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Stress and unity dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar

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Stress and unity dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar

  2. 2. Forty years back we used to read that mass movements; based on issues, lead to building of social and political organizations; such as working class unions and parties. It was said; that these organizations could then serve as instruments to bring about revolution. Gradually it became clear that the issues are not very simple. In fact more often than not, they are too complicated to permit taking of a side; that would satisfy our conscience. One of the examples was that of reservation policy. The idea of uniting on the basis of school, village, region, language, caste, religion, type of employment, occupation, business; often kept on
  3. 3. appearing attractive and convincing; especially whenever I felt lonely. Even forming of charity trusts or philanthropic organization appeared impressive; and ensure; some kind of warmth, companionship or support system. But, gradually all these ideas became redundant; because; this kind of uniting; sowed the seeds of separate identity and hence disunity! The fact; that universal unity is a reality; and what is required is the exploration, realization and manifestation of this unity in every walk of life; dawned in my mind along with the comprehensive concepts of Total Stress Management
  4. 4. (superliving) and brought new and fresh rejuvenation in my life! Even as hundreds of organizations of different nature have been formed, are being formed and would be formed in future; on different bases; I realized that my SWADHARMA is to explore and realize the unity (rather than forming any new institution or organization); through: 1. Practicing NAMASMARAN 2. Sharing the holistic concepts born out of or associated with NAMASMARAN; unconditionally; i.e. for any and every person; irrespective of age, sex, country, religion, race and so on
  5. 5. 3. Sharing the ideas at no cost thus NOT depending on mercenary or commercial returns and/or interests and/or modus operandi 4. Not depending on or working for any charity and/or donations; but welcoming the genuine participation 5. Not depending or working for any government subsidy or aid 6. Not depending on; but working with the conviction that there is bound to be spontaneous and whole hearted participation of the global conscience; in this process of individual and global blossoming, without “any call for unity” or without formation of any institution/s or platform/s.