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Textual analysis

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Textual analysis

  1. 1. Textual Analysis Choose a film that is set in a different world to our own (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars etc.) and identify some of the ways the film-makers have attempted to portray this ‘other worldliness’. Title of film / year of release / Director: Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. – 2005 – Andrew Adamson Costume: They use older clothes on the characters because the film is set in the war time, however later on in the film they are given a full suit of armour which is from an even older time period showing that it is not real life. The other characters in the film are mainly half animals so they don’t wear clothes however the witch wears all white and has an ice crown etc. Sound: When the girl first steps into the room the music is very calming and like Christmas because of the snowy setting, this makes you feel like where she is a safe place. No harm can happen to her etc. when the boy goes into the witches place there is no music playing but you can hear the wind this would suggest that he is unsafe because of the silence. And when the witch gets up the music changes to more dramatic because they want the viewers to think something’s wrong. During the fight scene they play music that makes you see them as heroes, a whole band is playing and it is also quite slow. Camera work (angles, composition, movement): When the boy walks into the witches place, they use the camera angle to make him seem small in comparison to all the statues and the gates which are around the room, they do this throughout this scene so the film it from a higher angle. However when they try to make the people seem heroic in comparison they shoot it from a lower angle to make them look more significant and powerful in relevance to the other people.
  2. 2. Special effects (CGI, models etc): The special effects which they use are mainly during the battle as they show the people rushing in the background so the turn into blurs but you can still make out that they are people. Other effects that they use are when the animals talk and the animals in general as they wouldn’t be able to get a lion in the scene so the use computers after to add it in. a lot of the backgrounds aswell would be added effects as they wouldn’t be able to get all the people to act it out so it was probably done with a few people but then multiplied. Also the background when they walk over the ice and the waterfall etc they wouldn’t be able to do that in a film set in the real world. Now try this with a film set in the future (Total Recall, Minority Report etc.) Now try this with a film set in the past (A Western or Period Drama perhaps)
  3. 3. (Why not make your work ‘aesthetically pleasing’ by including images to support your answers)