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July 2007 Enjoying Everyday Life

Joyce Meyer Page 19
July 2007
People Do What
People See
John Maxwell
11 Raising the
Standard for
Youth Ministry
Ron Luce
Straight From The Heart
For Americans, July is a month when we cele-
brate our independence as a ...
July 2007	 2
Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc.
Executive Editor
Dan Meyer
Managing Edi...
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July 2007 Enjoying Everyday Life

  1. 1. Joyce Meyer Page 19 July 2007 People Do What People See John Maxwell 11 Raising the Standard for Youth Ministry Ron Luce 17 29 Register NOW for the 25th Annual Women’s Convention! See pages 15 & 16 for details. A Heart for America Dave Meyer 27 What Makes a Great Man or Woman Great? Joyce Meyer
  2. 2. 1 Straight From The Heart For Americans, July is a month when we cele- brate our independence as a nation. We enjoy gathering with friends and family for picnics, parades and fireworks. Other countries around the world also celebrate the birth of their nations in different ways. At times like these, it is important to remember that other people have often paid a high price for the freedoms we enjoy. Throughout history, many men and women of excellence and integrity have served their countries to the point of laying down their lives. It is because of such servant-hearted people that America has been one of the greatest countries in the world, with the greatest freedoms. You and I can celebrate now because they fought for what they believed was right then. Their sacrifice was great and required great effort—the same kind of sacrifice and effort that Jesus made when He died on the cross to set us free from the power of sin. I believe that excellence and integrity are vital ingredients for greatness, and you and I can also leave a heritage of greatness as we choose to make them a priority in our lives. When Dave and I started in ministry over thirty years ago, the Lord told us three things we must always do to be successful—pursue excellence, maintain integrity and avoid strife. The fact is, whether you are running a ministry or a business or leading a family, excellence and integrity are of vital importance to your success. This is what sets us apart from the world and builds our testi- mony for Jesus. If we refuse to be dishonest, manipulate others or compromise, we set ourselves apart from the crowd. Each time we make the right choice to maintain ex- cellence and integrity, we make the statement that we are living for something greater, bigger and better than just money, position or things. This gets people’s attention, and it’s then that we can say, “Jesus makes me different. There’s nothing more important to me than pleasing Him. And because I trust Him to take care of me, I don’t have to do things the way everybody else does to get what I need.” I believe that many people in the world are tired of fighting for what they need and are ready to see an example of a better way of living. By God’s grace, you and I can show them a better way by walking in excellence and integrity. As you read July’s magazine, I pray that God will encourage you to become the great man or woman that He died for—an uncompromising citizen, employee and family member with an outstanding reputation for high standards of excellence and integrity. Love, JOYCEMEYERPHOTOGRAPHEDBYDARIOACOSTA
  3. 3. July 2007 2 ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE Credits Publisher Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. Executive Editor Dan Meyer Managing Editor Mischelle Wieczorek Director of Design Brian Illig Production Manager Tammy Roller Staff Writers Vincent Newfield Chad Trafton Teri Rowe Alisa Folkes Graphic Designers Alicia Reed Dan McCullough Greg Holtzmann Kevin Kelly Production Artists George Dill Jeff Douglas Marissa Schaefer Stacy Williams Editorial Proofreaders Carolyn Coley Jana Picou Susan Hutchison Andrea Goodson Dar Wood Production Coordinators Bill Schlick Monica Johnson Andrea Carpio Photographers Ben Moss Wayne Armstrong Dario Acosta Jon Shuler Meoli Studio Mike Leavitt Every Nation . . . Every City . . . Every Day . . . All Bible references are from The Amplified Bible unless otherwise noted. In Canada: Publications Mail Agreement No. 40030597 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Joyce Meyer Ministries Canada Lambeth Box 1300 London, ON N6P 1T5 Enjoying Everyday Life®is published monthly by Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, Fenton, MO USA © 2007 Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. Publications Agreement No. 40030597. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Enjoying Everyday Life has no subscription price and is supported through contributions worldwide. All gifts to this ministry are tax-deductible (in countries where this applies). Because all Enjoying Everyday Life issues are preplanned, we are unable to accept unsolicited manuscripts. For more information or to order, call locally (636) 349-0303 or toll-free 1-800-727-9673. Internet address: Enjoying Everyday Life is a registered trademark of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. [J] is also a registered trademark of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. Contents Volume 21 | Number 7 | July 2007 Straight From The Heart World Missions Update TV Broadcast Schedule Health Matters Conference Calendar Real Life Perspectives Ask Joyce Jesus In Everyday Life 1 3 8 13 25 31 32 33 More Than Enough By Margaret Feinberg Page 9 Is a fear of lack haunting you? Discover how God lives up to His name, Jehovah Jireh—our Provider of more than enough. People Do What People See By John Maxwell Page 11 John examines the one thing you have absolute control over as a leader and how it affects every aspect of your life. Raising the Standard for Youth Ministry By Ron Luce Page 17 Why is it so important for us to provide our teenagers with a first-class youth ministry? Living Life on a Whole New Level By Joyce Meyer Page 19 Don’t settle for average. Learn how to live life on a higher plane and experience the rich rewards that come with it. A Heart for America By Dave Meyer Page 27 Discover three key ingredients needed to make a positive impact on the shape of our nation. What Makes a a Great Man or Woman Great? By Joyce Meyer Page 29 True greatness—what’s it based on? Is it education, money, influence…? The answer may surprise you. Guest Feature The Leader’s Edge Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Feature Article America At Its Best Bonus Feature
  4. 4. W o r l d M i s s i o n s U P D at e 3
  5. 5. July 2007 4 Roy had never seen so much security at a prison before. Sure, he was used to the usual questioning and checkpoints, but here, as he prepares to enter the maximum-security unit, he is forced to comply with several pat downs and a magnameter screening before making his way through three separate gates. Finally, escorted by a group of officers, he descends down a long flight of concrete stairs leading to El Salvador’s notorious underground prison. In this “dungeon” live some of the country’s worst criminals—most of whom are gang mem- bers that remain faithful to their colors even behind bars. Leaving their cell blocks, they hesitantly approach Roy. Here, visitors are even more uncommon than sunlight. Separated only by steel bars, Roy begins telling them about Jesus as his team passes gift bags through the openings. Quickly realizing their bodies are covered with tattoos, he starts to talk to them about the marks Jesus received on His body. He tells them about the whips that were used, the pain that He endured, and the death that He suffered. He then tells them why Jesus suffered and explains how valuable and loved they are by their Father in heaven. After several minutes, he asks who would like to become a Christian, a brand-new child of God. Knowing that raising their hands would bring certain death for a gang member, one by one they begin making eye contact with Roy to signal they just gave their hearts to the Lord. And although the prison doors are still guarded and locked, they are more free today than they’ve been their entire lives. That day in El Salvador, our ministry team delivered hygiene gift bags—containing an ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE encouraging letter from Dave and Joyce, soap, shampoo, and a Joyce Meyer book—to 1,200 prisoners. We also brought the love of God and shared a message that would change many of their lives forever. Friends and partners, thanks to your incredible support, we are excited to announce that Joyce Meyer Ministries’ prison teams, in partnership with Dan Salas Ministries, have successfully distributed hygiene gift bags to every single prisoner in Central America! Spanning the countries of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, we personally delivered these care packages to 58,965 prisoners in 102 prisons. And these visits were more than just drop-off points. While there, God also provided us with many opportunities to hold worship services, preach the Gospel and share His love with these precious people. Like El Salvador, a high percentage of the prisoners in Central America are serving time for gang-related crimes or drug activity. But these prisoners, notoriously hardened, have surprisingly been very receptive to the Gospel. “Spiritually, these guys are just so hungry,” says Roy Lormis, Joyce Meyer Ministries’prison ministry supervisor. “A lot of times they are hanging on your every word. You would never imagine it, but nearly everywhere we go, we are allowed to hold services and between 40 and 60 percent of the prisoners give their lives to Christ! God makes a way where there seems to be no way.” And our impact doesn’t end with the prisoners. Many times, the guards, staff, and even the wardens begin to inquire about God and the resources we are delivering. In fact, in El Salvador our team was invited back for a second day to minister specifically to the security guards and administrative personnel. There’s no doubt that God has opened unexpected doors of opportunity for us throughout the region; however, our progress hasn’t come without a lot of hard work and even some opposition. Often, our incredible times of ministry are preceded by weeks of planning and simply trying to gain permission to enter the prisons. This is one reason why our partnership with Dan Salas Ministries has been so vital. For several years now, we have joined forces with Dan Salas Ministries to reach the people of Central America through Opposite Page: Prisoners in Guatemala immediately sit down to start reading their books and letters. Above Left: Dan Salas takes the opportunity to share the Gospel. Above Right: Escorted by a guard, Roy Lormis goes cell to cell handing out hygiene gift bags. (continued on page 6)
  6. 6. See partnership section of the enclosed order form to become a partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries. 1-800-727-9673 | Compassion multiplied Whenever I’d see suffering on TV, I’d always wish I could help. One day I realized, if a bunch of people partnered to do even a little bit…then a little bit could do a lot. Loren, AGE 48 PARTNER
