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Meeting Review NESHEP 5th April

NESHEP meeting review/summary - 05/04/11

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Meeting Review NESHEP 5th April

  1. 1. NESHEP – Meeting Review (5th April 2011)April’s meeting was held at Wilton International at 10.00 O’clock; The Chairman welcomedeverybody and was pleased that there was so much support from many of our clients. There werealso a few new members present together with 4 prospective members joining us for a ‘tastersession’ who are in the process of signing up – these will be announced shortly together with thepublication of an up to date ‘active’ members list which hasn’t been published for some time(ensure your subscriptions are up to date or you may find yourself excluded).The Chairman brought a number of items to our attention prior to the main presentations: 1. Health and Safety Matters (HSM) Magazine editor Georgina Bisby has been in touch and would like to become our media partner. The feeling is, to set up a LinkedIn group to discuss issues/hot topics which would in turn generate articles for the magazine – drop us a line if you are keen to get involved 2. Scaffolding Event being held in Stanley on 12th April 2011 - 3. Top Tips ‘good practice’ poster for scaffolders from WWT - 4. Prohibition Notice issued to an EMPLOYEE - 5. The SHE Show Blackpool on 7th June 2011 - Road RiskOur main speaker David Clark, Driver Training Officer with North Yorkshire County Councildelivered an excellent presentation on Corporate Road Risk which included some frighteningstatistics. We all need to review our procedures and ensure that ALL our personnel driving forwork in any shape or form are equipped with the knowledge and have all the tools available tokeep them safe. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE WE ARE COMPLIANT IN ALL ASPECTS!Download David’s presentation from LinkedIn - Manager ProSimon Calvert, Owner at ATB Fleet delivered a progress report on our New Technology Subgroups’1st project; the development of the Fleet Managers Control System. Input from the subgroup hasmade the development process a dream and the finished system should exceed the requirementsof all our members. Simon demonstrated the system’s capabilities, which was extremely wellreceived by all members; the HSE and our legal experts said that systems like this are crucial if weare to become compliant with future legislation. The system will be available soon for all NESHEPmembers to beta test for free.
  2. 2. HSE UpdateDr David Shallow gave us his usual roundup of key issues and updates on areas where the HSE willbe focussing their attention:• We will clamp down on the rogue health and safety advisers who cost industry so much money by giving them advice which bears little relation to the actual requirements of legislation.• We will shift the focus of health and safety activity away from businesses that do the right thing, and concentrate on higher risk areas and on dealing with serious breaches of health and safety regulation• We will also seek to simplify health and safety regulation and legislation, and in doing to ease the burden on business.David also recommended a publication from the Department of Work and Pensions that isavailable for download from our LinkedIn group:Good Health and Safety, Good for Everyone - and Companies who attended the meeting:Alan Bassett – Cognition Media Mike Lee - CIS NorthernAlan Penny – Lucion Environmental Neil Agar - CIS NorthernAdrian Parker – Sembcorp Paul Currie - Man TurboAndy Cook - OEL Apix Consulting Paul Drake - Sapere SoftwareBob Moodie - RAMS M. Hebner - PHLBob Robinson - A1 Training & Safety Malcolm Guest – SabicChristine Ticehurst - MRCCS Maria Tuck - SBV FabricationsColin Ellis – NESHEP Mark Reed – OEL Apix ConsultingD. Brown – DuPont Teijin Films Martin Cooper – SSI SteelDave Swalwell - Deborah Services Mel Olsson - ScafftagDerek Weatherill – Balfour Beatty R. Murray – Wilton TransportEd Levie – NESHEP Ronnie Reason - FabricomJim Benson – Area North Rory Stephen – AstrataJim Witt - RIS Stephen Lathan - CarillionJohn Appleby – Hertel Sarah Slater - MRCCSK. Black – RJW Scott Hearn - Cordell GroupK. Copley - Fabricom Simon Calvert – ATB FleetKeith Thomson – Lassalle Investments, Wilton Centre Tim Hill - EvershedsLee Hepple – Growhow Tracy Waters - NESHEPLen Wilson – Cognition Network Wendy Insull – Opus Industrial ServicesLinda Newlove – Wolviston Management
  3. 3. Here is a list of all members’ company logos; if you can’t find yours or need it updating, or indeedwish to join this growing partnership, please let me know and this will be amended prior to anyforthcoming publications.If you have been missed from the attendance register or if you have any other suggestions you cancontact me direct via email - or ring me on (01642) 619322. Our Member Companies