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  1. 1. Evaluation 6 Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you have learnt from it to the progression of a full media product?
  2. 2.  The preliminary task required us to utilize all of the shot types and camera types and camera movements that we had previously learnt in class. As this was a requirement lf the task was to be successful. I learnt through the previous use of using the iPad to film the preliminary task that sometimes the quality of the footage looked unprofessional and blurry which had an impact on the overall project as it made the project look unrealistic.
  3. 3.  From this experience I learnt that it would be more beneficial to us if we filmed the entirety of the project using an iPhone. This was entirely based on the fact that we could easily delete the clips with ease and start the shot over if we thought that the clip wouldn’t work. As we used an iPad in the preliminary task to film the footage, we had to hold the device in our hands due to the fact that there wasn’t a tripod available to us that would fit the size of the iPad.
  4. 4.  On this basis that we had this in the back of our minds, we used a tri-pod to film the footage for the opening sequence and this presented us with very still shots and also it was able to make the footage that we filmed appear a whole lot more realistic and professional. Through research and feedback from our preliminary task, we understood that costume and mise-en-scene was going to play a very big role in our opening sequence on the count of the fact that it was based in the past which wouldn’t include regular clothing and mannerisms.
  5. 5.  Therefore we had to wear certain types of clothing e.g. a bomber jacket in order to both look the part and keep warm in the cold, wet weather. The software that we edited on which was Final Cut Pro X was a huge benefit to us on the basis that I felt a lot more confident with the programme was able to use my prior knowledge from the preliminary task and the focus group to utilize the software to its full potential. I was able to successfully input all of the recorded clips onto the software and rearrange them so that they were all in order.
  6. 6.  The transitions however presented themselves as a challenge as we had to insert a completely different template in order for me to overlay the transition clip on top of the original. As sound was also a big factor in the preliminary task I felt confident that I was able to obtain the relevant sounds that both of us wanted and play the track in the background of the original sound which is the narration.
  7. 7.  The decibels of the soundtrack however kept having to be adjusted because we thought that the narration appeared to quiet. As a resolve to this we cut the clip at various different points and changed the sound levels on separate sections of the track.