum vitae 2

  1. 1. ALAA ELSAYED GOMA FALOGY HOLIEL Personal data: Address:  Almostashfa st,. Alsalam district , beside Sednawy hospital, Zagazig, Sharkia Governorate, EGYPT OR:  Anesthesia department, Zagazig Faculty of Medicine, Sharkia Governorate. EGYPT Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University, Sharkia Governorate, EGYPT 44519 Zagazig university post office. Email address: Web page: Facebook : Day phone number +20552302598 Mobile phone number +201020249885, and +201013175918. My Spouse: Veterinary physician. Current Position:  Lecturer in Anesthiology and Intensive Care Medicine.  Manager of the Quality and Performance Improvement Unit in New Surgical Building. Zagazig university hospitals. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Career Objective 1. Seeking new challenges in anesthesia scope which effectively utilizes recent advances in anesthetic practice and looking to join a progressive organization that has the need for professional anesthetists and offers opportunities for advancement. 2. Looking to share in Quality control and improvement programs and accreditation processes. Personal Information Birth Date: 15 October 1978 Gender: Male
  2. 2. Nationality: Egypt Visa Status: In Egypt (Citizen) Resident Visa In K.S.A. Residence Location: Egypt Marital Status: Married + son (6 years named Amro) + girl (4 years named Gaidaa) Driving License: Egypt, K.S.A and International. Professional and Work Experience At the faculty: March 2003 till Present: Lecturer of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care medicine , ZAGAZIG UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS. EGYPT Job description : Practicing different types of anesthesia and Intensive Care units, including:  Preoperative Preparation of surgical patients.  Cardiothoracic: open heart surgeries (non-beating), CABG, chest and lung surgeries, esophageal endoscopy and bronchoscope.  Neurosurgery: cerebral tumors and masses and other craniotomies, vascular clipping for vascular malformations operations, spinal and vertebral column surgeries.  Obstetric: elective and emergency operative obstetric intervention plus performing painless labor by epidural blockade.  Orthopedic: fractures fixation and total hip replacement.  Urosurgery anesthesia and neoplastic intervention in urosurgery.  Ophthalmology anesthesia (both local and general anesthesia).  E.N.T.: LASER laryngeal and head and neck surgeries anesthesia.(including total laryngoecomies , total laryngopharyngectomy , bilateral block neck dissection , tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, thyriodectomy , carotid body tumor, mastiodectomy )  General surgery: abdominal exploration and laparoscopy and breast surgeries anesthesia.  Vascular surgeries: embolectomy, vascular reanastomosis surgeries.  Pediatric anesthesia and management of neonatal surgeries.  Management of neoplastic surgeries.  Management of prolonged plastic surgeries.  Management of ultrasound guided regional nerve block Upper Limb: as interscalene and supraclvicular block Lower Limb: Sciatic nerve block and inguinal block and popliteal blockade.  Interventional radiology  one day case and ambulatory anesthesia  In Intensive care field:
  3. 3.  Practicing management of polytrauma patients.  Practicing resuscitation and mechanical ventilation and nutrition of critically ill patients.  Management of acid-base imbalance in critically ill patients.  Transport of critically ill patient in-hospital and out-hospital.  Sharing multidisciplinary action plan with other specialties to deliver optimum patient centered care.  Managing pain through pain clinic including acute and chronic cases of pain suffers including non-traditional methods and advanced techniques of nerve blockade and Relief of postoperative pain.  Managing Psychiatric patients receiving electro-convulsive therapy (ECT)  Training new interns in anesthesia department in our university.  Practicing different types of invasive procedures in anaesthesia and intensive care (e.g. C.V.C. insertion, pacemaker placement, difficult intubation scenarios…)  Nongovernmental hospitals:  Intensivist and anesthetist in AL-OBOUR international hospital, Zagazig city (2004-2005).  Intensivist and anesthetist in AL-TAYSEER International Hospital, Zagazig city (2005-2008).  Licensed As Anaesthesia Registrar In K.S.A. Since 2009.  Working two years in AL-Mouwasat Hospital QATIF (M.H.Q.) K.S.A. - (J.C.I.A. and CEBAHI certified hospital since 2008 and 2012 respectively) - in I.C.U. and Anaesthesia departments (end of contract at January 2012).  Working as Saudi Aramco Laison Officer for 2 months with a full appreciation from ARAMCO team to the work and plans done.  Prevention and Control of Infection Championship at (M.H.Q.) IN 2011.  A.C.C. Chapter leader in J.C.I.A. Reaccreditation process for 2011 in AL-Mouwasat Qatif hospital.  Shared in preparation of Al-Mouwasat hospital Industrial Jubail for the accreditation for The J.C.I.A. survey.  Open Audit Chairman in documentation campaign all over the working period in M.H.Q.  Peer Review Member in M.H.Q. SINCE March 2010 till finishing the contract. Education Up to May 2012: Zagazig university of Medicine, anesthesia and intensive care and pain management department, Egypt.  Lecturer of Anesthiology at Faculty of Medicine August 2016.  Finished Ph.D. related research thesis in July 2016.  Finished second part of Ph.D. in May 2013.  Finished first part of Ph.D. in May 2009 (pharmacology, physiology, medical statistics and computer science) with graduation very good.  Finished master degree in anesthiology and intensive care in November 2007 with graduation very good.  Finished bachelor degree in October 2002 with graduation excellent with honor.  Finished training one year course as general practitioner in Zagazig University hospitals in March 2004 (2months for each department); General Surgical, Internal Medicine, Pediatric, Ob.gynaecology,
