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Finding the right id card printer

When buying an ID card printer your prime consideration should be to determine the number of cards you will be making per day. You can decide the printer class based on your printing volume. For more information ,visit our website.

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Finding the right id card printer

  2. 2. Modern day Identification cards are more versatile than basic photo ID cards. Whether your business calls for low volume office printing or large scale educational applications, there’s an ID card printer that will fulfil your diverse needs. For better traceability and greater security across numerous applications, you can utilise magnetic stripes, RFID, barcodes, and smart technologies on ID cards. Choosing the right ID card printer can be challenging without knowing the available options and differences. You must identify your specific needs first to find the right ID card printer for your business. Some questions you must ask yourself before buying the ID card printer are listed below.
  3. 3. • What are you printing needs? • Do you require to make secure or durable ID cards? • What type of encoding options will you require? • Will you print on both sides of the card? • How many cards will you print per day? • Do you want edge to edge printing? After identifying your printing needs you will be able to decide what type, printing method and key features you’ll need. Let’s review some of the vital features and functionality.
  4. 4. PRINTING VOLUME When buying an ID card printer your prime consideration should be to determine the number of cards you will be making per day. You can decide the printer class based on your printing volume. If your printing requirement demands large batch printing once a year only, you can opt for a smaller printer since your continued usage throughout the year is low.
  5. 5. COST-EFFECTIVENESS If you have low volume printing need, you may use economical printers like the Zebra ZXP series 1. They deliver excellent print quality at the market competitive prices. Some of the printers in this class have fewer encoding capabilities and slower speeds than other ID card printers.
  6. 6. VALUE If your print volume ranges from 1-100 cards per day, Zebra ZXP3 ID card printers are a perfect fit for your business. Printers in this category are designed for on the go printing applications with limited scaled down capabilities. Zebra ZXP3 ID card printers print in limited batches or on demand.
  7. 7. SINGLE VS. DUAL SIDED PRINTING There are many printer lines that offer options for single or dual sided printing. Single sided printers are less expensive. Based on the requirements of your card design such as text, barcodes, images etc, you may require dual sided card printing.
  8. 8. SINGLE-SIDED Single sided printers are used for simple card applications where limited cardholder information is required. If you need to print a name, barcode or numerical ID, single sided printer should be your most economical choice. These printers are typically used for printing simple photo IDs or applications where you use a pre-printed card.
  9. 9. DUAL-SIDED Dual sided printers print on the both sides of the card at the same time. They are typically used when you want full colour on the front of the card and black at the back. Dual sided printers are ideal used when significant amount of data needs to be printed on the card, especially when barcodes are used. Dual side printing enables you to move some of the information to the backside of the card so that front remains organised and void of distractions. When it comes to printing Kounta compatible printers are compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android devices, iPod, Windows and Apple computers. So, if your software has the right tools, you can manage your printing operations efficiently.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION With the availability of wide variety of ID card printers, it’s crucial to find the right printing device for your business. Determining what features, you need can make your buying decision easier.
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