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SEO Brass Tacks - Getting SEO Right

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In this slide deck from my presentation at Interactivity Digital in South Beach, I cover some of the most important, yet most often misunderstood or overlooked problems I encounter while performing SEO audits

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SEO Brass Tacks - Getting SEO Right

  1. 1. SEO Brass TacksOptimizing Your Site#ID2013
  2. 2. #ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  3. 3. 50 Links On 1 Page Pointing To1 Page = #MyopicSEO#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  4. 4. Footer Links To “All theThings” Is #MyopicSEO#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  5. 5. Almost No Text Based Content= #SEOFail#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  6. 6. Having No Text Based Content= #SEOApocalypse#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  7. 7. Duplicate Content Kills SEO#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  8. 8. Generic “Everyone Uses Them”Product Descriptions Kill SEO#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  9. 9. All Your Content In Images orScripts? #SEOFail#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  10. 10. Optimize High Value Phrases OnlyIf You Have The Resources To Win#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  11. 11. Some High Volume Keywords AreToo Broad For Your Ideal Market#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  12. 12. Multiple Sites For The Same Phrases?Sustainability Isn’t So Easy#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  13. 13. Blog Article Tag Overkill =Topical Confusion#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  14. 14. Trying To Do Too Many ThingsFor Visitors Kills
  15. 15. Trying To Do Too Many ThingsFor Visitors Kills SEO#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  16. 16. Trying To Do Too Many ThingsFor Visitors Makes Me Rant On Twitter#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  17. 17. Responsive Design Without SEOConsiderations Kills Indexation#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  18. 18. Responsive Design without RealUX Planning Kills Kittens#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  19. 19. Just Because You Rank For Local orOrganic Does Not Mean You’re Done#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  20. 20. Giving Visitors Sharing Buttons to“All The Social Things” Kills Puppies#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  21. 21. Getting More Pages Indexed DoesNot Always Mean Your SEO Rocks#ID2013Indexed: 646,638 Actual Pages: 2500@AlanBleiweiss
  22. 22. I Stab My Eyes Out Every Time A “TweetThis” button Doesn’t Let Others RT Me#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss
  23. 23. SEO Brass Tacks Summary#ID2013Don’t Be StupidUse Critical Thinking@AlanBleiweiss
  24. 24. SEO Brass TacksOptimizing Your Site#ID2013 @AlanBleiweiss