  4. 4. Emergency and Anaesthesia department) with excellent graduation skills and behavior.  Graduated by general final rank of 41th position of total 886 candidates. Target Job Target Job Location: Any Target topic: Health and Medicine ; ( Medical/Hospital/Health Care /anesthesia /I.C.U. / Preoperative assessment clinic /emergency medicine / traumatology medicine) Employment Type: Employee Employment Status: Full time / Part time Courses and workshops attended and Certified ATLS  2006 at Continuous Medical Education and Development Center in Cairo.(15 hours)  2010 at SAUDI ARAMCO, DHC. K.S.A. (19 hours) ACLS  2010 At Al-MOUWASAT hospital Dammam center for continuous medical education .K.S.A.(15 hours) BLS  2007 At Zagazig University Hospital Education center. EGYPT. (8 hours)  2010 At Al-MOUWASAT hospital Dammam center for continuous medical education. K.S.A. (6 hours). Assignment Of Credit Hours, Competitive Scientific Research, Management Of Scientific Research, Effective Learning abilities, Effective Presentation Skills, Effective Thinking, January, 2008: (15 hours) Faculty & Leadership Development Project. January, 2008: (15 hours) Faculty & Leadership Development Project. February, 2008: (15 hours) Faculty & Leadership Development Project. February, 2008: (15 hours) Faculty & Leadership Development Project. March, 2008: (15 hours) Faculty & Leadership Development Project. March, 2008: (15 hours) Faculty & Leadership Development Project. Preparatory course and program for CPHQ in Zagazig university.(Exam ongoing) March 2012: (total hours: 112 hours) Under care of African society for quality in healthcare (ASQH). Which include following :  Utilization management.
  5. 5.  Performance improvement.  Team formation.  IPSG.  Auditing.  Quality tools.  Continuous readiness.  Leadership and commitment.  Strategic planning.  Risk management.  Care coordination.  Information management. Communication skills. February, 2012: (15 hours) Faculty & Leadership Development Project. Strategic planning. February, 2012: (15 hours) Faculty & Leadership Development Project. ECG Course. May 2010 (10 hours) Aljubail Military Hospital, Jubail ,KSA Hospital Major Incident Medical Management and Support (HMIMMS) March 2009: (25 hours) Disaster Medicine Training Center. Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS) June 2008: (25 hours) Disaster Medicine Training Center. Achievement done and ongoing: J.C.I.A. reaccreditation in Qatif Al- Mouwasat Hospital 2011. Shared as Chapter Leader of Access to Care and Continuity of Care chapter CIQAP accreditation of Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University. Shared as Peer review of policies and procedures collection and document recording and internal auditor. ISO project of Hospital of surgery, Zagazig University hospitals (ongoing survey). Shared as director of Quality Improvement Unit in the Hospital. Clinical researches: Immnuonutrition in critically ill patients in surgical ICU. Thesis submitted for fulfillment of Master degree in Anesthiology and Intensive Care Medicine in 2007 under care of Zagazig university anesthiology department staff with very good acceptance. Videolaryngoscope versus Macintosh laryngoscope in airway management. Thesis submitted for fulfillment of M.D degree in Anesthiology and Intensive Care Medicine in 2012. Bilateral Glossopharyngeal blockade in adults following TBD Thesis submitted for research (Ongoing) Skills and Special Hobbies:
  6. 6. Skill and hobbies: Skill Level Years of practicing Last Used  MS Office and POWERPIONT Office.  ICDL.(ongoing exam)  Networking and search engines.  J.C.I.A Standards and Statements.  Communication Skills.  Summarizing the mother books into easy small notes .  Creating key performance indicators.  Sharing biomedical engineers in maintenance of mechanical ventilators and monitors. Expert Good Good Good Good More than 10 years More than 3 year More than 5 years Since 2009 Since 2009 Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Languages Language Skill Level Years of Experience Last Used Arabic English Mother language Expert More than 15 years Present time Memberships Organization Membership/Role Member Since Egyptian Medical Syndicate (EMS) European Resuscitation Council(ERC) African Society for Quality In Health Care (ASQH) Egyptian Society For Anaesthiologists (EgSA) Faculty and Leadership Development Project (FLDP) Member Member Member Member Member March 2004 January 2007 April 2012 April 2012 March 2008 RECOMMEDATION REFERENCE: Name Present position: Contact information: 1. Dr: Ahmed Balata 2. Dr: Hossam Afify 3. Dr: Aliaa Saeed Professor Of Anesthiology , Zagazig University ,Egypt Assistant Professor Of Anesthiology , Zagazig University ,Egypt Lecturer Of Anesthiology , Ain Shams University, Egypt. +201223341482 +966544968774 00201511205422