  7. 7. July 2007 6 lifesaving feeding programs, the distribution of Joyce’s books, and other successful outreaches. For these groundbreaking prison visits, they have not only helped distribute the packages and minister to the prisoners, but they have also worked tirelessly to make the needed contacts with government and prison officials. “I want to personally thank the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries for remem- bering those behind bars,” says Dan Salas. “You are truly impacting the world with the Gospel, and we are honored to be a part of it. There was much opposition,but the rewards have been great. We pray that the Lord would multiply it back to you a hundredfold.” Our last stop in Central America this past March was in Guatemala. There we reached out to the entire prison population, touching the lives of more than 6,000 inmates in sixteen prisons. And the things we saw left us with a lasting impression. For years, Guatemala has been a hot spot for trafficking drugs from Colombia to the United States. It’s no surprise then that approximately 90 percent of all the inmates in Guatemala are incarcerated for drug-related crimes. And in almost all of the nations’ prisons, we encoun- tered segregated gang communities that had been isolated from the rest of the inmates. Yet, when we came bearing gifts and the love of God, all of their walls suddenly came down. “It is so amazing to see the initial shock on their faces when they realize we are there to give them something and not take from them,” says Roy Lormis.“In their world, everybody has an angle…every- body wants something. But we are there to simply give, and our actions push the door wide open for the Gospel.” In fact, as our team distributed the gift bags, we were actually stunned to see the prisoners immediately sit down and look through the enclosed books. Lining the prison walls, they quietly sat next to each other reading Joyce’s teachings. And during the worship services, hundreds gave their lives to the Lord. One man even fell to his knees in front of the rest of the inmates, asking for prayer to press on with God. And so,after seven countries,102 facilities,and 58,965 prisoners, we left that final prison in Guatemala with a sense of tremendous satisfaction, knowing that we had advanced the kingdom of God and brought eternal freedom to thousands. We had truly made a connection with people that the world had written off…people so desperate for the love of God. Friends and partners, you are the ones who have given these precious men and women a reason to hope.Your support has put the fuel in the tank and has mobilized our teams to accomplish an almost unthinkable task. To date, through your generous giving, we have distributed hygiene gift bags to more than 1.3 million prisoners in twenty countries over the past eight years. And for many, this act of love represents the only visitor they may receive all year long…and possibly their one single chance to hear the Gospel message. So for all those behind bars…for all those who needed a fresh start…for all those who have been given new life and new hope, we say thank you. Your support has meant the world to so many who need a second chance. E ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE Above: This past March, our prison ministry team reached out to the incarcerated in Guatemala, reaching more than 6,000 inmates. Hundreds of prisoners, like those pictured center, made a decision to receive Jesus Christ. (continued from page 4)
  8. 8. 7 W o r l d M i s s i o n s U p d at e Each week the St. Louis Dream Center church and outreach facilities, founded by Dave and Joyce Meyer, touch thousands of inner-city resi- dents and their families.And at the heart of it all are the Ministry Academy interns… The Ministry Academy is an aggressive, nine- month internship focused on raising up leaders to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Through hands-on ministry, classroom instruction and small group accountability, the St. Louis Dream Center prepares these men and women to go to the next level and meet the challenges of living for God. Throughout the week interns are immersed in many cutting-edge outreaches that impact the city.What they see and hear forever changes the way they view ministry. Every Friday night they set out in Dream Center vans to reach out to hundreds of men, women and children living on the streets. Many they know by name and visit their “homes” made of old milk crates or cardboard boxes. Others they meet for the very first time.To each one they bring friendship, encouragement and prayer, as well as food, clothes and blankets that may liter- ally save their life that night. Each week they also minister to more than 400 kids and their parents through our KidzJam outreaches. Held in public schools, parks and at neighborhood apartment complexes, KidzJam uses entertainment, music, games, sports and prizes to reach the community with the message of the Gospel and discuss pertinent family issues. But just as important, for these few hours, the interns have the opportunity to give lots of love and attention to the many kids who so desper- ately need it. The interns also participate in street evangelism, ministry to nursing home residents, food distribution to the poor, and even dynamic outreaches to help bring prostitutes and drug dealers off the streets. In addition, they take part in morning devotionals and one-on-one question and answer sessions with Dream Center ministry leaders. The MinistryAcademy is many things—challenging,instruc- tive, rewarding and even exhilarating. But ask any intern and they will tell you…more than anything,it is life-changing.That’s because on a daily basis, they see the power of God transform even the bleakest of situations. People are touched, lives are changed and things are never quite the same. “Before I came, I never thought I would be so free,” says Lily Ramirez. “Being here, in the Ministry Academy program, I have learned so much about God’s love and about serving Him with all my heart. My walk with the Lord has definitely gotten better, and my intimacy with Him has been incredible. It is going by so fast, and it is so gratifying that I don’t want to leave!” The Dream Center takes in new recruits each September— and there is still plenty of time to apply for enrollment. To participate, you must be at least eighteen years old and have your high school diploma or GED. The cost of the Ministry Academy internship is $3,000.* This covers housing, tuition, utilities, curriculum fees, retreats, class materials and other program related expenses. Meals are provided by the St. Louis Dream Center at no cost. For more infor- mation or to apply, you may call the St. Louis Dream Center at (314) 381-0700 ext. 8029 or visit Our ministry academy website is *Cost does not include additional expenses for mission trips, basic personal items, personal travel, long-distance calling, laundry care, car insurance or gas (if applicable). The majority of interns meet their financial obligations through fundraising and monthly supporters. Due to the intensive nature of the program, outside jobs are not allowed. Raising Up Leaders for Tomorrow by Chad Trafton
  9. 9. JUNE 24 – JULY 21 RELEVANT CHRISTIANITY Break free from generational curses and religious attitudes that bring heartache and division. And learn how you can break down man-made walls of separation and pass the baton of your faith to the next generation. JULY 22 – AUGUST 11 BUILDING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS Joyce welcomes special guest Dr. Paul Meier, founder and director of Meier Clinics, to talk about the importance of having and maintaining healthy relationships. JULY 2 – 6 VIEWERS’ CHOICE #8 AMBASSADORS OF HIS LOVE Don’t miss this power-packed week with special guests, J. John, Reinhard Bonnke and Ray Comfort, as they talk about reaching the nations for Christ and what you can do to be an ambassador of His love. JULY 9 – 13 VIEWERS’ CHOICE #7 DEVELOPING DISCIPLINE AND SELF-CONTROL Learn what real freedom is and what it is not. These messages of truth will help you develop the restraint you need to experience victory in every area of your life. JULY 16 – 20 VIEWERS’ CHOICE #6 GRACE, GRACE AND MORE GRACE Spend this week with Joyce and her special guest, Pastor Joel Osteen, as they discuss Joel’s book Your Best Life Now and the blessing of God’s grace in our lives. JULY 23 – 26 VIEWERS’ CHOICE #5 I BELONG TO GOD AND HE LOVES ME We have been created for God’s acceptance and love. This is a foundational truth. Learn how to experience the joy that comes from knowing you are accepted by Him. JULY 27 HOPE CAMBODIA One of our ministry’s largest outreach endeavors yet. Hope Cambodia begins soon, offering the Cambodian people thirty days of ministry. Find out all about it with David L. Meyer, CEO of World Missions, who will be Joyce’s special guest.* JULY 30 – AUGUST 3 VIEWERS’ CHOICE #4 RESISTING THE BAIT OF SATAN Learn how to manage your emotions when you are hurt and develop the ability to recognize and escape one of the enemy’s deadliest traps—offense. John and Lisa Bevere join Joyce for two days to discuss this vital topic. Schedules are subject to change. For stations and program times in your area, check your TV listing or visit Watch the Enjoying Everyday Life broadcast anytime you like at *Europe will receive alternate programming. T V BROAD CAST SCHEDULE Daily Telecast Programs air daily, Monday–Friday. Weekly Telecast Programs air one day a week. Ray Comfort talks with Joyce about being an ambassador of God’s love. Watch and listen to the latest broadcasts using iTunes. Visit podcasts for details. Free PODCASTs with Joyce Meyer Ministries
  10. 10. G u e s t F e at u r e 9 A few years ago I reached a financial breaking point.Though I was owed thousands of dollars by clients, they had fallen behind on their accounts, and now I was falling behind on mine. Though I cut back on every expense I could think of, I still didn’t have enough money to pay my bills,includ- ing the electric bill. Worse, I needed to make a tax payment to the government that couldn’t be delayed. As the deadline for the taxes approached, I felt fear and anxiety grip my soul. I began to pray, asking God to provide. For more than sixty days, I walked to the mailbox hoping and praying that a check from a client would arrive. For more than sixty days, I went home empty-handed. Two days before the deadline,I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was exhausted. I was frustrated. I was broken on the outside and broken on the inside. I cried out to God in prayer, and all I heard was silence. I was ready to give up, but something kept me going. On that final day of the deadline, I followed the well-worn path to the mailbox only I was broken on the outside and broken on the inside. I cried out to God in prayer, and all I heard was silence.
