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ID Card Security measures to ensure safety around your Employees and Workplace

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ID Card Security measures to ensure safety around your Employees and Workplace

  1. 1. Id Card Security Measures to Ensure Safety Around Your Employees and Workplace
  2. 2. Of all the aspects concerned with the safety and security of an organisation and its employees and proprietary information, ID card protection remains a crucial one. Today, secure ID cards are paramount to continued operation and success of a company. From protecting against identity theft to reducing the threat of terrorism, organisations are becoming more concerned about employee safety needs and security solutions than ever. Id Card Security Measures
  3. 3. With the identification card printing industry advancing at a rapid pace, ID card manufacturers have developed a number of solutions to enhance safety of employees and reduce unauthorised access to premises while avoiding identity theft. We have put together the most common security features to incorporate into your company’s ID cards to add appropriate level of security to your employees’ identity and protect your business against forgery. Id Card Security Measures…
  4. 4. GHOSTING & WATERMARKS This technology allows you to add ghost images or watermarks to your ID cards during the printing process. While a ghost image is a smaller, semi-translucent copy of an employee’s photo embedded on the surface of the ID card, watermark graphics are translucent in appearance and are printed in the ID card using a specialised printer. Both ghosting and watermarks are an economical yet effective way to improve visual security of your ID cards.
  5. 5. HOLOGRAM STICKERS & OVERLAYS Another cost-effective way to reinforce visual security of your ID cards, holograms are visual patches which are manually added to ID cards after printing process through self-adhesive laminates or HoloMark seals. You can select from a spectrum of holographic designs to add to your ID cards while eliminating the added expense of laminating modules.
  6. 6. LAMINATION Most printers apply clear overlays onto the surface of ID cards as usual part of the printing process. However, if you want to add extra level of security and durability to your ID cards, lamination is an ideal option. Moreover, you can also add holographic overlaminates to your cards for enhanced security.
  7. 7. ULTRAVIOLET (UV) or FLUOROCENT PRINTING Ultraviolet printing is a common anti-counterfeiting solution utilised by varied organisations to increase their ID card security. In this process, images and text are embedded on ID cards using ribbons which include a fluorescent panel. Images printed through this technology are not visible to the naked eye and can be verified only through UV light, which makes forgery and duplicating difficult for counterfeiters.
  8. 8. Making the right decision Protecting your employee ID cards from unauthorised use or theft isn’t limited to adding these visual and non-visual security features. A secure and effective ID card creation process is equally important to ensure maximum safety around your ID card program and your employees. None of these security elements will matter if you don’t get your printing process and equipment right, in the first place. Depending on your business needs, you may either have to hire a third party to get your ID cards printed or need to buy a suitable ID printer for in- house printing.
  9. 9. Making the right decision…. In-house printing is a viable option for large-scale businesses that have printing needs throughout the year. It provides you the flexibility to print only the quantity needed and make updates to existing ID cards and produce new editions as your business requirements change without extra expenses and hassle.
  10. 10. Making the right decision…. Moreover, before investing in any expensive printing device on a whim, know that there is a huge range of ID card printers out there. From Zebra ZXP3 ID Card printers to Evolis primacy duplex double sided car printer, you will find endless options in the market that will make the decision-making process overwhelming. We advise you to work with an industry professional to identify your specific needs and find a solution that fits your needs and budget.
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