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Everyday beliefs come true - Creating greatness through the stories we tell @ deliver:Agile 2018

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How engaged, innovative, and resilient is your organization? Are your teams feeling like victims of change? Do you find yourself trying to rescue people? In our experience, how people respond to change impacts their ability to deliver greatness. We can choose to change, or change can be forced upon us—in either case, we can focus on the outcomes we wish to create as a result of the change. Have you discovered your teams’ power to become great?
Nobody is the villain in their own story, and yet many teams get in their own way. The stories we tell ourselves have the ability to hold us back or propel us forward. Whether it’s folklore, gossip, or coffee talk, what gets said can perpetuate the ways things are. Focusing on problems can drive reactive behaviors. And in organizational transformations, the key to change lies in communication.
Allison and Michael will share a model to recognize what kind of stories your teams are telling themselves in their everyday conversations. Noticing the current perspective teams are speaking from enables us to help them shift into more proactive, empowered, and creative thinking. Join this interactive workshop to learn how to listen to a team and coach them to become greater through the words they use. Amplify the positive results of an organizational transformation by becoming a co-creator or coach for your teams.

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Everyday beliefs come true - Creating greatness through the stories we tell @ deliver:Agile 2018

  1. 1. Everyday Beliefs Come True Creating Greatness through the Stories We Tell
  2. 2. When might a team be a victim?
  3. 3. Allison Pollard • Helps people discover their agile instincts and develop their coaching abilities • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach • Proud glasses wearer
  4. 4. Michael Jesse • Works with teams to embrace agile and DevOps practices to deliver awesome results • Leader of the DFW Scrum: Agile Dev Team user group • Passionate about health and fitness
  5. 5. Overview • Victim and other roles in the Drama Triangle • Positive roles of the Empowerment Dynamic • Shifting from the Drama Triangle to the Empowerment Dynamic
  6. 6. Let’s dive in
  7. 7. Drama Triangle Victim Rescuer Persecutor Feels powerless and at the mercy of life’s events and may avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Can be either people or conditions (such as a health condition) or a situation (such as a natural disaster). Often are quick to jump- in and save the day, even when others are responsible.
  8. 8. Drama Triangle – Self Reflection What role do you typically fall into? How do you behave in that role? What would happen if we stay in this triangle?
  9. 9. Challenger Coach Creator Empowerment Dynamic Taps into their inner state of passion. Directed by intention and focused on a desired outcome, this person is propelled to take action. Focused on another person’s learning and growth; holding accountability while encouraging learning, action, and next steps. Helps another person develop a vision and action plan. Provides encouragement and support using compassion and questions.
  10. 10. What Might Empowerment Sound Like? Match the Quote to the Role • I see this is taking you a while to figure this out. How’s it going for you? • How else might you do this? • Where do you see yourself in the future? • If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you try? • Each time I attempt something, I see new opportunities to grow. • I am excited to learn and take on this new challenge. • I create my own destiny. • I will no longer allow things around me to hold me back. • I want you to try something different to increase efficiency in our delivery process. • Today is the deadline and the tasks assigned to you are not completed. Keep going and let’s review this afternoon. • We have this new tool and you are the best person on the team to figure out how we can use it. • We will be moving you to a new team and I want you to lead it.
  11. 11. Empowerment Dynamic – Group Reflection What role is most appealing or the most challenging for you? If someone approaches you from a Drama Triangle role, how might you respond?
  12. 12. What TED role is the most attractive and most challenging? Your Personal Cheat Sheet – Shifting from the Drama Triangle to the Empowerment Dynamic
  13. 13. Contact Us Allison Pollard @allison_pollard Michael Jesse @michaeljesse73