  11. 11. ENJOYIN G E VERYDAY LI FE July 2007 10 to discover a check—one that more than covered all my expenses, bills and needs—waiting for me. Our generous God had provided. Through that experience I discovered God as my provider in a way that I had never known Him before. Though my fear of lack was great, His provision was greater. My need did not escape His notice. All of us will face a fear of lack sometime in our life—whether it’s a lack of money, lack of relationships, lack of health or lack of basic supplies. No matter how much or how little you make each year,odds are that in some area of life, you’ll doubt and ask, “Will there be enough?” The truth is that no matter what we may be facing, our God is more than enough. When fear of lack tries to grip our heart, God invites us to grow in our faith and knowledge of Him. By turning to Him in prayer and His Word, we discover the power of His provision in our lives. Throughout the Bible God is compared to a shepherd—one who provides and protects. In Psalm 23, we discover just how active God is in our lives. The psalm opens with The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want and goes on to display the many ways God provides for us, including guidance, leadership, restoration, protection, comfort, blessing and assurance. God is active and engaged in every situation and every life. In fact, He always has been. Like a faithful shepherd, God is always with us. He doesn’t just go with us, He goes before us into every situation and relationship in life. He is constantly present, speaking life and hope and wisdom to us as we listen to His voice. He is not only our Guide, He is our Provider. And when we can go no further, He carries us like a good shepherd. Have you ever considered just how active God is in our lives? Consider for a moment some of the verbs that describe His character found in Scripture: God answers, bestows, blesses, blots, calls, cares, cleanses, clothes, comforts, corrects, counsels, covers, delights, delivers, disciplines, encourages, fills, forgives, gathers, gives, guards, guides, heals, hears, helps, holds, increases, keeps, knows, leads, lifts, listens, loves, opens, pours, preserves, protects, provides, purifies, rejoices, remembers, rescues, restores, rewards, satisfies, saves, speaks, strengthens, sustains, teaches, upholds, watches, and works. Margaret Feinberg is a popular speaker and author of over a dozen books, including the critically-acclaimed The Organic God (Zondervan). She was recently named by Charisma magazine as one of the “30 Emerging Voices” who will help lead the church in the next decade. God answers (Isaiah 58:9) God bestows (Proverbs 8:21) God blesses (Deuteronomy 14:29) God blots (Isaiah 43:25) God calls (1 Thessalonians 4:7) God cares (Nahum 1:7) God cleanses (Jeremiah 33:8) God clothes (Isaiah 61:10) God comforts (Isaiah 51:12) God corrects (Job 5:17) God counsels (Psalm 32:8) God covers (Psalm 91:4–6) God delights (Zephaniah 3:17) God delivers (Psalm 37:40) God disciplines (Proverbs 3:12) God encourages (Psalm 10:17) God fills (Job 8:21) God forgives (1 John 1:9) God gathers (Deuteronomy 30:4) God gives (Matthew 11:28) God guards (Psalm 97:10) God guides (Psalm 73:24) God heals (Hosea 14:4) God hears (Psalm 69:33) God helps (Psalm 37:40) God holds (Psalm 73:23) God increases (Deuteronomy 7:13) God keeps (Deuteronomy 7:9) God knows (Matthew 6:8) God leads (Isaiah 42:16) God lifts (Psalm 146:8) God listens (Psalm 10:17) God loves (Psalm 37:28) God opens (Deuteronomy 28:12) God pours (Isaiah 44:3) God preserves (Psalm 41:2) God protects (Psalm 41:2) God provides (Psalm 111:5) God purifies (1 John 1:9) God rejoices (Isaiah 62:5) God remembers (Psalm 111:5) God rescues (Psalm 91:14) God restores (Psalm 71:20) God rewards (Proverbs 19:17) God satisfies (Psalm 132:15) God saves (Isaiah 49:25) God speaks (Isaiah 30:21) God strengthens (Isaiah 40:29) God sustains (Psalm 55:22) God teaches (Isaiah 54:13) God upholds (Psalm 37:24) God watches (Genesis 28:15) God works (Romans 8:28) No matter what fear or doubt you may be facing—no matter what lack—you can be assured that you have not escaped His notice. He is actively engaged and working on your behalf. God has not just gone with you into this situation—He has gone before you. And He will provide and protect. So do not fear! Choose faith over fear instead. E STUDY CORNER Throughout the week, study the verbs of God in the Bible. Reflecting on God’s work in your life will help you overcome every fear and doubt with faith. Here are some to get you started! All verbs describing God’s character correspond with the NIV Bible.
  12. 12. 11 by Dr. John C. Maxwell In your life as a leader,many things are beyond your control.You can’t control what people say or think about you. You can’t control the decisions prospective clients make about your company. You can’t control your competitors’ marketing tactics. You can’t control the national economy, the stock market or the weather. But in the midst of an ever-changing, often uncertain environment, there is one thing you have absolute control over—your integrity. When it comes to being honest, principled and ethical, you are the master of your own destiny. Other people and external forces might test it in various ways, but at the end of the day, you alone control your integrity. Integrity is all-encompassing. It’s not some- thing you demonstrate at home or church and set on a shelf at work. People of integrity don’t live separate lives; their morals, ethics, treatment of others and overall character are the same wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. This foundational element of leadership crosses geographic, religious, cultural and socioeconomic boundaries. As Federal Express founder Fred Smith says, “If you look at every religion in the world, they all have the identical Golden Rule, almost word for word. It does not make any difference what religion or geography it is. There are universally transferable funda- mental truths about how you treat people in both the business world and in the larger scheme of things.” When you follow the Golden Rule and live with integrity, you set an example that has a far greater impact than any words you could speak. Why is leading by example such a powerful concept? I can answer that with five short words: People do what people see. It sounds so simple, but it’s absolutely true. And it applies to so many areas of leadership. First of all, it’s the number one motivational principle. If you want to motivate your people to go to a whole new level, get motivated to grow and develop yourself. Remember—people do what people see. Second,it’s the number one training principle. When someone asks me, “How do you train your people?” I don’t have to think twice about it—peo- ple do what people see. If they see their leaders constantly learning and acquiring new skills and competencies, they’ll be inspired to do the same. Thirdly, “people do what people see” is the number one mentoring principle. What do you do when you mentor someone? You flesh out your life for them—you give them an insider’s view of what you’re experiencing and how you’re handling it. The goal, of course, is for the person you’re mentoring to learn from your mistakes and successes so that when they are faced with something similar, they make the right choices. Finally, it’s the number one values principle. A company might spend a great deal of time formulating impressive-sounding values state- ments and core beliefs, but these principles don’t mean anything unless the leaders in the com- pany—from the corner office on down—model them consistently. Why is adhering to the right values such an important part of leading by example? Paul O’Neill, retired Alcoa chairman and former Treasury secretary, gives us a clue: “If people can find even trivial examples of deviation, those deviations will become the norm,” he says. “You really have to be almost religious in making sure that you don’t do something somebody can point to in a negative way.” In other words, if you want to lead by example in a positive way, you must be committed to living a life of integrity. When you’re right on the inside, you lead correctly on the outside. It starts with you and spreads to everyone in your circle of influence. If you want to be a successful leader in turbulent times, live with integrity and lead by example. Remember—people do what people see. This article is used by permission from Dr. John C. Maxwell’s free monthly e-newsletter, Leadership Wired, available at John C. Maxwell, PhD is a dynamic speaker, bestselling author and founder of several leadership organizations, including INJOY Steward- ship Services and EQUIP. He communicates his principles to Fortune 500 companies, international marketing organizations, professional sports groups and church leaders worldwide. Th e L e a d e r ’ s e d g e People Do What People See
