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Madrid .NET Meetup: Microsoft open sources .NET!

  1. Madrid .NET Meetup .NET becomes open source!
  2. Madrid .NET Meetup What is now open source? ● .NET Core 5: componentized framework shipping via NuGet ● RyuJit and the .NET GC ● Microsoft will build .NET Core CLR for Windows, Mac and Linux: https://github.com/dotnet ● .NET Framework 4.6 is open source, but won’t accept contributions nor will be cross-platform ● Already open source: ASP.NET, Roslyn, F# compiler
  3. Madrid .NET Meetup
  4. Madrid .NET Meetup ASP.NET 5 everywhere ● ASP.NET 5 will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux: https://github.com/aspnet ● ASP.NET 5 will include a web server for Mac and Linux called kestrel built on libuv. ● Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 5 will support gulp, grunt, bower and npm. ● OWIN: Open Web Interface for .NET modules
  5. Madrid .NET Meetup .NET Foundation ● Independent organization to foster open development and collaboration around the growing collection of open source technologies for .NET ● Projects: Roslyn, .NET Core 5, ASP.NET 5, Entity Frameword 6, NuGet, OWIN, System. Drawing (Mono), Xamarin.Auth, Xamarin.Mobile, Windows Phone Toolkit... ● Board of Directors: Miguel de Icaza, Gianugo Rabellino, Jay Schmelzer
  6. Madrid .NET Meetup .NET IDEs ● Visual Studio Community Edition (same as Pro). Only restricted for commercial use in enterprise organizations (>250 PCs or > $1MM in annual revenue) ● Xamarin Studio (Mac/Windows) and MonoDevelop (Linux) for Mono ● Omnisharp: server to bring Intellisense to Sublime, Atom, Brackets, Vim and Emacs ● F# mode for Emacs
  7. Madrid .NET Meetup What about Mono? ● Plan to integrate .NET Source Code: www.mono-project.com/docs/about-mono/dotnet-integration/ ● In the long term, wants to adopt a .NET-Core like approach. ● As .NET Framework 4.6 is not being ported, Mono continues to be the most comprehensive platform for Mac and Linux ● Mono projects: MonoGame, CocosSharp, GTK#, ● Commercial versions: Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac, Mono for Unreal
  8. Madrid .NET Meetup C# 6.0 ● Null-Conditional Operator: value?.Substring(0, 10); ● Auto-Property Initializers: DateTime TimeStamp { get; } = DateTime.UtcNow; ● Primary Constructors: public class Patent(string id, string name) ● Declaration Expressions: public string Text => string.Format(...); ● Static Using Statements: using System.Console; ● NameOf Expressions: nameof(MyClass.MyProperty); ● Await in Catch Block
  9. Madrid .NET Meetup F# 4.0 ● By and for the community: 90 out of 159 pull requests accepted ● Constructors as first-class functions ● Simplified use of mutable values ● Support for high-dimensional arrays ● Support for static parameters to provided methods ● Slicing syntax support for F# lists ● Simplified usage of units of measure with printf-family functions ● Modified GC settings on the compiler for better performance ● Normalized collection modules