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Teaching speaking

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Teaching speaking

  1. 1. Teaching Speaking Hi, Mom I’m studying English and I like, myices teacher told me: speaking is quite important, owing to; Hi, Darling, I’m happy speaking activities for you, and remember: provide rehearsal speaking tasks in which opportunities we can students try to use any or chances to practice real all of the languages they life speaking in the know provide feedback safety of the classroom. for both teacher and students
  2. 2. He also said to theirstudents: we have You be able to use wordsopportunities to and phrases fluentlyactivate the various without very muchelements of language. conscious thought.
  3. 3. The last class, myteacher used “aninformation gap” my As you now, speakingbest friend had a is only practice in realpicture which they environment; in mymust not to me, and he case, telling stories isstarted give good, you can use theinstructions and information- gap, askmbdescriptions. you have said.
  4. 4. And the new groups have to work out what story the originalYeah, it is easy; each picture sequence is given one of a For the storysequence of pictures, reconstruction to bethe pictures are taken successful, they have toaway. New groups are describe the picturesformed which consist they have seen, talkof one student from about them.each of the originalgroups.
  5. 5. Meeting and greeting is agood activity, by reason of, asstudents role-play a formalbusiness social occasion wherethey meet a number of peopleand introduce themselves.