  13. 13. Featured of the Month Go the Extra Mile 60-Minute DVD by Joyce Meyer . $20 U.S. Funds Order resource #D220 To order using MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover, call 1-800-727-9673 or visit American Express and Discover accepted in U.S. only. If you would like to receive Joyce’s Featured DVD on a monthly basis, without having to order each time, we can automatically debit your credit card each month. Please call our office for details. July 14 - August 12, 2007 | w w Later this month, Joyce Meyer Ministries will launch Hope Cambodia—30 Days of Hope…an exciting new outreach designed to bring healing and restoration to a nation once devastated by the horrors of genocide. Over these next several weeks, we ask you to keep this outreach in your prayers. Please pray that God would give us great favor with the people of Cambodia and that He would open their hearts to receive the ministry we have planned. Please also pray that lives would be changed, souls would be saved, and thou- sands would receive healing and restoration from the hurts caused by the genocide. James 5:16 says, …The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available…. We wholeheartedly agree, and we thank you in advance for your prayers that will powerfully impact the nation of Cambodia. For continuous updates throughout these thirty days of hope, be sure to visit to discover how your prayers and support are making a lasting difference. God Bless You! Joyce Meyer D2 2 0
  14. 14. 13 H e a lt h M at t e r s Caffeine: Many people sabotage their sleep by consuming caffeine in coffee, soft drinks, chocolate and over-the-counter headache medicines. Caffeine increases the production of the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, and can remain in the body for up to twenty hours! More than 80 percent of Americans consume caffeine on a regular basis, and the average American drinks three cups of coffee a day! If you are drinking too much caffeine, you cannot expect to get a good night’s rest. Medications: Quite a few medications can also contribute to sleeplessness. Decongestants, appetite suppressants, predni- sone, thyroid medications, hormone replacements, some pain relievers, asthma and blood pressure medications, and certain antidepressants may cause insomnia. If you take these medica- tions, don’t be discouraged; ask your doctor for advice if you’re experiencing trouble sleeping. Food Insomnia: Eating too much high-sugar food close to bedtime can cause your blood sugar level to rise and give you a burst of energy that makes it difficult to fall asleep.A few hours later, it can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night when your blood sugar suddenly drops again and you feel hun- gry. Low-carbohydrate diets can also cause a drop in blood sugar levels that wakes you up during the night with hunger. Exercise: Exercising stimulates the levels of stress hormones in your body, which may hinder your ability to fall asleep. To avoid this, do not exercise within three hours of bedtime. Whatever the cause,if you are having trouble sleeping, there are some simple things you can do to help remedy the situation. And the first thing is to determine if any of the most com- mon sleep thieves are robbing you of much needed rest. Rest Robbers Stress and Anxiety: This is by far the greatest source of insomnia. People lie awake trying to work out their problems, mourning the past and worrying about the future. Painful Physical Conditions: Any number of painful physical conditions can rob a person of sleep. Some of the most common sleep robbers are arthritis, back pain and tension headaches. Virtually any painful condition can rob an otherwise healthy person of a good night’s rest. For many of these issues, you need a doctor’s care and possibly some help getting proper rest. If you would like information on sleep aids—natural and medical—see my book The Bible Cure for Sleep Disorders. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to sleep well, but the fact is that many people can’t. The reasons range from troubling life situations to physical problems and poor eating habits. DID YOU KNOW? Light slows the production of melatonin, which is the reason you are more alert and energetic on sunny days and more lethargic on cloudy days.
  15. 15. July 2007 14 And… There are various other issues that can disturb your sleep, such as a bad mattress or pillow, a snoring spouse, newborn baby or noisy neighbors. For middle-aged men and women, things like enlarged prostate glands and hot flashes can disturb sleep patterns. Each of these “rest robbers” is responsible for countless hours of lost sleep, productivity and creativity, and reduced mental health. Planning a Perfect Night’s Sleep We’ve looked at what can rob you of a good night’s sleep, and we know that getting suffi- cient rest is vital to optimal daily performance. Now, let’s look at how we can plan on getting enough sleep.The first thing you need to know is that preparing for a good night’s sleep begins during the daytime. Diet and Exercise Affect Sleep Many people don’t connect what they eat with how they sleep. But the fact is, what you eat and when you eat can have a definite effect on your sleep habits. It’s best to eat a modest, healthy dinner four hours before you go to bed. A light snack before bed is acceptable, espe- cially if it is correctly balanced with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The right type of snack can actually help stabilize blood sugar through the night, encouraging uninterrupted rest. Daily exercise is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your sleep because it helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. People who exercise also spend a greater amount of time in stages three and four sleep. These are the stages when the greatest amount of restoration and repair take place in the body. Remember, exercising should be done at least three hours before bedtime. Light and Thought Affect Sleep You are designed hormonally to stay in sync with the cycles of nature. As the sun goes down, your body begins to relax naturally. As the light fades, the hormone melatonin is released into your bloodstream making you sleepy. The amount of melatonin your body produces is affected by the amount of light going into your eyes. So follow your body’s signal and turn down the lights in the evening to help get ready for a good night’s rest. It’s also important to take control of your thought patterns in the evening by focusing on things that promote rest and relax- ation. Don’t watch an action-packed movie or the evening news, which can be full of violent stories, just before bed. If you need help relaxing, try listening to calming music, taking a warm bath or even watching something funny on TV—laughter helps to relax your body. Many of us naturally tend to think over our day before bed. If you are experiencing difficult circumstances, it’s important not to let anxiety keep you from good sleep. Even though there may be upsetting things going on in your life, you can take control of your thoughts. Losing sleep will only make things worse. Switch from anxiety and worry to praise and thanksgiving.Try keeping a list of things to be thankful for by your bed and dwell on those before falling asleep instead of your wor- ries (see Philippians 4:6,7). Setting the Stage Make your bedroom a haven for relaxation and sleep. It should look like an inviting place of rest—not a storage unit, office or giant laundry basket. Make sure you have a mattress and pillow that are comfortable for you. Also, equip your room with soft lighting and make it as dark as possible when you are ready to fall asleep—no night-lights. If noise is a problem, invest in a good pair of earplugs. Pleasure reading or watching TV are acceptable, provided they help you relax and do not add stress. Robbing ourselves of sleep comes with a price: it damages our health, our relationships and our ability to fulfill God’s call on our lives. Begin making changes now that will help you get a good night’s rest. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as you begin to feel revived— body and soul—and your ability to enjoy life increases. E ENJOYIN G E VERYDAY LI FE Approved Bedtime Snacks: • A piece of fruit with a small handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, or pecans) • Low-fat, whole-grain crackers or bread with a teaspoon of organic peanut butter or two ounces of turkey • One-half cup organic skim milk, low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt (no sugar added) with fruit • A small bowl of whole-grain cereal (about 1/2 cup) with organic skim milk DID YOU KNOW? Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879, Americans slept an average of ten hours a night! This article is developed from information in Dr. Colbert’s book The Seven Pillars of Health: (Siloam, Lake Mary, FL 2007). This article is not intended to provide medical advice or take the place of medical advice and treatment from your personal physician. Readers are advised to consult your own doctors or other qualified health professionals regarding the treatment of your medical problems. Neither the publisher nor the author takes any responsibility for any possible consequences from any treatment, action or application of medicine, supplement, herb or preparation to any person regarding or following the information in this article. Dr. Don Colbert is a graduate of Oral Roberts School of Medicine and shares his years of experience and research in nutritional medicine in all of his work. He is a national speaker, bestselling author and host of a national talk show titled Your Health Matters.
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  18. 18. Ron Luce is the president and founder of Teen Mania Ministries, a Christian organization reaching millions of young people worldwide. He passionately de- clares the Gospel through Acquire the Fire TV broad- casts, youth events, camps and media resources, challenging teens to take a stand for Christ. 17 B u i l d i n g t o m o r r o w ’ s l e a d e r s For too long, youth ministry has been at the bottom of the totem pole.To a great degree, this reflects the value we as adults have placed on teenagers. When others—especially church leaders—don’t treat youth ministry as if it were important, it often causes the youth pastor and the people in the congregation to do the same. As a result, we fail to give our teens what they deserve—a world-class youth ministry. Many times people get involved in youth ministry because they see a need and want to help. Thank God that energy is being used to touch lives. However, there’s often a downside to this that we must guard against—we must be careful not to develop a mindset that doing something is better than nothing and then feel justified about the mediocre job we’re doing. Yes, giving our teens something is better than what teens out in the world are getting, which is often nothing. But we need to develop a mindset of excellence—a way of thinking that says this generation is worth rallying around and giving our best to. God’s Word declares that He is worthy of our best. While we would never actually tell God that we aren’t giving our best, in many cases we do just that, with the ministry we provide to our teenagers in America. For example, a typical highlight of the Wednesday night youth service is serving pizza.A message is often not prepared, the meeting room is messy and the handout copies are crooked. Excuses for this lack of excellence are easy to find, such as a lack of money, time or manpower.The truth is, though, if it’s worth doing for God, it’s worth doing with excellence. A few years ago I was in Disney World with my family, and everywhere we went, it was excellent—first class all the way. The world will work hard to create something excellent for the sake of money, a dream and a creative, imaginative place. As Christians, we should strive to do the same. I’m tired of seeing people of the world do things in a world- class way and Christians playing catch-up. MTV works day and night to make their shows look first class and then feed it to teens in a way that they feel important. At some point, we as the body of Christ have to realize that we shouldn’t be the ones playing catch-up—we need to set the pace and show the world what excellence is. In 2000 Teen Mania held an event at the Pontiac Silver Dome.There were 64,000 teens in attendance. It was there that I spoke with an eighteen-year- old young lady who had committed her life to the Lord long ago but was backslidden. She walked in with many of her backslidden friends and watched as the volunteers and staff set up. She began to weep uncontrollably. She told me it made her feel so loved and important to see that adults cared that much for her and her generation. Excellence makes people feel valued. This young lady felt valued before the event ever started, and it prepared her heart for the Word. After the event, the person who ran the stadium called our chief sound and light manager into his office and said that in all his years of man- aging the venue,he had never seen a production that excellent. He then asked if we would be willing to rent our equipment and people to come and run their other productions. This is a great example of the way things should be. Most people who get saved do so before the age of twenty. Right now there are about 33 million teenagers in America. The world is marketing chips, shoes, clothes and everything else to these kids because they know if they can get them to buy their stuff when they’re young, they’ll buy it for the rest of their life. In the same way, it’s important that as Christians, we reach out to these young people with excellence. If we don’t, in a few years, there won’t be anyone in our churches.Whether you’re a parent, a volunteer, a youth pastor or a member of the body of Christ, I challenge you to know the kids in your city and church. God is counting on you and me to pray for and reach out to this young generation. If we’re willing and available, God will help us put together world-class youth ministries in our own neighborhoods. E Raising the Standard for Youth Ministry by Ron Luce
  19. 19. Will you dare to live life like you mean it? Available September 4 New Book RElease
  20. 20. F e at u r e a r t i c l e 19
  21. 21. You and I have been given a tremendous gift—the freedom of choice. And with every choice we make, there is a certain consequence we can expect. I believe there are three main choices that are constantly before us: the choice to be lazy, the choice to be mediocre, and the choice to be excellent. While the majority of mankind is stuck in the “mire of mediocrity,” those who pursue a walk of excellence find the real rewards.They live life on a whole new level, experiencing true fulfillment and satisfaction that many others miss out on. In order to cultivate a desire to come up higher and be the best we can be, we need to have a clear understanding of the differences between being lazy, mediocre and excellent. Although we may not fit entirely into the category of laziness or mediocrity, I think all of us have room for improvement. Leave the Lower Level of Laziness Of the three choices, laziness is the most destructive.The book of Proverbs has a lot to say about the lazy man. Proverbs 24:30,31 says,I went by the field of the lazy man, and by the vineyard of the man void of understanding; and, behold, it was all grown over with thorns, and nettles were covering its face, and its stone wall was broken down. This description reminds me of many neglected houses I’ve seen. The windows were boarded up, the grass wasn’t cut, and there was trash all over the yard—everywhere I looked, there was a mess. It is a sad sight to see, but it is a perfect example of the fruit of laziness. A lazy man does just what he feels like doing, which is usually nothing. He wants everything to be easy. As a result, he winds up going through life unhappy and usually filled with jealousy, envy and resentment over what others have. He is nor- mally not alert,doesn’t plan ahead and fails to take care of things. Sooner or later, everything from his checkbook to the lives of his children winds up in a mess. Just as the scripture says, …a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep—so shall your poverty come as a robber, and your want as an armed man (Proverbs 24:33,34). Even though most of us don’t fall entirely into this category, I believe that there are certain areas of our lives where we may have a lazy attitude—we’re passive instead of active in the way we deal with things. For instance, we may wish we had a pastor who was a powerful preacher, but we’re not willing to make the effort to pray for Him. We may wish we had a better government, but we won’t take the time to be informed on the issues and get out and vote. Or we may wish we had victory over temptations such as gossip, worry and fear, but we are not willing to stand against them by speaking the Word. In other words, we recognize that there is a problem, but we are not willing to commit ourselves and put forth the effort to be a part of the solution. The only way to see this mindset change is to recognize what we are doing wrong and submit ourselves to the inner working of the Holy Spirit. I did not overcome fifteen years of abuse by wishing things would change. I learned to take hold of God’s Word and apply it to my life day after day, situation after situation. In time, He brought about change, and He will faithfully do the same thing for you.1 He will take your “wishbone” and replace it with “back- bone.” He will substitute the sluggishness of your soul with a determination to see transformation. Cut Out the Middleman Although many people struggle with laziness, I believe the area that people wrestle with more often is the temptation to accept a “middle-of-the- road” mentality. This is the mindset that says, “I’m okay—I’m just as good as anyone else. Besides, ENJOYIN G E VERYDAY LI FE Lazy: resistant to work or exertion; sluggish or slow-moving. —Webster’s II New College Dictionary July 2007 20
  22. 22. 21 everybody is doing it.” This mediocre type of thinking is what is plaguing the majority of our society, including many Christians. Mediocrity means average, status quo, mod- erate to low in quality. The mediocre man is not really bad, but he is not really good either—he is not worse than anybody else, but he’s certainly not any better. He is a person who is halfway between failure and success, and as a result, he is frustrated and unfulfilled. This “average guy” does just enough to get by but never goes the extra mile. The mediocre man is the type of person who misuses and abuses the hotel room because he doesn’t have to clean it. He will set a wet drink- ing glass on the wooden furniture in another person’s home without a second thought.When he goes grocery shopping and realizes he has picked up more than he can pay for, he takes things out of his basket and puts them down in the first available place. He’ll put a head of let- tuce in the freezer case, a can of cleanser by the bread, and a bunch of bananas by the dog food. Why? Because he doesn’t care. He feels like, “It’s not my job, so why should I worry about putting things back where they belong?” I remember a time years ago when I was walking down the hall of a hotel after finishing a meeting. I stopped to get a cup full of ice from the machine, and as I turned to walk away, a piece of ice fell out of my cup onto the floor. With my hands full and my feet hurting, I decided to kick the ice off to the side. Well, I got a few feet down the hall and the Holy Spirit said, “Go pick it up.” I responded, “I can’t pick it up. My hands are full, and besides that, my feet are tired.” Again, He said, “Pick it up.” I said, “But Lord, it’s dirty. What am I supposed to do with it anyway?” He said, “If this was your hotel, would you want people kicking ice into the corners, leaving it to melt and mess up the carpet?” Obviously, my answer was no, so I put my stuff down and picked up the ice. Now some may think I am being ridiculous, but I don’t think so. Mediocrity may be acceptable in society, but I don’t believe it is applauded in heaven. If we want our lives to make an impact on those around us, then we have to choose to move beyond mediocrity.Think about it. Average, medio- cre people are not remembered. The heroes found in history books and the Bible are not average people—they are people who did extraordinary things. They are the ones who went above and F e at u r e a r t i c l e But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own posses- sion, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. —1 Peter 2:9 NASB (continued on page 24)
  23. 23. July 2007 22 ENJOYIN G E VERYDAY LI FE I came across your TV show in December 2001, and your message grabbed my atten- tion to such an extent that I have never looked back. Years later you not only still have my attention, but God has my life…all of it. For the first few years, I studied the Word about overcoming fear, how to go “through” instead of “around” trials, and how to live in the spirit of excellence. Bit by bit God changed me. At first I spent my time with Him talking about my messes, especially trouble at work. But then I began praying blessings over my coworkers in Jesus’ name and inviting God into our office and into their lives. I also began doing this for previous employers. Suddenly, I saw my job as a mission field! Every day I rely on God to help me with my work. Once, when I thought there wasn’t any reason for me to stay, I asked God if I could leave. He said, “Not yet.” He told me to stay a bit longer so He could give me victory and God is in my life, and througH the holy spirit, I am praying and blessing others Has God changed your life in any way through Joyce Meyer Ministries? Whether it was a TV or radio broadcast, magazine or monthly letter, audio or video teaching, our website or a conference, we would love to hear your story. Go to testimonies. Or, mail your testimony to: Joyce Meyer Ministries P.O. Box 1350 Fenton, MO 63026 Testimony Michelle C. Mill Valley, CA Tune in July 2 through August 24 to see the most watched Enjoying Everyday Life programs! To preview, and for the broadcast schedule, visit no one could say I was incapable or insult my character after I left. Although God’s grace is on me and He’s prospering me in my current job, I know this isn’t always what I’ll be doing. He’s impressed upon me that He’s going to promote me; however, until that day comes, I will keep doing this job with excellence as unto Him. Joyce, thank you for introducing me to the real and true God. You’ve helped me remem- ber to leave things better than I find them and embrace God’s will for me to be a good steward of all He gives me.
  24. 24. To order using MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover, call 1-800-727-9673 or visit American Express and Discover accepted in U.S. only. LIMITED TIME OFFER For your gift of $30 or more U.S. Funds ($35 or more in Canada), you’ll receive these resources. CDs Order offer #S1003 Cassettes Order offer #S1004 No Compromise 2-Part Series by Joyce Meyer Pursuing Excellence and Integrity 5-Part Series by Joyce Meyer
  25. 25. July 2007 24 beyond what was expected of them. If you and I want to be remembered, we are going to have to choose to be people of excellence. Become a Person of Excellence A person who is excellent is one who exceeds the status quo—he does more than what is expected of him. As people of excellence, you and I need to do what is right even when no one else is around. We need to realize that God sees everything, and that everything we do in secret will eventually come out into the open—both good and bad. So whatever task we work at, we need to …work at it heartily (from the soul), as [something done] for the Lord and not for men, knowing [with all certainty] that it is from the Lord [and not from men] that [we] will receive the inheritance… (Colossians 3:23,24). Excellence should be seen in everything we do—our conversation, our dress, the way we care for our home and car, the way we treat people, and so on. If we are people of excellence, we will be excellent employees. For instance, if we are required to work from 8 am to 5 pm, then we should strive to get there around a quarter till eight and leave about a quarter after five—not clock in at eight and start straightening our desk fifteen minutes before five. In other words, as people of excellence, we should make it our goal to go the extra mile.2 The fact is, you and I do not serve an average God. We serve a God of excellence—One Who does exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or think.3 As His representatives, we are called to show forth His character in everything that we do.And with that call, we have been equipped with His Seed of greatness—the Creator Himself is living on the inside of us, giving us the power to be extraordinary people. Excellence is not perfection. When I say we should choose to be people of excellence, I don’t mean that we try to be perfect—that has a tendency to overwhelm us and those around us. What I do mean is that we choose to have an excellent spirit. There are rich rewards for those who choose to have an excellent spirit.The Bible says in Daniel 6:3, that …Daniel was distinguished above the presidents and the satraps because an excellent spirit was in him, and the king thought to set him over the whole realm. I believe that this excellent spirit is many times just a matter of having an excellent attitude. This is the kind of attitude that says, “I’ll do whatever you need, however you need it, and whenever you need it done.”The person with an excellent attitude takes what he has and does the best he can with it. God worked to bring about change in my life for many years in private before He elevated me to the public position I’m in now. I was probably not too lazy, but I was definitely mediocre and did what everybody else was doing. One of the things that God told Dave and me early in ministry was that if we wanted to have a successful ministry, we needed to be people of excellence. I am happy to say that our choice to walk in excellence has truly paid off. I love my life, and I am more blessed than I could have ever imagined. The Choice Is Yours God ordains a destiny for each of us, but just because He ordains it doesn’t mean it is automatically going to happen. It is up to us to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and make right choices, and the choice to walk in excellence is extremely important. Wherever you are right now in your life, you got there by a series of choices.I realize that as children, other people made choices for us that may have been unwise or damaging. However, just because we started out somewhere doesn’t mean we have to finish there. God doesn’t show partiality—He sets the same opportunities for success before everyone.5 His promises are available to whosoever will believe and obey His Word. If you want your life to change, then your choices have to change, and today is the best day of your life to begin. I challenge you to draw a line separating you from your past, and make the choice to move forward as a person of excellence. Surrender your soul—your mind, will, and emotions—to God, and let Him give you His grace to see and choose the more excellent ways. Start doing what you know in your heart is the better thing to do. Don’t choose to be lazy or mediocre. Choose to be a person who will go the extra mile—a person of excellence! E(1) 1 Thessalonians 5:23,24 (2) Matthew 5:41 (3) Ephesians 3:20 KJV (4) Philippians 1:10 (5) Romans 2:11 ENJOYIN G E VERYDAY LI FE Whatever you pursue in life is what you are going to receive. So …learn to sense what is vital, and approve and prize what is excellent and of real value [recognizing the highest and the best, and distinguishing the moral differences]….4 When you do, you will reap the rewards of excellence! (continued from page 21)
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  28. 28. 27 Today, however, America has fallen from her high position of integrity and honor that was based upon the foundation of God’s Word. Her character, which was once the talk of the nations, has faded because she has turned from the One who made her great and gave her such honor. The only way we can reverse the dilemma of moral decline is for each of us to seriously seek the face of God and take the steps necessary to see change. GAINING KNOWLEDGE is the first step to seeing change in America. Hosea 4:6 says that without knowledge of the truth, we are destroyed. Since the early 1920s, the devil has slowly worked through different people to remove every trace of our Christian heritage and the faith of our Founding Fathers from our history books and learning institutions. We need this vital information because it shows us how our forefathers dealt with some of the same kinds of problems we face today and what they did to over- come them. Knowledge of America’s true Christian roots and how they’ve been removed will give you the fuel you need to know how to pray. PRAYER is the second main ingredient needed to bring about change. The Bible says, If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14). I believe that without prayer, the hand of God stops, but with prayer, the hand of God moves. Through prayer, you and I can ask God what to do and how to do it, and He will show us. ACTION is the third key element needed to bring about positive change. I believe voting is probably the most important action you and I can take. Voting for godly candidates who stand for biblical standards of right and against what is wrong is one of the best ways we bring about God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. Another type of God-inspired action we can take is to stand against immorality in our communities. Whether it is an ungodly TV show, commercial or billboard, we need to let our voice of disapproval be heard. Through emails, letters, telephone calls and verbal A M ERI C A AT ITS B EST God established America, working in and through ordinary men and women who trusted in Him. They were Christians who had character, honor and high moral standards—people of prayer who put God first and sought Him continuously for direction and intervention. I believe because of their commitment to Him, America has been greatly blessed. by Dave Meyer
  29. 29. expressions, we can make a difference. And we don’t have to be afraid, because whatever God asks us to do, He empowers and anoints us to do. It’s time to stand up and be counted and let your voice become God’s voice. GAIN KNOWLEDGE, PRAY and take ACTION as the Lord directs you. Don’t let the enemies of doubt and discouragement deceive you. Your voice is important, and together, we can make a difference! This month we are offering a special America in Action package. It includes the DVDs America: Rescuing a Nation at Risk and What Kind of Influence Are You Having?, the CD America Needs You! and America’s Providential ENJOYIN G E VERYDAY LI FE (1) William J. Federer, America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations (St. Louis, MO: Amerisearch, 2000) p. 82. DID YOU KNOW… Throughout America’s history, people have prayed, and miracles have happened. Washington’s escape from Long Island, the miraculous provision of fish at Valley Forge, and the miraculous calming of the storm that allowed our troops to land on the beachhead at Normandy in World War II are all examples of answers to prayer. HE SAID WHAT? “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”1 —Edmund Burke, orator, author and leader in Great Britain during the Revolutionary War Not long ago, I sat and thought about this powerful statement. Why do good men do nothing? For the most part, I believe it is because they know nothing—that is, they don’t know the truth about our Christian heritage or the faith upon which America was built. And because they know nothing, bad men— those with evil, selfish intentions—deceive them. Deception thrives on ignorance. Deceived good men then become passive and controlled by fear. Deep inside they know instinctively that the proposed decisions and actions of the bad men are wrong— the problem is, they don’t know why they’re wrong. Instead of “rocking the boat” and fighting for what they believe is right, the good men give away the country piece by piece. We need to realize that it’s easier to maintain the liberties we have than to try and regain them once they’re lost. −Dave Meyer WHAT YOU CAN DO To help you voice your concerns to elected officials, as well as to advertisers and media personnel, we have developed an extensive, user-friendly America section on our website. When you go to and click on America, you have access to detailed information on all your elected officials, current issues and legislation, local and national media outlets, plus action alerts explaining what’s going on in the country and how you can voice your concern. Just enter your zip code, and you’ll find out who your local, state and national officials are and how they voted on key issues. You’ll also be able to instantly send them an email to voice your encouragement or concern for their position. History, which is one of the most influential books I have ever read in my life. I encourage you to get these resources for your- self, your family and your church. They will help open your eyes to the truth of our Christian heritage and give you a heart for America like never before! E If we pray, God will give us direction. He will show us what to do and give us the strength to do it. America’s Providential History 304-Page Paperback by Mark A. Beliles and Stephen K. McDowell America: Rescuing a Nation at Risk 42-Minute DVD by Joyce Meyer Ministries America Needs You! CD Teaching by Joyce Meyer What Kind of Influence Are You Having? 70-Minute DVD by Joyce Meyer AMERICA IN ACTION PACKAGE OVER $50 VALUE An incredible offer available for a LIMITED TIME For your gift of $35 or more U.S. Funds ($42 or more in Canada), you’ll receive these resources. Book, CD and DVDs Order offer #S1005 To order using MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover, call 1-800-727-9673 or visit American Express and Discover accepted in U.S. only.
  30. 30. 29 B o n u s f e at u r e I believe that God has placed the desire to be great inside each one of us. Whatever you and I do in life, we should aim to be great at it. position of power by allowing them to sit on His right and left in the Kingdom. Jesus responded and explained the difference between leader- ship in the world and the kingdom of God.He said,…the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men hold them in subjection [tyrannizing over them]. Not so shall it be among you; but whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant (verses 25,26). In order for you and me to attain greatness in the kingdom of God, we must first become servants of God and one another. Let’s look at some important characteristics of servants that will help us become great men and women of God. First of all… Servants Walk In Humility I believe that developing an attitude of humility is the founda- tion for greatness. Even Jesus, the Son of God, walked in humility. Whether we’re a mom or dad, a minister, a doctor, a lawyer or anything else, we should make it our aim to be the best at what we do. In seeking to be great, however, we must understand that God’s idea of greatness and the world’s idea are two very different things. In Matthew 20:20-28, we read that the mother of James and John asked Jesus to give her sons a
  31. 31. ENJOYIN G E VERYDAY LI FE What is greatness? Find out how God defines true greatness, and challenge yourself to come up to new levels in Him. To order using MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover, call 1-800-727-9673 or visit American Express and Discover accepted in U.S. only. What Makes a Great Man Great? 5-Part Series by Joyce Meyer CDs $31 U.S. Funds Order resource #C173 Cassettes $26 U.S. Funds Order resource #A173 Philippians 2:5 says, Let this same attitude and purpose and [hum- ble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility:].Verses 6 and 7 go on to say that even though Jesus was equal with God, He became a servant. To become great, we must choose to follow Jesus’ example by humbling ourselves and becoming a servant. In John 13:4-13, Jesus washed the disciples’feet.This was a good example of humility for the disciples because washing someone’s feet was considered one of the lowest jobs for a household servant. In verse 14, Jesus instructs us to do the same, saying, If I then, your Lord andTeacher (Master),have washed your feet,you ought…to wash one another’s feet. Just as He came from heaven to serve us, so we as believers are in the world to become like Jesus and serve others. In order to do that, we must… Walk In Obedience Jesus walked in obedience by doing whatever the Father told Him, no matter what the cost. In Philippians 2:8 it says, …He abased and humbled Himself [still further] and carried His obedi- ence to the extreme of death…. Jesus set an example of greatness for us by walking in extreme obedience and laying down His life to serve others. You and I may not physically lay down our lives for others. However, every time we choose to resist our fleshly tendencies to be unforgiving, unkind and impatient, laying down our lives to serve others, we are taking up our cross and choosing death for our flesh, which is what we want, think and feel. A great man or woman in the kingdom of God makes obeying the Spirit of God a habit—regularly choosing God’s will over their own desires. I remember being in church as a young believer, singing about loving others with the love of the Lord, then going out to lunch and gossiping with my friends about the same people I was supposed to be loving! God convicted me that I was being a hypocrite. At that point I had a choice to make—choose God’s way and repent or continue to follow my flesh by judging and criticizing people with my words. The truth is, we are faced with choices to walk in obedience every day. The question is, are we in the habit of obeying? Do we do what God asks us to do and what we know in our hearts is right? If you want to walk in the greatness God has for you, you must serve God by making obedience a habit. So, in order to become a great servant like Christ, we need to walk humbly, obediently and… With Integrity Integrity is vital if we are going to be a servant God can trust. In order to serve others with integrity and honesty, we will have to fight for it. God’s Word tells us that although we live in the world we are not of it (see John 15:19). And the world’s ways often include dishonesty and manipulation to obtain places of greatness or lead- ership. The problem is, if we get into leadership that way, we will have to keep our position the same way. On the other hand, if we focus on being a servant, maintain our integrity, and allow God to place us in positions of leadership then He will keep us there. I recall the emotional turmoil I experienced years ago when a man I worked for asked me to do something dishonest. He wanted me to forge the books so that a customer would not receive the credit owed to them. I thought for sure I would lose my job if I refused. I really struggled with the decision but knew that I had to do what was right. Although he was irritated with me when I told him I wouldn’t do it, he didn’t fire me like I thought. In fact, I ended up getting several promotions during the time I worked for that company. Because I chose to walk in integrity, my boss knew he could trust me. God feels the same way about us when we choose to walk in integrity—He can trust us with great opportunities to serve. I can honestly say, I don’t know if I would be doing what I am now, if I didn’t do the right thing when I was asked to compromise my integrity then. Great Attitudes Make Great People I believe that humility, obedience and integ- rity are three key characteristics that contribute to the making of a great man or woman. If you humble yourself before God, develop a habit of obedience, and choose to walk in integrity in every area of your life, you will be well on your way to showing the world what really makes a great man or woman great. E The Way It Works: In God’s Kingdom… • If you want to have more, give away some of what you have. • The first will be last and the last first. • “Down” is the way “up.” Humble yourself, and He will lift you up. • Servanthood is the way to greatness!
  32. 32. 31 REAL LI F E PERSPE C TI V ES As a teenager, did you ever ask the question, “How far is too far?” I did, and I wasn’t the only one. “What can I watch and listen to and not sin? What places can I go and what things can I do and still be okay with God?” And here’s the biggie: “How far can I go with a girl and it not be wrong?” I was living life on the edge—pushing the envelope of pleasure to find out what I could get away with and still be accepted by God. Have you been there…are you there right now? Compromise— it’s one of the greatest temptations we face. It’s the silent killer that is slowly but surely sucking the life out of any believer who will give it the time of day. What is compromise? Basically, it is knowing in our heart what is right but choosing to push beyond that standard. People compromise every day for all kinds of rea- sons, and it is destroying their lives and the lives of others. Compromise Dilutes and Pollutes. Do you remember drinking Kool-Aid when you were a kid? Ah, there was nothing quite like a cool refreshing cup on a hot summer’s day to quench your thirst. But one thing I really hated was when my mom added too much water. Do you remember what that tasted like? That’s right—a tasteless, colored liquid.The mixture was so diluted that it had lost its flavor, and quite frankly, left us wanting water instead. I think that’s what compromise does in our lives as Christians— it causes us to become watered down and tasteless. We have an appearance of being refreshing, but we lack the true flavor of our Savior. As a result, many people would rather reach for some- thing else to quench their spiritual thirst. By definition, to dilute means “to lessen the strength of by mix- ing with something else.” Compromise dilutes our lives…it lessens our spiritual strength by mixing it with sin. As a result, we experi- ence unsatisfied, “tasteless” lives, and all we have to offer those around us is a form of godliness absent of power. What’s the Cure for Compromise? The strongest weapon I know against compromise is to be head over heels in love with the Lord. Nothing is greater. I’ll never forget one fateful Friday night Bible study at the end of my freshman year. God met me in a way like He had never met me before. That evening He gently but firmly whispered in my ear that He loved me, and with those words He deposited a deep sense of His love within me. Words cannot describe what I felt. Like the intense heat of the midday summer sun, God’s love melted the hardness of my soul. All I could do was cry under the weight of His affection. That experience changed my life forever. For the first time, I had a fresh awareness of God’s passion for me and His desire to be my friend. Instead of wanting to see what I could get away with, I wanted to get as far from sin as possible. Instead of feeling like I had to do what was right, I now wanted to do what was right. His sweet expression of love for me created a deep desire in me to please Him. That was over twenty-two years ago. There have been some ups and downs in my devotion to the Lord, but there have also been many fresh infusions of God’s love along the way, each one pulling me closer to Him with greater passion. As a Christian, I have learned that the answer to the question how far is too far? is already in us. Oh, it’s not in our head…it’s in our heart. Whatever we have peace about in our spirit, we can do. But anything we don’t have peace about, we shouldn’t do. And when in doubt, don’t. My prayer for you is [that you may really come] to know [practically, through experience for your- selves] the love of Christ, which far surpasses mere knowledge [without experience]; that you may be filled [through all your being] unto all the fullness of God [may have the richest measure of the divine Presence, and become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]! (Ephesians 3:19). Yes, the tug of temptation is strong, but it’s no match for the overwhelming power of God’s love! Vincent M. Newfield and his wife, Allison, are found- ers of Prepare The Way, a ministry dedicated to pas- sionately presenting the timeless truth of God’s Word through innovative messages and illustrations. In addition to being a creative communicator, Vincent is a freelance writer for Joyce Meyer Ministries and other organizations worldwide. by Vincent M. Newfield
  33. 33. ask joyce July 2007 32 Your question, with an answer from Joyce, may appear in an upcoming issue of Enjoying Everyday Life magazine. Please be aware, however, that due to heavy mail volume, we may be unable to respond to every question. Barbara, The apostle Paul tells us that we should not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. He also said that darkness cannot truly fellowship with light (see 2 Corinthians 6:14). What Paul said is not a law, but it is wisdom, and if you don’t follow wisdom you may suffer as a result. Many people are living miserable lives today because they followed their emotions rather than the wisdom of God. Wisdom leads us to a confident, quiet, peaceful life. But whoso hearkens to me [Wisdom] shall dwell securely and in confident trust and shall be quiet, without fear or dread of evil (Proverbs 1:33). Foolishness, however, leads to turmoil and destruction. We always want to believe that someone will change when we love and desire them, but I highly recommend that you see the fruit of change before making any permanent com- mitment to the man in question. It is foolish to merely assume that the person will change after you make a permanent commitment. God may use you to lead unbelievers to Him, and for that reason we should not entirely avoid fellowship with them. My personal guideline for spending time with unbelievers is this: I make sure that I am affecting them in a positive manner and that they are not infecting me in a negative way. Our ministry in the world is one of reconciling the unbeliever to Christ. But all things are from God, Who through Jesus Christ reconciled us to Himself [received us into favor, brought us into harmony with Himself] and gave to us the ministry of reconciliation [that by word and deed we might aim to bring others into harmony with Him] (2 Corinthians 5:18). I recommend making your position clear. Let the gentleman know about your new re- lationship with Jesus and what you believe. Don’t compromise just to keep him happy. Proceed with caution and be committed to follow the Holy Spirit in this matter. He leads us through peace and wisdom. He may want to use you to lead this individual to Jesus, but if at any time you lose your peace or feel that the decisions you are making are not wise, you should sever the relationship. Dear Joyce, If I was dating a non-Christian before I was saved, do I need to break up with him now that I am? Barbara Want to ask Joyce? Send your questions to: Joyce Meyer Ministries P.O. Box 1350 Fenton, MO 63026 Irene, I believe that God knows what people need to hear at a certain place and time and that He has called me to serve Him and bless people by teaching His Word. I also believe He’s eager to help me fulfill His call on my life and do it with excellence. As I depend upon Him, I trust His Spirit to lead me to teach what is needed each place I go. Many times, the Lord is speaking to me about things I’m dealing with in my life, and that’s how I know that other people need help in the same area. So I will share from the things I’m learning at the time. Other times, God just impresses me to teach on a particular subject, and I teach on that by faith, knowing He will anoint what I say and people will be helped as I obey Him. After thirty years of teaching His Word, I have learned that He loves to help and bless people every chance He gets. As I stay close to Him and walk in obedience, I trust that He will always lead me to choose the best topic for whatever situation I am in. Dear Joyce, How do you decide what topics to teach on? Irene
  34. 34. 33 J e s u s i n e v e r y d ay L i f e Recently, Wendell Geist, creative director at InProv, Ltd., was able to attend our conference in North Charleston, South Carolina. The follow- ing article is a testimony of his experience. by Wendell Geist Having been to only one Friday morning session of a Joyce Meyer Ministries conference in Dallas, this was my first “full- meal deal.” And I’ve got to say, you get more than your money’s worth at one of her conferences—especially considering they’re FREE! There’s the T-shirt “throw” at every session—and these folks go crazy for a shirt! It reminded me of the men’s energy at a Promise Keepers conference. It amazes me how a man can go to a Joyce Meyer Ministries conference and get so much out of it. Her crossover influence is quite a plus, and I would say unique, in ministry today. The level of enthusiasm going into the event was quite high.You could feel the anticipation as you walked with the crowd from the parking lot.And for me, after years of writing about and attending large “religious” events, it was quite a fascinating comparison. The Enjoyment Factor In the past, events were “crusades”—a religious connotation for a meeting based on the opportunity to hear about and follow a set of guidelines.The Joyce Meyer Ministries conference was every bit as spiritual, but there was such a relevance and an enjoyment factor. You find yourself laughing so much at what Joyce has to say or at the video announcements (such as the “Joan and Joyce” talking heads). Sitting on the main floor near the production booth, as I was, I observed an auditorium rigged for music, video, lighting effects and a live presentation that takes a backseat to only a few in entertainment today. There is no doubt that those responsible for Joyce Meyer Ministries conference presentations are a highly talented group. And yet, I didn’t feel it was overproduced. The “game show” time was clearly a crowd favorite, and other videos made such good use of humor without overdoing it. But as soon as that was done, the transition took place. The Opening Video Touched My Heart… You could sense the power of God in the room. This transitional time from the opening announcements to preparing for worship was really amazing, and I watched several in the au- dience who were deeply touched by the spiritual messages and encouragement. Saturday Morning Prayer I grew up with a wonderful spiritual heritage and certainly understand the importance of our relationship to the Holy Spirit, as well as the culture of worship and expression found in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Joyce did an amazing job of explaining the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and leading people in prayer to receive a greater anointing on their lives. She laid it out like she does with all her teachings—from a bibli- cal point of view.I thought this was a powerful time of prayer among believers of all backgrounds. Well, I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I was blessed and refreshed while on this assignment. I’ve worked with many Christian organizations where the leader is put on a pedestal because of his or her gifting and charisma, but with Joyce’s crowd, they love her because she’s so transparent about her sufferings in life, and they love to hear her stories of overcoming through the Word. I heard countless ladies say, “I love her because she’s real. She can tell you exactly how it is because she’s been there.” Going to a Joyce Meyer Ministries conference is many things to many people, including: Refreshing… Renewing… Re-energizing… Redemptive. When can I return? E
  35. 35. los angeles, CA July 12-14 worship with hillsong’s darlene zschech delirious?a night of evangelism with east rutherford, NJ July 19-21 Together Again. Two New Cities. Two Unforgettable Conferences. Unite with thousands to hear cutting-edge messages by Joyce Meyer and Hillsong’s Pastor Brian Houston. Experience powerful worship with Darlene Zschech and a special evangelistic concert by Delirious? after Joyce’s salvation message Friday night. So, be sure to bring your unsaved friends and family. When we unite, we are changed—so come expecting! Los Angeles, CA Staples Center 1111 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 742-7340 East Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena 50 State Route 120 East Rutherford, NJ 07073 (201) 935-3900 Conference Schedule Thursday 7 pm Brian Houston Friday 10 am Joyce Meyer 7 pm Joyce Meyer Saturday 10 am Brian Houston 2 pm Joyce Meyer don’t miss the special concert with Delirious? friday night! For more information, go to or call 1-866-SEE-JOYCE free ADMISSION IS Messages by Brian Houston and Joyce Meyer in concert Friday at 7pm
  36. 36. A captivating story that’s sure to inspire readers everywhere. Pick up Joyce’s very first novel, based on real events in her own life, and discover how God is at work in even the smallest details—even something as small as the penny. AVAILABLE NOW! ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! New Book RElease J oyce ’ s f irst N ovel The Penny 256-Page Hardcover Book by Joyce Meyer $22 U.S. Funds Order resource #BK79 Also available wherever books are sold. To order using MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover, call 1-800-727-9673 or visit For mail orders, see order form enclosed. American Express and Discover accepted in U.S. only. Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. P. O. Box 655 Fenton, MO 63026 POSTMASTER: DELIVER JUNE 24 THROUGH JUNE 28, 2007. Change Service Requested Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc.